Elemental Troop Optimization Guide

Since their introduction to the game, Elemental Troops have become a cornerstone to combat, affecting gameplay just as much as Troop Type and classification.  Today, as they continue to dominate Crystal and Titan events, Elemental Troops are even more relevant, powerful and valuable than ever before.

This article will list every possible method of improving Elemental Troops that is currently available in the game. Each new content update affecting the boosts of Elemental Troops will also be listed here with the date it was added.

Oracle Temple

These new lifetime Elemental Troop boosts in the Oracle Temple will give you an advantage over your opponents, but the materials used to craft them are not easy to get. Look out for packs with Primal Skystone Artifacts, and Elemental Troop Oracle Temple chests.

  • +375% Lightning Elemental Troop Armor
  • +375% Ice Elemental Troop Armor
  • +375% Fire Elemental Troop Armor
  • +375% Earth Elemental Troop Armor
  • +275% Lightning Elemental Troop HP
  • +275% Ice Elemental Troop HP
  • +275% Fire Elemental Troop HP
  • +275% Earth Elemental Troop HP
  • +400% Lightning Elemental Troop Attack
  • +400% Ice Elemental Troop Attack
  • +400% Fire Elemental Troop Attack
  • +400% Earth Elemental Troop Attack

Hero Levels

Additional hero mastery levels allow you to increase the effectiveness of Elemental Troops while using any hero.

  • Noctis –  @ level 125 +3,000% All Elemental Attack & HP.
  • Luna – @ level 105 +4,500% Ice Elemental HP, @ level 125 +4,5000% Ice Elemental Attack.
  • Prompto – @ level 105 +4,500% Lghtning Elemental HP, @ level 125 +4,500 Lightning Elemental Attack.
  • Gladiolus @ level 105 +4,000% Earth Elemental HP, @ level 125 +4,000 Earth Elemental Attack.
  • Ignis – @ level 105 +4,500% Fire Elemental HP, @ level 125 +4,500% Fire Elemental Attack.


This new building allows you to unlock unique Elemental Troop research and boosts using Flasks of Lightning, Ice, Earth, Fire and Arcana. You can get the Choose-Your-Own flasks in the Gold Store or Moogle Market. The research you can unlock in the Arcanaeum will give your individual elemental troops massive boosts in attack and HP, only adding to their already awesome bonuses. For more information on this new building, check out our recent overview of the Arcanaeum in depth.

  • City Defense Elemental Troop Armor
  • Elemental Dominance (Decreases the attack of Warrior, Mage, Cavalry against your Elemental Troops)
  • Earth Elemental Troop HP
  • Earth Elemental Troop Attack
  • Ice Elemental Troop HP
  • Ice Elemental Troop Attack
  • Fire Elemental Troop HP
  • Fire Elemental Troop Attack
  • Lightning Elemental Troop HP
  • Lightning Elemental Troop Attack


Follow the tips and strategies outlined in this article to increase the effectiveness of your Elemental Troops. Optimizing the most powerful troops in the game will allow players to cement their role among the strongest players in the realm!

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