Guild Adventurers Hall: Introduction & Strategy

Recently, you might have noticed a shiny new addition to your Citadel!

The Guild Adventurers Hall is the newest building to appear in your empire. Unlike the Mythic Forge, the Oracle Temple, and Order of Heroes, the Guild Adventurers Hall does not offer special bonuses. Instead, it is a multiplayer dungeon that can be played with your guildmates! ,

This article introduces the Guild Adventurers Hall and explains what it is in depth, how you can unlock it, how to enter it and use the hall, as well as the kind of gear that you can get from it, which include the Lightforge Gear Set and the Archaean’s Gear Set. Additionally, we discuss hero skills that will be important to consider when fighting in the Guild Adventurers Hall.

What is the Guild Adventurers Hall?

The Guild Adventurers Hall allows up to 100 guild members to fight monsters for equipment crafting materials, similar to the Proving Grounds. The major difference between the Proving Grounds and the Guild Adventurers Hall is that in this new building, your heroes will be able to use different skills and you will be rewarded crafting materials for different equipment.

Unlocking the building itself requires a Guild Adventurers Hall Unlock Token, which can be found in a pack by clicking on the building. This building allows guild members to work together to win pieces of new awesome new equipment, like Archaean’s gear.

How to Use Guild Adventurers Hall

Entering any of the dungeons in Guild Adventurers Hall requires an Adventurers Contract. Contracts can be obtained through Luna’s gifts, rewards in events, and purchased in packs. Be sure you have your guild mates lined up and ready to rock before you enter as teamwork is critical.

There are four dungeons to choose from. Each dungeon drops different materials for a specific piece of the Lightforge Gear Set:

  • The Darkening Pit
  • The Briny Hall
  • The Verdant Arboreum
  • The Dank Holding Pen

In order to successfully complete a dungeon you need a group of guildmates who have pieces of the Lightforge Gear Set. There is a timer on how long each session lasts (~27 minutes), so you and your guildmates need to beat the clock and kill the final boss before time runs out. Guild members fight together, and you can see each of your guild members fighting alongside you; however, you can only see another guild member’s health when they attack. This will become crucial when using Luna’s Healing Light skill.

Most of the dungeons in the Guild Adventurers Hall have 10 levels and monsters grow progressively stronger as you complete each one. The more monsters you kill, the more crafting materials you receive, the better the rewards. Rewards are divided up amongst all active members fighting in a particular dungeon, so while completing a dungeon with 10 guild members will be relatively easy, you will receive significantly less crafting materials than if you were to complete that same dungeon by yourself.


You have three actions to choose from: Basic Attack and two hero skills that can be unlocked in additional packs. You have unlimited Basic Attack actions and they consume no Stamina. (See the Hero Skill section in this article for an explanation on what each Hero Skill does).

Each time you kill a monster the group receives materials and scraps. The rewards are based upon your personal score. Eventually you will run low on health. Health potions are available for purchase and are rewarded upon defeating the final boss in a dungeon. If you run out of Health at any point in a dungeon, your hero will die.

Dead heroes can be revived with Phoenix Down, which is also available in packs. You cannot back out of the dungeon, change heroes, and enter again with full Health.

When you and your guild members beat the final boss and finish a dungeon, you will be rewarded with additional Health Potions, Stamina Potions, Lightforge and Archaean gear crafting materials, and Iron Scraps.

Lightforge Gear Set

Materials gained in the hall are used to craft the new Lightforge Gear Set. The Lightforge gear stats are for the Adventurers Hall and offer a huge advantage in battling the monsters found within.

For example, when you first unlock the building, your hero’s Basic Attack will do 44 damage points. That might be enough to pass the first few levels with your friends, but it is extremely difficult to reach the end of a dungeon with only using Basic Attacks.

After only 2-3 runs through a few of the dungeons with your guildmates, it helps to combine whatever crafting materials you’ve obtained and craft as much of the Lightforge Gear Set as possible. Even if you only have enough materials to craft Common or Uncommon quality of Lightforge gear, you will immediately be able to notice the difference when equipping just a few pieces.

Lightforge gear bolsters your Health, increases your Physical Damage, gives you additional Stamina, and increases Luna’s healing skills  – all of which make completing dungeons in the Guild Adventurers Hall significantly easier. All Lightforge gear can be used by a level 1 hero.

Here are the stats for Legendary quality Lightforge Gear Set:

  • Lightforge Faceguard (helmet): 120% Dungeon Health, 143% Physical Damage, 65% Light Element*
  • Lightforge Customs (armor): 240% Dungeon Health, 32% Dungeon Stamina, 218% Physical Damage
  • Lightforge Treads (footwear): 55% Dungeon Health, 128% Dungeon Stamina, 53% Physical Damage
  • Lightforge Spellblades (weapon): 89% Dungeon Health, 295% Physical Damage, 16% Light Element*
  • Lightforge Compass (accessory): 108% Dungeon Health. 39% Physical Damage, 19% Dungeon Stamina
  • Mythic Forge Complete Legendary Set Bonus: 50% Dungeon Health, 50% Physical Damage

*Light Element increases the effectiveness of Luna’s healing skills. See the Hero Skills section of this article for more info.

The boosts from Lightforge equipment only applies to your hero when fighting in the Guild Adventurers Hall and does not affect combat anywhere else in the game. At least, not yet.

An additional benefit of crafting Lightforge gear early on is that you can always back out of a dungeon, quickly combine the crafting materials you just obtained to craft new Lightforge gear or upgrade your existing gear via the Mythic Forge, then when you go back into the dungeon, the additional boosts from your upgraded armor will be applied. This is especially helpful if you are running low on Health.

