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Latest updates on the Crystal Nexus and how the new Cores benefit your Empire!

As we know in Final Fantasy: A New Empire, the Crystal Nexus building grants extra boosts for your Empire by unlocking and using unique Cores. Sometimes we run to an issue where we are unsure whether it is worth switching them around at certain levels, and under those circumstances, it becomes a pain to continually scroll up and down to remember the stats to them. In this guide, we will cover the additional boosts that become available over time as well as the latest Cores. Also, a comparison to see how strong they are versus the last Core release, and also some preset recommendations whether you are looking to attack a Vault or defend your Empire.

Side note, if your building is not maxed out, then be sure to check the Crystal Nexus Blueprints Requirements section! With this in mind, please read below to get caught up with the latest news on the Crystal Nexus.

Crystal Nexus Additional Boosts

Beyond the whole purpose of the Crystal Nexus, it also provides you with extra benefits to accelerate your Empire even further. After the Dark World came out, most of the Auxiliary Buildings that were released before it became unworthy of our attention. When new Auxiliary Buildings came out, the Blueprints required for it became more universal. In other words, this is helpful for us as we will not be required to accumulate or purchase specific Blueprints for each of the individual buildings. 

Hence, now they include stats that are relevant to our Empires. The Crystal Nexus itself helps you boost your Airships, Cavalry, as well as your Elementals. 

Overall additional Crystal Nexus boosts:

  • Dark Airship Attack 
  • Dark Cavalry Attack 
  • Dark Elemental Troop Attack with Hero
  • Dark Elemental Armor 

In the meanwhile, check out how much Blueprints you need to level your building!

Crystal Nexus Blueprint Requirements

Level 1-12

For Crystal Nexus Level 1-12, it requires Crystal Nexus Blueprints to level up.

  • Level 1: UNLOCK
  • Level 2: 500
  • Level 3: 600
  • Level 4: 900
  • Level 5: 1,400
  • Level 6: 2,800
  • Level 7: 5,000
  • Level 8: 8,000
  • Level 9: 12,000
  • Level 10: 42,000
  • Level 11: ???
  • Level 12: ???

If you happen to know level 11 and 12 requirements,  then please PM me or let us know in the HUB Line or Discord channel! Thank you in advance! 

After level 12, then the building starts to require the more universal Auxiliary Blueprints, check out how much! 

Level 13-22

Pro tip: The amount of Dark Auxilary Blueprints and later prints afterward requirements PER building will be the same! *within the exception for Dark Workshop Dark Auxiliary Blueprints*

For Crystal Nexus Level 13 – 22, it requires Dark Auxiliary Blueprints to level up.

  • Level 13: 500,000
  • Level 14: 600,000
  • Level 15: 800,000
  • Level 16: 1,000,000
  • Level 17: 1,000,000
  • Level 18: 1,000,000
  • Level 19: 2,000,000
  • Level 20: 5,000,000
  • Level 21: 8,000,000
  • Level 22: 10,000,000

Level 13 to 22 requires a total of 29,900,000 Dark Auxiliary Blueprints

Level 23-32

For Crystal Nexus Level 23 – 32 it requires Master Dark Auxiliary Blueprints to level up.

  • Level 23: 166,667
  • Level 24: 200,000
  • Level 25: 266,667
  • Level 26: 333,333
  • Level 27: 333,333
  • Level 28: 333,333
  • Level 29: 666,667
  • Level 30: 1,670,000
  • Level 31: 2,670,000
  • Level 32: 3,330,000

Level 23 to 32 requires a total of 9,970,000 Master Dark Auxiliary Blueprints 

Level 33-42

For Crystal Nexus Level 33 – 42 it requires Elite Dark Auxiliary Blueprints to level up.

