Guild Adventurers Hall: Strategy and Tips

Maximize Contracts and rewards with these tips!

Oh, the Guild Adventurers Hall. So many players love the activities available within your hallowed halls. There are many rewards to obtain from these quests, but what’s the best way to succeed?


  • Collect Contracts: Luna gives contracts on a regular basis. Be sure to wear your Luna Hero to collect these for twice the fun! Events often offer Contracts as rewards, too.
  • Plan ahead: Make sure you have enough team members to be successful in the Hall you want to target. Some are easy enough to finish with just a couple players, but others get quite difficult. For those, you need a good team.

  • Complete Adventurer Research: Research is available for Dungeon Health, Dungeon Physical Damage, and Dungeon Healing. These require Proving Ground Shards, so be sure to complete your Mini-Quests!
  • Choose your Hero: The following Heroes are available to battle in the Halls. Special Abilities for each are available to purchase. Basic attack is always available without purchase. Anecdotal evidence suggests that Noctis is the most advantageous Hero to use in the Adventurer Hall.
    • Noctis’ Special Skills
      • Warp Strike (Stamina Cost 15): Deals 114 Physical Damage with a chance to evade the next incoming attack.
      • Link Strike (Stamina Cost 40): Deals 276 Physical Damage, with a chance to weaken the target. If the target is weakened, and other members use Warp Strike as well that round, an additional 15% damage is dealt.
    • Luna’s Special Skills
      • Healing Touch (Stamina Cost 15): Heals the most damaged Hero on your team by 200 points.
      • Holy Light (Stamina Cost 40): Heals all active Heroes (maximum 20) for 25 points, and gives a chance to reduce all incoming damage by 10%
    • Prompto’s Special Skills
      • Lucky Shot (Stamina Cost 15): Deals 76 Physical Damage with a chance of up to 152 Damage.
      • Concussive Ability (Stamina Cost 40): Deals 300 Physical Damage with a chance to daze the monster. A target that is dazed may possibly miss their next attack shot.
  • Craft Lightforge Gear: Even just a few pieces, or less than legendary, will help immensely.
  • Run the easier Halls to obtain materials for gear: It may be boring to do the same Halls over and over, but having good Lightforge gear will optimize the team’s chance of success in the more difficult ones.
  • Start Together: Don’t be that person that starts without your team. Begin as a team to maximize your chances
  • Heal/Revive Together: Maximize the damage to the monsters by healing/reviving as a team. Staggering attacks results in higher damage for the remaining teammates. A simple “H” in alliance to chat will help coordinate this. Designate a player to coordinate this before you enter the Hall. Note that healing or reviving acts as a turn. Heal abilities are;
    • Health Potion: Recovers 80 Health
    • Stamina Potion: Recovers 50 Stamina
    • Phoenix Down: Revives your Hero after death and heals for 500 Health.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire continues to open Adventurer Halls that provide rewards, and especially Gear, that are not available elsewhere. A good solid foundation and teamwork is a must-have to succeed when using the Guild Adventurers Hall!

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