Auxiliary Buildings 2.0

Latest updates on your Auxiliary Buildings and how it benefits your Empire.

As you can see, Final Fantasy: A New Empire offers plenty of buildings to assist you with your Empires with your offense as well as defense purposes. The first thing to remember, each of the Auxiliary Buildings has its distinct uses and usually will need to be unlocked with a building unlock. As a matter of fact, some of them are earnable through Events. Also, in Adventure Halls (pre-dark world only as of now), and Moogle Market after some time of their release. 

In this guide, we will cover some more in-depth information about the new building known as Unity Beacon. Also, we will cover the Dark Sanctum, Dark Enclave, Elite Barracks, Dark Workshop, in addition to the Dark Foundry.

Then we will include the latest updates on the Artificer’s Shop, Guild Adventurers Hall, Proving Grounds, Order of Heroes, Mythic Forge, Magitek Converter, Command Center, Elemancy Hall, Defense Ministry, Dark Strategy Hall, Ignis Diner, Mercenary Pits, Crystal Nexus, Monster Pen, as well as the Arcanaeum.

Check out the features of the Auxiliary Buildings and how they can benefit your gameplay. 

Conclave of Lucis




(January 21st, 2020)

The Conclave of Lucis allows you to summon your spirits to fight alongside with you. This is very similar to the Astral Shrine and the Royal Stables when it comes to the features. You summon your spirit as if you were to summon your Astrals or Mounts. Leveling and Skilling it is the same as well. The differences are that your King of Lucis is summoned he is automatically passive, no need to send him into your marches or anything of that sort. 

When you are defending your Empire, your King of Lucis will trigger and also defend for you but even better his stats will boost an additional 5%. No there is not anything you have to do in order to obtain that but to put one skill point into his summoning power. 

Want to learn more about the Conclave of Lucis along with the spirits? Be sure to look out for the in-depth King of Lucis: Somnus guide coming soon!

Unity Beacon

(January 14th, 2020)

The engineers have continued to labor away, building a new building designed explicitly for Reinforcements. Think of the Unity Beacon as the Embassy Building on steroids. This building is more designed for the defenders. The building also allows you to help boost the people you are reinforcing. The Unity Beacon not only increases your Reinforcement Capacities across the board, but it also provides boosts to the troops reinforced. 

Remember the new feature Capitals that just came out recently? This building provides bonuses for them as well! Read below to see all the bonuses the Unity Beacon gives to your Empire. 

Overall Unity Beacon bonuses

  • Empire intimidation 
  • Dark Troop Reinforcement March Speed
  • Dark Rally March Speed
  • Dark Troop, Elemental, Mercenary Reinforcement March Size
  • Reinforcement Dark Troop Attack, HP, as well as Armor 
  • Capital Dark Rally Attack

Dark Sanctum

Auxiliary Building
Dark Sanctum

(December 3rd, 2019)

The designers have labored away constructing the Dark Sanctum. If your Empire leans towards the Elemental and/or Mercenary side when it comes to your troops, then this building is the one for you. This building provides Elemental as well as Mercenary Boosts for your Empire. The neat thing about the Sanctum is that you can boost your loot drops when you unlock it at level 4! Hence, loot bonuses from future Events, how neat is that?!

Overall boosts with the Dark Sanctum:

  • Loot bonuses (level 4)
  • Dark Elemental Armor and HP
  • Dark Elemental March plus Rally Capacity
  • Dark Mercenary Attack, Armor, along with HP
  • Dark Mercenary March as well as Rally Capacity

Dark Sanctum later stages additional boosts:

(February 18th, 2020)

  • Dark Elemental Attack
  • Mercenary Training Queue
  • Sabotage Enemy Attack, Defense, and Magical Elemental Supplies Potency

Dark Enclave

Auxiliary Building
Dark Enclave

(October 22nd, 2019)

If you are into attacking Vaults, actively participating in Disputed Realms (Forts), or like to prove your worth in the Titan Realm, then this building would be your forte. While it includes neat bonuses for the boosts mentioned earlier, it also includes benefits for your Astrals and Elementals that will grant support to your Mounts. The Dark Enclave also provides a 2x Realm Boss Multiplier for the DeathGaze Boss. 