  • Level 33: 100,000
  • Level 34: 100,000
  • Level 35: 200,000
  • Level 36: 500,000
  • Level 37: 1,000,000
  • Level 38: 3,000,000
  • Level 39: 8,000,000
  • Level 40: 10,000,000
  • Level 41: 15,000,000
  • Level 42: 20,000,000

Level 33 to 42 requires a total of 57,900,000 Elite Dark Auxiliary Blueprints  

Crystal Cores

Each of the Cores is permanent and can be reused one the cooldown period is over. You may only use one type of Core at a time, but you can use up to four different ones to your benefit to aid your gameplay. You may also create presets for the Cores like you can do with Gear and Gems. Setting presets will be very helpful should you confront a situation such as when you are attacking, then need help defending. 

Read below all about the new Cores.

Keep in mind, each of these Cores below has a 4-hour duration and a 30-minute cooldown period.

Gilgamesh Core

This Core is excellent for your Hero overall, it provides additional boosts to your Hero, Guild Adventure Halls, in addition to when your Hero hits the monsters. As a matter of fact, make sure you utilize this Core when you are running in the Guild Halls or leveling your Heroes to get even more MP per level! 

Gilgamesh Core

Gilgamesh Core boosts

(maxed stats at level 6)

  • 330k% Hero Attack
  • Hero Critical Hit 50%
  • Hero Attack Streak – +19
  • Additional Streak per Attack – +15
  • Max MP – 185M
  • 105k% Dungeon HP
  • 69k% Dungeon Stamina
  • 455k% Dungeon Physical Damage  


Astral Shard Core

The Astral Shard Core increases the bonuses for your Astrals. This Core is fabulous to use, no matter your gameplay style is! Since Multi-Astral Defense is a thing, and you can send more than one Astrals into a march, this Core will be useful in multiple situations.

Astral Shard Core



Astral Shard Core boosts:

(maxed stats at level 6)

  • Dark Shiva, Leviathan, Ifrit, Titan, Ramuh and Bahamut Attack – 60B%
  • Dark Astral Attack – 8B%



Creature Core

This Core gravitates towards Mounts. Even though they all list as an Attack Bonus, it is beneficial for you with both offense and defense. Just keep in mind that the “Multi-Mount” defense is not a thing, so it will only be helpful for whatever Mount you have active at the time.

Creature Core


Creature Core boosts:

(maxed stats at level 6)

  • War-Trained Chocobo, Ebony Chocobo, in addition to Sinistercorn Attack – 75B%
  • Dark Troop and Elemental Attack with Mount – 15B%
  • Mount Attack – 40B%



Dark Daemons Core

The Dark Daemon Core enhances each of the Mercenaries. This Core would also be useful in both situations as well. As you can strengthen your Guardians for defense or further advance your Juggernauts for an attack. 

Dark Daemon Core


Dark Daemon Core boosts:

(maxed stats at level 6)

  • Dark Guardian, Juggernauts, Airships, together with Mech Attack – 60B%
  • Dark Guardian, Juggernaut, Airship, as well as Mech HP – 20B%




Ardyn’s Corrupted Soul Core

This Core is all about the Rallies! The Ardyn Corrupted Core assists you in several different Rallies needed, such as a standard Rally and if you happen to be Rallying a Fort.

Ardyn's Corrupted Soul Core


Ardyn’s Corrupted Soul Core boosts:

(maxed stats at level 6)

  • Dark Troop Attack – 15B%
  • Dark Rally Attack – 15B%
  • Rally Attack Resistance – 12B%
  • Disputed Realm Dark Rally Attack – 30B%
  • Disputed Realm Dark Rally HP – 20B%
  • Battle Mark: Dark Rally Troop Attack Overdrive – 15B%


Dark Meteorite Core

The Dark Meteorite Core intensifies your Elementals by providing all-around Elemental support in addition to benefiting each of the Elementals.

Dark Meteorite Core


Dark Meteorite Core boosts:

(maxed at level 6)

  • Dark Elemental Attack – 20B%
  • Dark Elemental Armor – 30B%
  • Dark Elemental HP – 25B%
  • Dark Elemental Troop Attack with Hero – 20B%
  • Dark Elemental Troop HP with Hero – 25B%
  • Dark Lightning, Earth, Ice, in additon to Fire Troop Attack – 60B%


Meteorite Core 

This particular Core benefits you with your Supreme Vault/Mini Vaults and your Forts when it comes to attacking and defending it. Do not forget to power up your Power of Kings Hero Trees to push these stats even further. Check out the Supreme Vaults and the Disputed Realm Articles for more in-depth information about them! 

