Elemancy Hall Strategy Guide

When Final Fantasy: A New Empire was first released, battles were very simple and straightforward. Whoever had the highest-tier troops and the best equipment won. But battle mechanics have changed drastically since the game was released nearly a year ago. Adding to the ever-evolving battle mechanics is a new building, Elemancy Hall.

The Elemancy Hall appears in your empire where the Guild Hall used to be. It allows you to super-charge your regular Training Grounds troops with Elemental Essence to create powerful new Elemental Troops that gain special boosts based on different situations. This article will explain how to unlock the Elemancy Hall, discuss the blueprints required for each Elemancy Hall upgrade, look at how each of the Elemental Troops fare in combat, and lastly, size everything up and let you know if the Elemancy Hall is worth it.

Elemancy Hall Requirements

In order to unlock the Elemancy Hall, you must first purchase an Elemancy Hall Unlock item from the gold store. Once unlocked, you will be able to train Lightning T5 Troops with Lightning Essence. You need to upgrade the Elemancy Hall to train additional Elemental Troops.

Refer to the table below for Elemancy Hall Blueprint requirements, required training materials, and Elemental Troop boosts.

Elemental Troop Elemancy Hall Req.
Blueprints Required Training Material Boosts
Lightning T5 Troops Level 1 Elemancy Hall Unlock 2 Lightning Essence +600% Crystal Defense Attack
Earth T5 Troops Level 2 240 2 Earth Essence +700% Empire Defense Attack
Ice T5 Troops Level 3 360 2 Ice Essence +750% Attack vs Crystal
Fire T5 Troops Level 4 400 2 Fire Essence +900% City Assault Attack Bonus
Lightning T6 Troops Level 5 1,600 3 Lightning Essence
1 Earth Essence
+2250% Crystal Defense Attack
Earth T6 Troops Level 6 2,000 3 Earth Essence
1 Ice Essence
+2600% Empire Defense Attack
Ice T6 Troops Level 7 2,400 3 Ice Essence
1 Fire Essence
+2950% Attack vs Crystal
Fire T6 Troops Level 8 2,800 3 Fire Essence
1 Lightning Essence
+3300% City Assault Attack


Elemental Troops

As we can see from the table above, the higher you upgrade your Elemancy Hall, the bigger attack bonus your troops get in certain situations. Each Element allows you to train Warrior, Mage or Cavalry troops (Sorry Ignis, no Siege), for a maximum of 24 different types of troops you can train, each with a unique purpose.

Lightning Troops get an attack bonus when they are defending the Crystal from incoming attackers.

Earth Troops get an attack bonus when defending your empire from incoming attacks.

Ice Troops get an attack bonus when attacking the Crystal.

Fire Troops get an attack bonus when attacking other empires.

There are hundreds of situations in which these troops might prove useful, but do they fare as well in battle as the Elemancy Hall describes? Let’s find out…

Battle Testing Elemental Troops

Before we get to the battle testing, a quick note. All of our tests on Elemental Troops were done after activating the Lifetime +1 Elemental Troop Tier item.We were able to run some tests prior to activating this item, and the difference between Elemental Troops and regular troops was completely indiscernible.

During the Elemental Shrine event, if your realm was able to defeat all 4 Elemental Shrines in the Realm Boss area surrounding the Crystal Scar, then everyone in that realm was awarded an item that increases the troop tier for Elemental Troops for life. If you were lucky enough to win this event, you must first activate the item before it can be used.

To activate Lifetime +1 Elemental Troop Tier, first click on the Boosts icon on the upper right corner of the screen.  This will bring up a list of boosts. Then, scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and select Permanent Boosts. Scroll down until you find the Lifetime +1 Elemental Troop Tier item, which will bring you to a menu that allows you to use this item. You can also use the Search function within your items if you have a sufficient VIP level… Now, back to the battle testing!

Our tests with Elemental T5 Troops concluded that they are in fact stronger than regular T5 Troops, though not as strong as regular T6 troops.

The battle report below shows what happens when just 10,000 T5 Fire Mages attack an empire with 4.4 million T4 Troops.

Now let’s see what 10,000 regular T5 Mages do to 4.4 million T4 Troops.

This time, we sent T6 Mages at the same target with 4.4 million T4 Troops.


When we tested, Earth T5 Mages did not start to die until after all of the T5 troops were gone; however, our T6 Troops did not take any damage until all of the T5 Earth troops were killed.

The Lightning Calvary Troops are by far the fastest troops in the game. Yep, even faster than Killer Bees and Dragoons. T5 Lightning Troops get +600% Attack when they are reinforcing the crystal and T6 Lightning Troops get +2,250% Attack when reinforcing the Crystal. These will definitely come in handy when trying to get more troops into the Crystal before an incoming attack strikes. Because they are the fastest troops around, there are also plenty of other uses for them.

In order to access to Elemental T6 Troops, you will need a level 5+ Elemancy Hall, level 50+ Citadel, and a handful of normal T6 Troops trained and ready to go.

In our tests with T6 Ice Troops, they were unable to win against a Crystal full of regular T6 Troops. That’s not to say that they aren’t helpful, but they certainly don’t hit like T7.



First, let’s talk about how much of an investment the Elemancy Hall is. Not only does it require multiple packs before you can even train Elemental Troops capable of doing any damage but, at 200 Elemancy Hall Blueprints per pack, you’ve got to drop some serious dough to make this building worth your while. Upon unlocking Elemancy Hall, you only get Lightning T5 Troops, which are quite fast and are stronger than regular T5 troops in a Crystal, but unless no one in your realm has T6 Troops unlocked just yet, they are otherwise worthless.

Second, even if you upgrade the Elemancy Hall all the way to level 8, you will constantly require Elemental Essence in order to build Elemental Troops. The T6 Elemental Troops, particularly, require an enormous amount of Elemental Essence in order to train. Since we can only build so many Empire Expansion Buildings for the time being, that leaves one type of Elemental Troops that you will never be able to mass produce. This also takes away from being able to build other helpful buildings such as Commander Academy and District.

Despite being very expensive and time-consuming, Elemental Troops do hit quite hard if you are using them the way they were meant to be used, and Earth Troops outlive regular troops.Technically, Elemental T7 Troops are the strongest non-mercenaries in the game right now, but unless you plan to drop 10 or more packs on upgrading this building, steer clear of the Elemental Hall.

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