Psst…newer servers the Deathgaze boss appeared twice for us. Then on a 4-hour rotational basis for a couple of days. 

Overall Dark Enclave bonuses:

  • 2xs Deathgaze Realm Boss Multiplier
  • Vault Dark Troop Attack, Armor, and HP
  • Disputed Realm Dark Assault Attack, Armor, as well as HP
  • Titan Attack 
  • Dark Astral Attack
  • Dark Elemental Attack, Armor, and HP with Mount

Later stages Dark Enclave boosts:

(February 18th, 2020)

  • Dark Training Queue
  • Dark Troop Attack with Cor
  • Sabotage Enemy Attack, Defense, and Magical Mercenary Supplies Potency

Elite Barracks

(August 29th, 2019)

Auxiliary Building
Elite Barracks

In your Guild Combat Research, you can unlock Elite Defenders, Marauders, together with Champions. Shortly after the Guild Research release, the Elite Barracks building gets released, and the best of all, this building is FREE! Similar to Elementals, this building allows you to upgrade your Dark Troops into Elite Troops. 

The troops are equivalent to T8 Troops (provided that you have the stats to back it up with), and more importantly, they are sturdy against Dark Mercenaries and weak against Dark Traps.


Elite Defenders

Strength: City Assault and Dark Mercenaries

Weakness: Dark Traps

Use Elite Defenders to defend your Empire along with your Astrals and Core Troop Defense Supplies.


Elite Marauders

Strength: Enemy Empires and Dark Mercenaries

Weakness: Dark Traps

Include Elite Marauders into your marches to attack your enemies.


Elite Champions

Strength: Crystal Combat and Dark Mercenaries

Weakness: Dark Traps

When attacking the Crystal, use your Elite Champions in your Rallies to give support in your Crystal battles.

These Troops have proven to significantly help with Neutral Cities such as the Volative Bastion and the Autumn Bastion PvE events.

Dark Workshop

Auxiliary Building


The Dark Workshop increases your Dark Capacities and equips you with Dark Massacre Bonuses. As new levels get released for this building, it also now grants you with Mount and Astral attack bonuses.

Overall Dark Workshop boosts:

  • Dark Troop, Mercenary and Rally Capacity
  • Dark Extreme Attack, Armor, along with HP Massacre


Later stage boosts:

  • Sinistercorn Attack Bonus
  • Enemy Chocobo Attack Resistance
  • Ramuh Attack Bonus

Dark Workshop later stage additional overall boosts

(January 14th, 2020)

  • Maximum Dark Mercenary Capacity
  • Capital Dark Defense Attack, HP, and Armor 
  • Capital Dark Rally HP
  • Dark Crystal Assault Rally Attack 

Dark Foundry

This building grants you all sorts of defense bonuses, such as City, Defense, Earth Troops, Guardians, and so on. As new levels become available, the Dark Foundry includes Resistance and Mount Bonuses. Do not forget about the Tier 6 Dark Troop Cost and Training Reductions!

Dark Foundry

Overall Dark Foundry boosts:

  • Dark Guardian Attack, Armor, and HP
  • Dark Earth Attack, Armor, as well as HP
  • Dark City Defense Attack, Armor, along with HP
  • Tier 6 Dark Troop Training Speed and Cost Reduction
  • Dark High-Level Troop Health Modifier
  • Dark Mercenary Cripple HP 
  • Dark City Defense HP
  • Dark Elemental Cripple HP


Later stage boosts:

  • Mount and Bahamut Attack
  • Dark Elemental Attack Resistance
  • Dark Enemy Attack Resistance
  • Enemy Mount Strength Resistance
  • Dark Mercenary Attack Resistance

Dark Foundry added boosts:

(February 18th, 2020)

  • Dark Cripple HP
  • Sabotage Enemy Attack, Defense, and Magical Mount Core Supplies Potency

Updated Auxiliary Buildings

After the Dark World release, the older Auxiliary Buildings update overtime with additional boosts beyond the purpose of the building itself to remain relevant. Not all of them update at the same time, it varies, but they all will have the same type of prints required instead of their own individual ones that pre-dark world did. Also, when new Auxiliary Buildings release, it will use whatever Auxiliary Blueprint is available to use at that time once unlocked, of course, and remain in the pattern as the others. 


