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Claim and hold the Capitals to give you and your Guild benefits!

Well loves, it looks like we got another new feature on the horizon! It is called the Capitals. However, it seems a bit familiar, doesn’t it?. Do not worry. You are not crazy… I think… Anyways, if you like holding the Crystal, Supreme Vaults, and participating in the Disputed Realm events holding Forts, then you will love this new feature because it is basically all three of them mashed into one. 

If you can capture and hold one of these so-called Capitals, like the Supreme Vaults and the Forts, you and your Guild can get bonuses that will benefit all of you guys. Now that sounds like a win to me! Now, what are these things, and where do we find them? Is there more than one? Which ones do we want? It seems like the community has had a lot of questions about them. So with that in mind, in this guide, we will answer the questions you guys have been asking such as:

What are Capitals, and what benefit do we get out of them?

Can I claim more than one, which one(s) do I want?

Where can I find some more boosts to help have the edge over my competition?

Please read below to review the first question, what are Capitals?

What are the Capitals?

Similar to the Crystal, when you attack the Capital and claim it, you must defend it for twelve hours. Ask your guild members to come to help you reinforce it by filling it up. Once it is captured and undefeated for that time period, it goes into Protection Mode for twelve hours. Now, remember, just like the Crystal, If at any time anyone gets kicked out of the Capital, the timer resets back to twelve hours.

There are four different ones in each Realm and only ONE of each type per Realm. 

Stone Core Troops Capital

Molten Elemental Troops Capital

Sub Zero Mercenary Troops Capital 

Charged Astral Capital

Now here is the kicker, your Guild can only hold ONE at a time, so decide ahead of time which ones to prioritize and plan accordingly. 

Each of these contains multiplier benefits for owning the Capital as well as your whole Guild for holding it as well. If you own it, you will receive 2xs, the reward for retaining and maintaining it for twelve hours. You start to receive the boost as soon as you claim a Capital, so you can potentially have the benefits for 24 hours, or until someone kicks you out after protection mode ends.


When we start to list the stats below, do not feel like its irrelevant. Multipliers are so undervalued when, in reality, it is very beneficial. While the number may not appear massive, a small amount can make a huge difference. Especially if you have some decent stats to back them up with. 

For example, let’s say that you have 100B% Dark Astral Attack. Then you hold and eventually claim the Charged Astral Capital. One of the owner benefits is that you will receive a 40% Dark Astral Attack Multiplier for claiming it. So that alone provides you with a 40B% Dark Astral Attack boost on top of your current stats you already have. And of course, It will change accordingly as you build your Empire, and it will adjust itself. 

Clearly, with that being said, the higher your stats, the more meaningful the multipliers will be for your Empire.

Next, let us go over each of the four Capitals and the rewards you can obtain from them!

*the coordinates shared below is for every Realm

Stone Core Troop Capital

Stone Core CapitalThe Stone Core Troop Capital provides a multiplier for your Dark Troops overall. You can locate this Capital at x: 102, y:206.

Owner Benefits:

  • 40% Dark Troop Attack, HP, in addition to Defense Multiplier
  • 10% Dark Troop March Size Multiplier 

Guild Member Benefits

  • 20% Dark Troop Attack, HP, and Defense Multiplier 
  • 5% Dark Troop March Size Multiplier

Molten Elemental Troop Capital

Molten Core CapitalThe Molten Elemental Troop Capital aids you with your Dark Elemental Troops. You can discover this Capital at x: 332, y: 248.

Owner Benefits:

  • 30% Dark Elemental Attack, HP, Defense Multiplier
  • 10% Dark Elemental March Size Multiplier

Guild Member Benefits

  • 15% Dark Elemental Attack, HP, Defense Multiplier
  • 5% Dark Elemental March Size Multiplier

Sub Zero Mercenary Troops Capital 

Sub Zero CapitalThe Sub Zero Mercenary Troop Capital assists you with your Dark Mercenary Troops. You can find this Capital at x: 102, y: 686.

Owner Benefits:

  • 30% Dark Mercenary Attack, HP, Defense Multiplier
  • 10% Dark Mercenary March Size Multiplier

Guild Member Benefits

  • 15% Dark Mercenary Attack, HP, Defense Multiplier
  • 5% Dark Mercenary March Size Multiplier

Charged Astral Capital

Charged Astral CapitalThe Charged Astral Capital helps your Astrals and Mounts. 

