Astral Shrine Guide

Finally, Summons have Arrived!

Final Fantasy fanboys, rejoice! The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. All of the classic Summons which appear throughout every single game in the Final Fantasy franchise are now available in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Even though Summons are now being called Astrals, we’re still giddy with excitement like a high schooler on prom night. But you don’t need to have played every single Final Fantasy game in order to fully understand how incredibly powerful Astrals are – that’s why we’re here!

This article takes an in-depth look at how to unlock the Astral Shrine, new and forthcoming Astrals, as well as their abilities and how they will affect gameplay. As new Astrals are added to the game, so will this article be updated as soon as new information is available.

How to Unlock the Astral Shrine

In order to summon Astrals, you will need to unlock a new building called the Astral Shrine.

The Astral Shrine sits in the lower left-hand side of your empire, taking the place of the Elemancy Hall (which is now located slightly up and to the right of where it was.)

Unlocking the Astral Shrine requires an Astral Shrine Unlock item, available from the Gold Store or, on special occasions, in Bonus Chests or the Moogle Market. Once the Astral Shrine is unlocked, tapping on the building will bring up the Astral Shrine navigation menu, which we will discuss further in the next section.

Before you can start using any Astrals, the first thing you need to do is tap the “Summon Astral” button. This will call down the Astral into your empire, at which point it’s Astral Skill begin to take effect.

Astral Shrine Navigation Menu

The Astral Shrine isn’t like other buildings. The first thing you’ll notice after tapping the building is that it will take you to a screen with the words “Astral Summon” at the top. This is a highly visual navigation menu with an image of your active Astral Summon dominating the screen. It also has a lot of different buttons and sub-menus, which we will walk through one-by-one.

astral shrine navigation menu

The big purple “Summon Astral” button at the bottom center of this screen can be used to toggle between and summon different Astrals. For right now, the only Astral we have is Shiva, although players should expect other Summons such as Ifrit and Leviathan to make an appearance sometime very soon.

At the very top of the Astral Summon menu is a green bar that indicates the Astral HP. Astral HP works similar to your hero’s MP in that it will slowly increase over time. Although Astrals cannot die, when you send them into battle they will take damage. Astrals who die in battle and lose all of their HP will return to your empire, where they will begin to regenerate HP from zero.

Tapping on “Shrine” in the lower left corner will bring you to a screen which displays all of the stats of your Astral and the boosts that affect your troops, if you have any active.

The Stat Rating in the lower left-hand corner works much like the popular kids in a prep school. It’s purpose is to judge you based on the way that you allocated your skill points.

Clicking on the gold-colored “Level Up” button will pop up a screen that tells you how many Empowerment Sigils are required before your Astral can reach the next level. Just like Heroes, each Astral will require their own Empowerment Sigils to level up.

The number above the Level Up button indicates your Astral’s current level.

Clicking “Skills” in the bottom right corner of the Astral menu will take you to a screen where you can allocate skill points for the Astral you currently have equipped. The more you level up your Astral, the more skill points you will have to use.


One look at the maximum boosts that Shiva’s Astral Skills offer will tell you exactly how powerful these Summons truly are. Astrals are the next level when it comes to combat and will very soon become an integral part of gameplay.  Keep in mind that you cannot send Astrals and Monsters together in the same march! As awesome as that would be, most monsters just don’t get along with an Astral’s refined sensibilities. Additionally, up to three Astrals can occupy a Crystal at the same time. Similarly, no more than 3 Astrals can occupy one Rally, though this may change in the future.

Early adopters of Astrals, those who level up their skill and unlock all of their secrets, will do very well for themselves later in the game. That wraps up our walkthrough of the Astral Shrine. In our next article, we go into even more detail on the skills and combat strategies for Shiva.

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