Total prints needed PER building:

Dark Auxiliary Blueprints needed: 29,900,000

*Excluding Dark Workshop which requires 590,000,000 Dark Auxiliary Blueprints

Master Dark Auxiliary Blueprints needed: 9,970,000

Elite Dark Auxiliary Blueprints needed: 57,900,000

Mythic Dark Auxiliary Blueprints needed: 396,000,000

Corrupted Dark Auxiliary Blueprints needed: 28,000,000

*Excluding Commander Center which requires 30,000,000 Corrupted Dark Auxiliary Blueprints 

United Front Auxiliary Building Blueprints needed: 37,400,000

*Excluding Unity Beacon which requires 36,400,000 Unity Front Auxiliary Blueprints

Opulent Auxiliary Building Blueprints needed: ???

*If you have this information, please feel free to share in the FFXV:ANE Hub Discord or Line room and tag one of the admins. Thank you in advance!

Read below to see how each of the older Auxiliary Buildings can benefit you!

Artificer’s Shop

As this Building is used to craft Avatars and Badges from earlier events and past sales, it has become useful for Guardians, City Defense, and Elementals. 

Overall, Artificer’s Shop boosts:

  • Dark Guardian HP
  • Dark City Defense HP
  • Dark Fire Troop HP
  • Dark Elemental Troop Armor with Hero

Guild Adventure Hall

Gather your guildmates and slay monsters in the Halls to obtain rewards. As new levels for this Auxiliary Building have been released, it now helps your Mercenary, Elementals, and City Defense. 

Overall Guild Adventure Hall boosts:

  • Dark Mercenary Attack Resistance
  • Dark Mercenary HP with Hero
  • Dark Lightning Troop HP
  • Dark City Defense Armor

Proving Grounds

Enter the Proving Grounds and receive rewards for every hit you throw at the monsters. This building now provides overall Troop bonuses and increases your Elite Troops stats.

Overall Proving Grounds boosts:

  • Dark Troop and Mercenary Attack
  • Dark Elemental HP
  • Dark Elite Troop Attack, Armor, in addition to HP


The Treasury allowed you to invest your Gold and accumulate interest on it over time, this was only useful in the very early stages of the game. But now we can gain Dark Earth, Warrior, and Mech stats from it.

Early stages Treasury boost:

  • Loyalty
  • Interest Rate (on the amount of gold invested)
  • Treasury Maximum Deposit (amount of gold invested)
  • Certificate

Additional boosts in the later stages:

  • Dark Earth Troop HP
  • Dark Warrior Attack
  • Dark Mech Attack

Order of Heroes

Assign your inactive Heroes to the Orders to receive additional Empire Boosts. The Order of the Heroes still proves to be useful to this day. Check the Order of the Heroes article to read all about it! Additionally, to this building, as the new building levels are released, it also provides even more benefits such as Mercenary, Assault, Elemental bonuses. This is the building you want if you want to increase your Hospital Capacity!

Overall Order of the Heroes boosts:

  • Dark Mercenary Armor
  • Dark City Assault Attack
  • Dark Earth Troop Armor
  • Injured Dark Troop Hospital Capacity

Order of the Heroes additional boosts:

(February 18th, 2020)

  • Dark Garrison HP
  • Extreme Dark Astral Armor Massacre
  • Sabotage Enemy Attack, Defense, and Magical Core Supplies Potency

Mythic Forge

Use the Mythic Forge to accommodate your Gear to highest heights by improving your Set Gear Bonuses, Upgrading your Gear Quality, Powering up Legendary Gear, and Set Gear Leveling. Read this guide to find more information about the Mythic Forge and its purposes. As new levels for the Mythic Forge comes out, it has proven its worth by gaining additional boosts to help you attack enemy Empires. 

You can also build it to grant Permanent Set Gear Bonus eventually, so even when your Gear is removed from your inventory, it will remain passive. This is an excellent way to clear up your inventory space to make room for new future Gear Sets. Check out the stats for the Mythic Forge. 