The Mythic Forge is extremely helpful, if not essential, in upgrading pieces of Lightforge gear as you progress through these dungeons. Additionally, each monster drops Iron Scraps, which will allow you to upgrade more gear faster, and thereby help you complete more levels of the Guild Adventurer Hall, ultimately being able to acquire the Archaean’s Gear Set.

Archaen’s Gear Set

In addition to 4 dungeons listed above, there are special dungeons that will appear as part of the Archaean event, allowing you and your guild members to win materials to craft the Archaean gear set. As of the date this article was published, all of the pieces of Archaean’s Gear Set have not been released. These are the pieces we have thus far:

  • Archaean’s Warboots (footwear): 378% Troop Attack, 182% Trap Attack, 151% Troop HP, 53% March Speed
  • Archaean’s Gift (accessory): 217% Troop Attack, 261% Trap Attack, 50% Basic Construction Speed, 25%Royal Construction Speed.

As you can see, the boosts from Archaean’s gear set blow even Legendary Glacian gear out of the water, making it by far the strongest equipment in the game. The Archaean’s Gift is also the only piece of equipment (aside from Goggles, which reduce construction time by 32:10)  that reduces both Basic and Royal Construction time. All of the Archaean’s gear can be used by a level 1 hero.

Hero Skills

One of the fun parts of the Guild Adventurers Hall is that you can play as either Noctis, Prompto, or Luna (Sorry, Ignis) and that each of them have unique skills to help you through along the way.

When fighting in the Guild Adventurers Hall, you’ll see two other actions next to Basic Attack. These skills are different for each hero and can be unlocked by purchasing an additional pack. The pack that unlocks all of the hero’s first ability in the dungeon (Cost: 15 Stamina Each) is a very good investment and will be a great help when completing these dungeons. You can unlock the other hero skill (Cost: 40 Stamina Each) by getting individual packs for each heroes respective skill.

Here is a break down of each heroes skills.

Noctis’ Skills


Prompto’s Skills


Luna’s Skills


The numbers listed for damage and healing are the baseline skills before equipping any of the Lightforge gear set.

Ignis and Aranea have not been added as playable heroes to the Guild Adventurers Hall yet, but we are excited to see their skills!

Guild Adventurers Hall Strategies

Now that we’ve covered the basics when it comes to the Guild Adventurers Hall, let’s discuss strategy.

While parties of 20 or more will help you defeat monsters easily, it can cause serious issues with lagging and glitching. You will also receive considerably less rewards with a party that large. For the four regular dungeons in Guild Adventurers Hall, a party of up to 6 people is manageable, although they can be completed with as little as two people. Dungeons can also be completed solo if you have good enough Lightforge gear. However, it must be noted that the special event dungeon has tougher monsters and may require larger groups.

Ideally, each person in your group should have a different role. The magic number is 2 damage dealers per one healer. Having someone with Luna’s Healing Light skill unlocked is crucial, especially in later dungeons where the monsters deal more damage than Health Potions restore.

Before entering a dungeon, check with your guildmates to see who has which heroes, pieces of Lightforge gear, and skills unlocked. This will make it easier for each player to adopt their role. If someone has high quality Lightforge Customs and Spellswords, they would make a great attacker because of their high bonus to Physical Damage and should play as Prompto or Noctis. If someone only has the Lightforge Faceguard and Treads crafted, they would make an excellent Luna because of their added Stamina and Light Element bonuses.

One of the challenges of the Guild Adventurers Hall is that you only have 10 seconds between choosing an action and that action taking effect before the next round of attacks begins. This makes typing into guild chat very difficult. We’ve seen many players die because they were busy typing what they planned on doing next into guild chat and couldn’t select an action in time. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, set up a non-verbal action system with your guildmates before entering the dungeon. This is where teamwork, intuition, and knowing your guildmates really helps.

The first few monsters in level 1-3 can be killed with Basic Attacks – save all of your Stamina for the later levels.

In level 4-7, attackers should use their hero skills one at a time to avoid overkill and therefore wasting Stamina.

In levels 8-10, if you have a large party, Luna(s) will likely have to use Healing Light each round. Attackers should use their skills that do the most damage early on. Noctis’s Link Strike can be a very effective tool to defeat bosses in just a few hits if you have multiple players who have this skill unlocked.

When playing as Luna, it’s best to heal party member when their Health bar is about halfway. Luna should always be the very last person to choose an action so that she can see the Health bars of other players, allowing her to determine whether she should heal or attack.

Note that Luna’s Healing Light ability only restores Health after the enemy monster attacks, whereas using a Health Potion will restore HP before an attack and prevents that hero from getting attack that round.

After a few runs through the dungeons you and your team will get a feel for the most appropriate time to use your respective skills. Remember to combine your crafting materials after each dungeon, whether successful or not!


Is the the Guild Adventurers Hall worth getting? That all depends on your guild. If many of your guildmates are consistently making runs through the The Guild Adventurers Hall dungeons together and crafting Lightforge gear, then you would have a much easier time than someone whose guildmates haven’t unlocked the building yet.

Currently, players who unlock the Guild Adventurers Hall gain access to a special dungeon where they can get crafting materials for the powerful Archaean’s gear set. This dungeon is especially difficult, so crafting Lightforge gear early on is advised.

Although the full set of Archaean’s gear hasn’t been released as of the date this article was published, it seems like getting crafting materials to make this incredible equipment, and future gear sets, will be exclusive to the Guild Adventurers Hall.

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