Enchant and Research with the Magic of the Arcanaeum

The Arcanaeum has taken a much more prominent stage with the release of Limit Break on heroes, and the new enchantments that they provide. As each hero is released, a new enchantment becomes available for your heroes’ gear to smite the enemy.

What is the Arcanaeum?

The Arcanaeum is directly to the right of your University. It must be unlocked, and once inside has three options.

  • Enchant Gear
  • Research Enchantments
  • Reagent Inventory

What Benefits does the Arcanaeum Give Me?

Enchant Gear

Once you choose this option, all of your gear that is available for enchantment will be displayed. Choose the gear piece you wish to enchant. The enchantments available to you will show unlocked. Locked enchantments mean you either haven’t done the research for that one, or you need to Limit Break the hero associated with it.

Each Enchantment requires Reagents, which can be found in packs, monsters (if you have that skill), or special events. View your available Reagents under the Reagent Inventory tab.

All Enchantments are on a timer, they don’t last forever, so choose when you apply them wisely!


The second tab within the Arcanaeum contains elemental and trap research, along with research for the enchantments not associated with Limit Break. Each increase in enchantment research increases its boost as well as the time that it lasts. Each research requires a specific flask and RSS.

Researched Enchantments

There are five enchantments to research within the tree. As stated above, each subsequent level increases the boost and time it will be effective.

  • Vengeance: Max Effect (Level 10); 100% Troop Attack Per Enemy Troop Attack Bonus, Duration 60 minutes.
  • Fortify: Max Effect (Level 10); 10,500% Earth Elemental Troop Attack Bonus, and 10,500% City Defense Troop HP, Duration 60 minutes.
  • Frostbite: Max Effect (Level 10); 2,250% Cripple Enemy HP, and 4,500% Ice Elemental Troop Attack Bonus, Duration 60 minutes.
  • Flametongue: Max Effect (Level 10); 10,500% City Assault Attack Bonus, and 4,500% Fire Elemental Troop Attack Bonus, Duration 60 minutes.
  • PolarityMax Effect (Level 10); 4,500% Lightning Elemental Troop Attack Bonus, 450% Troop Attack Per Enemy Troop Armor Bonus (max 15,000%), Duration 60 minutes.

Limit Break Enchantments

With the new Hero Limit Breaks, have come new enchantments. These are not researched within the Arcanaeum, but are unlocked at Limit Break for each hero. The more points in the Limit Break skill, the higher the enchantment boost. These enchantments allow gear pieces other than just the weapon to be enchanted.

These require enchantment specific reagents to craft. Monsters will drop these if the hero has Limit Break unlocked, and is active.

Noctis: Armiger (Weapon):

  • Troop attack and health.
  • Reagents needed Royal Arms and Aegir.
  • Duration 56 minutes.

Noctis: Armiger Unleashed (Weapon)

  • Mage/Cav/Warrior Attack
  • Reagents needed Royal Jewel and Aether Extract
  • Duration 42 minutes

Prompto: Bioblast (Feet)

  • Armor Shredding and Attack March speed.
  • Reagents needed Royal Arms and Noxious Reagent.
  • Duration 52 minutes.

Luna: Hexatheon (Armor)

  • Astral Attack and Astral Regeneration.
  • Reagents needed Royal Arms and Hexbloom Offering.
  • Duration 50 minutes.

Ignis: Sagefire (Helm)

  • Anti-Armor Shredding, and Fire Troop Elemental Attack.
  • Reagents Royal Arms and Flora Doctrina.
  • Duration 50 minutes.

Gladio: Seismic Valor (Armor)

  • Attack, HP and Armor boosted by 200% of your Earth Elemental Attack, HP and Armor.
  • Reagents Royal Arms and Deepearth Jewel.
  • Duration 50 minutes.

Cindy: Turbocharged (Accessory)

  • City Attack Trap Attack/Trap March Speed
  • Reagents Volatile Oil and Royal Arms
  • Duration 42 min

Ravus: Tenebraen Gauntlet (Accessory)

  • Sacrifice Troop HP Bonus/Troop Attack Bonus
  • Ominous Ruby and Royal Arms
  • Duration 52 min

Aranea: Highwind Force (Accessory)

  • Merc Troop Attack/Troop Attack Against Astrals
  • Dragon Bloom and Royal Arms
  • Duration 42 min

Iris: Moogle (Accessory)

  • City Defense HP Bonus
  • Watchman’s Keepsake and Royal Arms
  • Duration Up to 24 hours

The Arcanaeum has multiple benefits for your Citadel. Be sure to take advantage of these, as the boosts from both the Enchantments and the Research is significant!

Do you have any tips or tricks about the Arcanaeum or Enchantments? Let us know in the comments below!

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