Overall Mythic Forge boosts:

  • Dark Juggernaut Attack
  • Titan Attack
  • Dark Mage Attack
  • Dark Fire Troop Attack
  • Dark Troop Attack, Armor, and HP
  • Dark March Size 

Magitek Converter

You can also use the Magitek Converter to use your excess and older items to craft them into other things that will benefit your Empire more.  

Overall Magitek Converter

  • Dark City Defense Armor
  • Dark Lightning Troop HP
  • Dark Mercenary Attack Resistance
  • Dark Mercenary Armor with Hero

Magitek Convertor later stage additional overall boosts

(January 14th, 2020)

  • Dark Astral Attack Resistance 
  • Dark Elemental Rally Capacity
  • Dark Ice Troop HP
  • Capital Dark Assault Attack

Commander Center

RIP Commanders Hall, it is now known as the Commander Center. You can keep track and promote your Commanders in this building. As it was initially used to help increase your Troop Capacity so you could train more troops, it now gives you boosts for your Mounts, Mercenaries, and Elementals. Read all about the new Troop Supplies and how they work!

Overall Commander Center boosts:

  • Mount Attack
  • Dark Ice Troop HP
  • Dark Troop and Mercenary March Size

Elemancy Hall

Upgrade your Core Troops into Elementals using Elemental Essence in the Elemancy Hall. However, as new levels have been released, it now grants you more Mercenary, Elemental, as well as Astral boosts.

Overall Elemancy Hall boosts:

  • Dark Mercenary Rally Capacity
  • Dark Troop Hp
  • Dark Ice Troop Armor
  • Leviathan Attack

Defense Ministry

The Defense Ministry improves your Empire all around by increasing the stats on your Astrals, Core Troops, in addition to Disputed Realms bonuses. 

Overall Defense Ministry boosts:

  • Shiva and Ifrit Attack
  • Dark Troop Attack, Armor, and HP with Hero
  • Disputed Realm Dark Defense Attack, Armor, plus HP

Defense Ministery later stage additional overall boosts

(January 14th, 2020)

  • Dark Rally Capacity
  • Maximum Dark Troop Capacity: Ultimate
  • Dark Mercenary Cripple HP
  • Capital Dark Rally Armor 
  • Dark Crystal Assault Rally Armor 

Keep in mind that Troop Capacity Ultimate means the higher tiered Dark Troops such as T5 and above. 

Additional Defense Ministery boosts:

(February 18th, 2020)

  • Dark Troop and Elemental March Size
  • Sabotage Enemy Attack, Defense, and Magical Astral Core Supplies Potency

Dark Strategy Hall

This building provides offense stats by increasing your capacity together with Mortal Wounds.

Mortal Wounds reduces the percentage of enemy troops that fill the hospital. 

As new levels grow available, the Dark Strategy Hall assists you even further with your Core Troops and the Forts. 

Overall Dark Strategy Hall boosts:

  • Dark Troop Capacity
  • Dark March Size
  • Dark City Defense Attack
  • Dark Crystal Holding Attack
  • Dark Troop Armor
  • Mortally Wounded Enemy Troops

Later stage boosts:

  • Dark City Assault Attack
  • Dark Troop Attack
  • Leviathan Attack
  • Dark Crystal Assault Attack
  • Disputed Realm Dark Rally Attack, Armor, and HP

Ignis Diner

Next, the Ignis Diner allows you to collect plates and ingredients to make meals to promote your Empire! Then new levels are issued, the Diner assists you with your Mercenaries in addition to your Elemental Troops.

Overall Ignis Diner boosts:

  • Dark Cripple HP
  • Dark Mercenary Cripple HP
  • Dark Elemental HP with Hero
  • Dark Fire Troop Armor

Mercenary Pits

The home for your Mercenary Troops, this building was primarily to store not only your Mercs but increase your Mercenary Capacity and the Training Queue. Now the Mercenary Pits aid your Cavalry, Mercenaries, as well as Elementals. Then best of all, it improves your Mercenary Hospital.