You can uncover this Capital at x: 344, y: 686.

Owner Benefits:

  • 40% Dark Astral and Mount Attack Multiplier 
  • 5% Dark Troop as well as Mercenary March Size 

Guild Member Benefits:

  • 20% Dark Astral and Mount Attack Multiplier 
  • 2.5% Dark Troop as well as Mercenary March Size 


Which one should I be aiming for?

Well now that we know what each of the Capitals is meant for, the ultimate question is, which one should we go for?

Well, the answer to that is all based on your gameplay or your guild’s gameplay. 

As we know, no matter what style you play, whether it is Offense, Defense, or Trapping (lets still pretend trapping is a thing right now for a moment here) that we rely on our Mercenaries and Astrals for just about every situation we face. So prioritizing one of those two would benefit everyone in every direction. So on behalf of everyone’s interest, those two should be sought after. 

On the other hand, Elementals are also a fantastic option as it is utilized about just as much as Mercenaries are. 

How can I increase my strength of holding Capitals?

Just like everything in this game, there are some bonuses you can unlock to accumulate and beef up your stats to help your chances of holding the temples. While this is a newer event, there are not a lot of areas where you can increase the stats to help you out. However, some fabulous boosts are too significant to pass up if you are going to consider yourself a serious competitor with these events.  

Where are the boosts at? Let’s find out so you can dominate your opponents!

Auxiliary Buildings

There are a few Auxiliary buildings that consist of stats that will be beneficial to you. See below which ones do!

Unity Beacon at a maxed level can get you 10B% Capital Dark Rally Attack. So if someone already has one you want, this building’s stats can help you get a good jump start on rallying it, to take it from your enemies. 

Dark Workshop provides several Capital advantages such as 

*stats are at maxed level

  • 23B% Capital Dark Defense Attack
  • 10B% Capital Dark Defense HP
  • 30B% Capital Dark Defense Armor 
  • 22.5B% Capital Dark Rally HP

Defense Ministry Capital bonuses

*stats are at maxed level

  • 70B% Capital Dark Rally Armor 

Magitek Converter assists your Capital by supplying 

  • 1B% Capital Dark Assault Attack


Leviathan so far is the only Astral that can increase your Capital stats, check out which areas.

Armor of the Sea

  • 40B% Capital Dark Astral Attack

Trident Barrage

  • 10B% Capital Dark Assault HP
  • 30B% Capital Dark Assault Armor 


Gilgamesh provides a decent amount of bonuses, which out where!

Mastery Skill Tree

  • Capital Attack (Lv. 30)
    • 2.25B% Capital Dark Troop Attack and Armor
    • 750M% Capital Dark Troop HP
  • Blitz Drive: Capitals, Disputed Realms, Vaults Attack
    • 30B% Capital Dark Troop Attack


Blitz Drive is similar to Limit Breaks, however it will automatically trigger when you do a specific task. 

Tasks performed to trigger your Blitz Drive:

  • Scouting
  • Attacking
  • Reinforcing
  • Starting or joining a Rally

Keep in mind, when the Blitz Drive is turned on you cannot put up an Empire Barrier when the duration of the bonus is activated.


To quickly review, Capitals are very similar to Crystals and Supreme Vaults. Own one of them, then you and your Guild can benefit from the multipliers it provides. Be sure to upgrade your Unity Beacon, Dark Workshop, Defense Ministry, as well as your Magitek Convertor Auxiliary Buildings to promote even more opportunities to claim one of these beauties. Also, your Leviathan to give yourself an advantage over your enemies. 

Keep in mind that the Stone Core Troop Capital boosts your Dark Troops while the Molten Elemental Troop Capital assists your Dark Elementals. Then the Sub Zero Mercenary Troop Capital benefits your Dark Mercenaries while the Charged Astral Capital gives your Dark Astals and Mounts extra strength.

When selecting which you would like to claim, consider keeping your guild in mind. What are your guys’ main types of gameplay, and how will this benefit you guys overall? As Mercenaries and Astrals help everyone under every circumstance, those two will likely be the ones to battle for. Elementals are also a fantastic choice as a backup plan as it aids everyone’s status as well. 

As this is a newer feature, I am sure some more boosts in the future will come, and when they do, I will be sure to keep this guide up to date! Last but not least, have any tips or tricks you would like to share with us? If so, please comment below or check us out on Social Media, aka Line and or Discord and let us know!

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