Meteorite Core


Meteorite Core boosts:

(maxed at level 6)

  • Vault Dark Troop HP – 15B%
  • Vault Dark Troop Attack – 50B%
  • Disputed Realm Dark Defense Attack – 11B%
  • Disputed Realms Dark Troop Dark Defense Armor as well as HP – 5B%



How do they compare with the ones released beforehand?

Not only are some of the new Cores have increased stats all-around, but they are also much more precise on what it helps you with. Now the ultimate question would be, because of how strong these new Cores are therefore should we use them at a lower level or not? For this reason, check out an example to see the differences!

Level 6 Chaos Core vs. Level 1 Meteorite Core 

Level 6 Chaos Core

  • Dark Astral and Mount Attack – 250M%
  • Vault as well as Disputed Realm Dark Troop Attack – 1.1B%
  • Vault and Disputed Realm Dark Troop HP – 800M%

Level 1 Meteorite Core

  • Vault Dark Troop HP –  4.92B%
  • Vault Dark Troop Attack – 16.4B%
  • Disputed Realm Dark Defense Attack – 3.6B%
  • Disputed Realm Dark Defense HP and Armor – 1.64B%

As you can see above it just at level one, it is significantly an improvement from the last Cores released. 


The Crystal Nexus now contains presets to service your needs more. As a result, this can be extremely advantageous and convenient to have at a click. Remember the time when we had to swap out each Gear pieces to change them up, ESPECIALLY when we had to swap to the defense set before a march arrived? Talk about anxiety! 

More importantly, the presets would be useful if you are using your Hero in the Hall or even hitting Monsters, then suddenly have to defend your Empire from an upcoming battle. Or if you are solo attacking someone, then decide to hurry and rally them before they get online.

Astral Shard Core

Firstly, I think we can all agree that the Astral Shard Core is worth it for every style of gameplay in terms of attacking, rallying, defending, Neutral Cities/Realms, and Crystal battles. To clarify, with the Multi-Defense Astral boost, it will be handy in multiple situations. 

Creature Core

Secondly, the Creature Core, it may not be as useful as the Astral Shard Core, but it does benefit you in more than one circumstance. The only slight downfall to this one is that it will only help the active Mount that is summoned. But, with the stats being phenomenal, it’s worth having for just about every style of gameplay as well. 

Vault/Disputed Realm

Consider taking advantage of the ones specifically made for Vaults of Forts on top of the other boosts you can obtain from Heroes. (ahem.. such as your King Noctis and Ardyn’s Skill Tree..) Also, your Power of Kings (remember they are like Mastery Skills, being passive no matter what Hero you use!). 

Use your Meteorite Core, Ardyn’s Corrupted Soul Core, and also your Chaos Core.


With the new Cores out, it does put an excellent addition into the Defense as well as the Trap Empires. 

Use your Astral Shard Core, Creature Core, Dark Daemon Core, together with your Dark Meteorite Core.

Doing so would provide significant boosts for you, especially if you become a Mercenary and Elemental Empire purely. The four Cores would boost all your Astrals, your active Mount (your Ebony Chocobo or Sinistercorn depending on their levels), Mercenaries, as well as your Elementals. 

It is essential to utilize your passive skills such as Mastery Skills, Power of Kings/Queens/Veterans, as well as your Oracle Temple. Also, since you likely have Multi-Astral Defense, make sure you are skilling them as you level them up to your advantage since they all will be used.


The Crystal Nexus now assists your Empire in more ways than one by allowing you to use four new Cores every half an hour. Also, increasing your passive stats on Airships, Cavalry, and Elementals. It is important to remember that the Gilgamesh Core is fantastic to use for your Hero when hitting monsters or the Guild Adventure Halls. And the Ardyn’s Corrupted Core is great for Rallies. 

Which one do you like, or which ones will you use? Lastly, comment below and let us know or connect with us on Social Media, aka Line or Discord and let us know!

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