Overall Mercenary Pits boosts:

  • Dark Cavalry Armor
  • Dark Mercenary Attack with Hero
  • Dark Lightning Troop Attack 
  • Dark Airship Armor
  • Injured Mercenary Capacity. 

Crystal Nexus

The Crystal Nexus allows you to use your Cores to power up your Empire for some time. For example, the latest ones will enable you to use them for four hours with a 20-minute cooldown. Then it can be used again. As each level unlocks, it would allow you to obtain certain Core chests as well as unlock Core slots. But now this building helps your Mercenaries, Elementals, and your Cavalries. 

Overall Crystal Nexus boosts:

  • Dark Airship Attack
  • Dark Cavalry Attack
  • Dark Elemental Troop Attack with Hero
  • Dark Elemental Armor

Monster Pen

The home for your Monsters, as you can see what you have, level them up and view their stats. The higher your Monster Pen is, the more marches you can send Monsters in addition to the amount you can send in a march. Level 10 allows you to send five separate marches that include Monsters and also will enable you to send two per march. As new levels are released, you can now utilize the Monster Pen to increase your stats with Mages, Mercenaries, in addition to your Mount. 

Overall, Monster Pen boosts:

  • Dark Mage Armor
  • Dark Earth Troop Attack
  • Dark Juggernaut Armor

Oracle Temple

The Oracle Temple allows you to craft a mixture of permanent boosts using crafting supplies, particularly to the Oracle Temple.  And now that more levels have been released, it can serve your Empire by implementing Elemental, Mercenary, and Dark City defense.

Overall Oracle Temple boosts:

  • Dark Elemental Attack
  • Shiva Attack
  • Dark Mercenary HP
  • Dark City Defense Attack


Lastly, we have the Arcanaeum! This building is used to apply Enchantments and Limit Breaks onto your Gear. As this building releases more levels, it benefits your Warriors, Astral, Mercenaries, as well as Elementals

Overall Arcanarum boosts:

  • Dark Warrior Armor
  • Ifrit Attack
  • Dark Mech Armor
  • Dark Ice Troop Attack

Dark Auxiliary Building Charts

Check out the charts below for every Dark Building level since Dark World release to date.

Dark Auxiliary Building Chart

Master Dark Auxiliary Blueprints Chart

Elite Dark Auxiliary Blueprints Chart

Mythic Dark Auxiliary Blueprints Chart

Corrupted Dark Auxiliary Blueprints Chart

United Front Auxiliary Building Blueprints Chart

Opulent Auxiliary Building Blueprints Chart

**Stay tuned, this will be updated soon!**

All thanks to our fabulous -kato- for producing some beautiful charts for the community! Make sure to send her some pie! Love ya chica!


In conclusion, there are multiple Auxiliary buildings, all with their benefits and new stats, to help boost your Empires. As a matter of fact, most of the buildings provides a more balanced boost to your stats, assisting you in every style of gameplay. 

Although, the buildings that mention something more specific like Dark City Defense Armor, like in the Magitek Converter, are more favored into the defense aspect. Also, if it says something like Dark City Assault Attack as it states in the Proving Grounds, then it is more geared for the offense side of things. 

Be sure to take advantage of Events and Realm Bosses that drop the Auxiliary Blueprints that you need for your Empire so you can stay on top of your game! 

However, if you are pre-dark world or relatively new to it and would like to learn more about other buildings, then check out Aly’s Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide To Buildings! 

Lastly, please comment below with your thoughts or connect with us on Social Media, aka Line and or Discord and let us know!

As we get new Auxiliary Buildings in the future and levels for our current ones we have, there will be a BRAND NEW fresh Auxiliary Buildings 3.0 guide coming your way! Remember, if you are pre-dark world check out Aly’s Auxiliary Buildings guide for all buildings leading up to the Dark World. 

Make sure to like our content and if you want to stay up to date with our new releases, connect with us on Facebook or chat with us on our Discord and Line channels!

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    – Maybe Moogle Market, Travelling Merchant and Casino should also be mentioned here as static buildings and the blueprint requirements for each building pre aux upgrade would also be neat to have in one place.

    Keep up the awesome work!

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