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Sick and tired of your Expansions getting looted? While players can collect the full amount that their Expansions produce, people who loot them only receive a mere 10% of the overall Expansion. You would think that the fact that looters only receive crumbs compared to the entire loaf of bread would be enough to deter people from looting Expansions, but sadly it is not. Well, MZ has come up with a solution – the Garrison!

This guide will walk through how to get a Garrison, how they work, good spots to build them and other handy tips to preserve your expansions.

What is a Garrison?

A Garrison is a building capable of protecting your Expansion buildings from looters. It can also protect the Expansions of your guildmates whose Expansions are close by. Garrisons can be reinforced, just as you would be able to reinforce any other empire.

Garrison Blueprints

You will need 400 Garrison Blueprints in order to build a Garrison. Garrison Blueprints can be purchased in packs and are available in bonus chests. You can also gift Garrison blueprints to a member of your guild by converting 50 Garrison blueprints at a time into giftable Garrison blueprints via the Magitek Converter. The best part is that converting giftable Garrison blueprints does not reduce the original amount of blueprints or require any additional items – just 50 Garrison Blueprints.

How Garrisons Work

When you’re ready to build a Garrison, find a spot with no other empires or blocked tiles nearby. One Garrison will only protect up to 8 Expansion of yours or your guildmates as long as they are 1 tile away from the Garrison. Placing an Expansion building above, below, to the left or right, as well as diagonally within a 1 tile radius of the Garrison will cause them to glow a yellowish amber color when tapping on your Garrison. The Expansion buildings that glow are protected by the Garrison.

Next, you will need to reinforce your Garrison, or the Garrison belonging to another guildmate, with troops. You can only send one reinforcement march to one Garrison – the rest of the capacity will need to be filled with your Guildmates troops. Once troops are reinforcing the Garrison, anyone who tries to loot your Expansions will have to defeat all of the troops inside the Garrison before they can loot.

Building a Garrison

Final Fantasy XV A New Empire Garrison placement.
Finding the optimal spot to build your Garrison is key.

Finding the right spot for your Garrison can be tricky. If you bought Garrison blueprints in a pack, it probably came with a couple Garrison Teleports and a few Expansion Teleports to make things easier, even if you misplace your Garrison initially. If your Expansions are already in a tight spot with no room around them, then your best bet will be to move them to a new location using Expansion Teleports.

When you build a Garrison, make sure that the 8 tiles directly surrounding the building are empty. If you accidentally build next to an area blocked by a lake or a dead empire then you and your guildmates are missing out on an extra tile that could potentially be used to protect another Expansion.

You can also ensure your most important Expansions are double protected with by placing a Garrison on either side of them. In the screenshot below, we can see that our three Expansions circled in red are protected by a Garrison at either side. Enemies would need to destroy every troop in both of these Garrisons before they are able to loot any of the three Expansions circled.


Leveling up your Garrison

Garrisons can be leveled up using additional Garrison blueprints. Each time you upgrade your Garrison, the number of troops you can reinforce your Garrison with increases by 1 million and you gain an additional Troop Attack & HP boost that applies to all of the Garrison’s reinforcements.

Here is a table that outlines all of the Garrison’s benefits each level.

Garrison Level Req. Citadel LVL Garrison Blueprints Troop Attack & HP Capacity (In Millions)
1 50 400 0 1
2 51 118 300% 2
3 52 356 700% 3
4 53 592 1200% 4
5 54 830 1700% 5
6 55 1066 2300% 6
7 56 1304 3000% 7
8 57 1541 36000% 8
9 58 1778 43000% 9


The Garrison couldn’t have arrived at a better time. While some realms have put a stop to Expansion looting, others (like this author’s realm) are ripe with looters and thieves who don’t mind being looted back so long as they can loot others. Luckily, Garrisons will put an end to Expansion looting – but only if they are set up strategically!

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