Level Up Your Empire – Ascension Building Blueprints

Everything you need to know about Ascension and the various Building Blueprints you’ll need along the way.

Leveling up your empire is one of the most important ways to get ahead in Final Fantasy: A New Empire.  If you’re just starting, a general overview of each building inside of your empire and its purpose can be found here

Beginning first at Citadel 31, every ten Citadel building levels unlocks new boosts with Ascensions, as well as a fun announcement to “behold” in your realm’s chat. 

Attackers and traps alike always need to balance out the cost of growing with the benefits that can be obtained. This article will cover what features each Ascension will grant you, and just how many Blueprints will be required to get you there. 

Royal Blueprints — Citadel 31 to Citadel 40

By this point, you should have already unlocked T3 and T4 troops.  If not, I recommend waiting to ascend before you complete these critical combat researches.  This Ascension tier unlocks T5 combat troops as well as all types of Empire Expansions and the Astral Shrine by CItadel 40. 

Royal Blueprints are needed for these building levels; the below chart shows how many Royal Building Blueprints are needed for each building and level.  Thanks to Yooo83 from Pallareth Pass for collecting all of the information, and for being my #1 data collector in my early charting days.

Exalted Blueprints — Citadel 41 to Citadel 50

Younger servers still at this point will have access to free royal and exalted Blueprints from hitting monsters.  This Ascension tier unlocks T6 combat troops as well as the third Empire Expansion slot.  The below chart shows the Exalted Building Blueprints needed for each building and level.

Divine Blueprints — Citadel 51 to Citadel 60

Building from Citadel 51 to Citadel 60 unlocks T7 combat troops:

(University 57 unlocks T7 Siege, University 58 unlocks T7 Warriors, University 59 unlocks T7 Mage, and University 60 unlocks T7 Cavalry). 

Divine Building Blueprints are fairly easy to come by, but the speeds are not! It’s important to use as many of Oracle and Hero research boosts as possible to reduce the time spent researching, so that speed-ups can be conserved for building. 

Citadel 60 also unlocks the fourth Empire Expansion slot. The below chart shows the Divine Building Blueprints needed for each building and level between Citadel 51 to Citadel 60.

Elite Blueprints — Citadel 61 to Citadel 70

T8 troops get unlocked during this Ascension tier — Similar to T7 troops, University 67 unlocks T8 Sieges, University 68 unlocks T8 Warriors, University 69 unlocks T8 Mages and University 70 unlocks T8 Cavalry.  Citadel 70 also unlocks the fifth and final Empire Expansion slot that can be obtained from leveling your Citadel.

Two additional slots can be unlocked with Ravus’s Mastery Skill (Expanded Influence) and a +1 additional Empire Expansion slot unlock (currently obtainable through a pack purchase only).  The below chart, with data gathered by Yooo83 and compiled by Lisianthius shows all of the Elite Building Blueprints. Lisianthius was my first co-collaborator on charts, and I will forever be grateful for her help!

Majestic Blueprints — