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Learn about Troop Supplies and how they work in the Dark World.

The old Commanders building has gotten a remodel in the Dark World, along with it’s associated Expansion building, the Command Depot. The Command Center is now home to a new type of combat items called “Troop Supplies”. In today’s Guide we will discuss;

  • What are Troop Supplies?
  • What type of Troop Supplies are there?
  • How do Troop Supplies Work?
  • What benefit does the updated Command Depot give?

To start off, let’s take a look at exactly what Troop Supplies are.

What are Troop Supplies?

Troop Supplies are not technically Troops, but they’re basically Troops. You send them with your march when attacking other players. Although the description can be confusing, they also work Defensively. They can be found in the Command Center building. To see how many of each Troop Supply you have, open the Supply you want to see.

The Command Center also has intrinsic boosts that accompany the building level. The current maximum level is 50 with maximum boosts of;

  • 500M Troop Capacity
  • 25M March Size
  • 1.2B Dark March Size
  • 1.2B Dark Elemental March Size
  • 1.2B Dark Mercenary March Size
  • 50B% Dark Ice Troop HP
  • 25B% Mount Attack Bonus
  • 10K% Troop Supplies Defense Potency
  • 10K% Troop Supplies Magical Potency

What Type of Troop Supplies are There?

There are Troop Supplies for Mounts, Astrals, Core Troops, Elementals and Mercenaries. There are currently two types of each of the above categories; Attack and Defense. The Attack Troop Supplies increase Attack, and the Defense Troop Supplies increase Attack Resistance against the enemy’s troops of the same type. For example; Mount Defense Treat increases Attack Resistance against Enemy Mounts in combat.

These Troop Supplies are leveraged as well;

  • Mount Troop Supplies
    • Strong against Core Troops
    • Weak against Astrals
  • Astral Troop Supplies
    • Strong against Mounts
    • Weak against Elementals
  • Mercenary Troop Supplies
    • Strong against Elementals
    • Weak against Core Troops
  • Elemental Troop Supplies
    • Strong against Astrals
    • Weak against Elementals
  • Core Attack and Defense Troop Supplies
    • Strong against Mercenary
    • Weak against Mounts
  •  Core Magical Troop Supplies
    • Boosts Core Troop attack when Attacking
    • Boosts Enemy Attack Resistance when Defending
  • Elemental Magical Troop Supplies
    • Boosts Elemental troop attack when attacking
    • Boosts Attack Resistance against enemy Elemental Troops when defending
  • Mercenary Magical Troop Supplies
    • Boosts Merc troop attack when attacking
    • Boosts Attack Resistance against enemy Mercenary Troops when defending
  • Astral Magical Troop Supplies
    • Boosts Astral troop attack when attacking
    • Boosts Attack Resistance against enemy Astrals when defending
  • Mount Magical Troop Supplies
  • Boosts Mount troop attack when attacking
  • Boosts Attack Resistance against enemy Mounts when defending

Troop Supply Research

Of course, no new release is complete without a new tree! The Troop Supply research tree requires Troop Supply Upgrade scrolls and T3 RSS. You must unlock each of the Troop Supplies to make them useful. There is also research to increase their Potency and some march size increases. These researches are strong, but they are also very expensive in T3 resources.

Using Troop Supplies

You send Troop Supplies with your march. It has its own separate tab to select the Troop Supplies you wish to use. When Defending, they work automatically. There’s no need to do anything other than have them in your base. You will notice that when you send Defense Supplies on an attack march less of your troops die. They work to help protect your troops, so it’s advantageous to send these as part of your attack. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of your Troop Supplies is proportional to how much research you have done (of course).

The Command Depot

The Command Depot is an Expansion Building that uses Dark Chaotic Empire Expansion Blueprints to level up post level 20. Starting at Level 21 the Command Depot gives intrinsic benefits of Potency for each type of Troop Supply, along with Troop Capacity, Rally Capacity, and March Size increases. Most older players should have enough Blueprints to completely level several of these Expansion Buildings up for collection. At maximum level 30 you can collect 313M Troop Supplies approx every 20-30min.

Collecting from the Command Depot gives Command Center Chests, which gives Troop Supplies. The Troop Supplies you can collect are based upon the Troop Supply Unlock Skills that you’ve researched in the tree. You will get Defense Supplies regardless as they do not need to be researched.

Command Depot Expansions refill very quickly, so it’s easy to accumulate large amounts of Troop Supplies. They refill on an average of every 20-30 minutes. This also makes them a prime candidate for expansion stealers, which can be very frustrating.


The new Command Center is a welcome update to the old Commanders (which many of us never used even before the Dark World). Make sure to level up your Depot to take advantage of the buffs given by the building, as well as the Chests that contain more Troop Supplies.

Do you have any questions or comments about the Command Center and Troop Supplies? Let us know in the comments below!

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