Empire Expansion Buildings Guide

We’re always excited to see a new update come around, but it stopped us right in our tracks when we saw one of the recent blog posts in Final Fantasy: A New Empire read, “Biggest Update Since Launch!” What could this revolutionary renovation be? We’ve had new monsters and mercenaries added nearly every week, so surely this must be a landmark event.

Enter Empire Expansion Buildings. The very first buildings you can actually build anywhere in Eos – except inside your empire. This article will cover each of the new Empire Expansion Buildings (Including the newest additions!), what boosts each building gives, how many blueprints are required and what play styles can benefit best from each building.

Empire Expansion Buildings

Empire Expansion buildings give you and your guild the chance to create structures outside of your own empire for the first time ever.

To create one of these buildings, simply go to the realm map and click on an empty tile. One of the options that pops up will be “Build”, which takes you to the building selection screen, much like creating a building on an empty tile for the first time inside your empire.

Currently, there are 12 types of buildings to choose from (including the Wonder), although there are likely many more Empire Expansion Buildings with game-changing features coming soon. Each building has specific benefits and produces something unique. Choose which building you want wisely, as you can only build 1 Expansion for every 10 Citadel levels, starting at 30. So at level 30, you get one, at 40 you get 2, at 50 you can build 3 and at Citadel 60 you can construct up to 4 Expansion Buildings. Empire Expansion Buildings can be deconstructed, but you will not get any Blueprints or resources back.

You can also build multiple buildings of the same type. For example, if all you care about is crushing other empires in your realm, building nothing but Commander Academy Expansions makes sense, or if you have the Elemancy Hall, build all Fire Wells for a massive Troop Attack bonus.

Each building can be upgraded to a maximum 10 levels. At level 1, these buildings gain 10% of their maximum boosts, and increase an additional 10% with each level.

New Royal Expansion Update!

With the release of the Moogle Village, Military Command Outpost, and Jewel Mine we now have Royal Expansion Buildings! These three new Expansions work the same as regular Expansions, but they require Royal Expansion Blueprints to upgrade.

We now have the ability to Teleport Expansion Buildings! This is helpful when your expansion is constantly being raided by enemies. We also now have Empire Expansion Shields, which work exactly like your Empire Shield does, only protecting your Expansion loot from being stolen. Both Expansion Teleports and Expansion Shields can only be obtained by purchasing a pack from the Gold Store.

We’re also very happy to finally see a pack that offers players +1 Empire Expansion Building Limit, which would allow a level 60 Citadel player to build up to 5 Expansions, for example. This Expansion Building limit does not apply to the Wonder of Conquest building, of which you can only have 1.

Review the following table and choose your Empire Expansion Buildings wisely.

ProducesMax Production
(level 10)
Boosts Max Boosts (level 10)Max March Size
(level 10)
Commander AcademyCommander Chests80 Commander Chests / DayTroop Attack w/ Commander, Training Queue, March Size+1,000% Attack w/ Commander, +20,000 Training Queue+10,000
BlacksmithBlacksmith Chests (Crafting Materials)240 Blacksmith Chests / DayRally Attack & March Size+2,400% Rally Attack+20,000
Fire WellFire Essence25,000 Fire Essence / DayTroop Attack & March Size+2,000% Troop Attack+30,000
Ice WellIce Essence25,000 Ice Essence / DayTroop Armor & March Size+7,000% Troop Armor+30,000
Earth WellEarth Essence25,000 Earth Essence / DayTroop HP & March Size+2,000% Troop HP+30,000
Lightning WellLightning Essence25,000 Lightning Essence / DayArmor Piercing & March Size+2,000% Armor Piercing+30,000
Guardian EnclaveGuardian Shields2,200,000 Guardian Shields / DayGuardian Armor & March Size+4,000% Guardian Armor+10,000
DistrictAscension Chests (Blueprints & Tomes)480 Ascension Chests / DayGathering Speed & March Size+500% Gathering Speed+10,000
Moogle VillageMoogle Market Credits10,000 Moogle Market Credits / DayTrade Capacity, Trading Tax Reduction & March Size+100% Trade Capacity & +100% Trading Tax Reduction+30,000
Military Command OutpostMilitary Command Chests (T7 Troop Training Materials)20,000 Military Command Chests / DayCore Troop Attack & March Size+3,500% Core Troop Attack+30,000
Jewel MineGem Chests100 Gem Chests / DayLoot Gathering Speed & March Size+500% Loot Tile Gather Speed+30,000



This Empire Expansion feature allows players to further increase their march size, gain massive combat stats, and produce unique items capable of helping any player grow. As soon as you are able to build the Empire Expansion Building that best suits you, do it immediately and never look back.

It’s still too early to tell exactly how the ability to create buildings anywhere on the realm map will affect gameplay, but our guess is that the Empire Expansion Builds are just one aspect of a much larger content update on the way.

Is it getting a little cramped in this realm, or is it me?

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Make sure to like our content and if you want to stay up to date with our new releases, connect with us on Facebook or chat with us on our Discord and Line channels!

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  1. di9girl says

    I heard that these buildings can be captured? So why should we waste money buying them and the BPs just to have someone steal them? What’s the point?

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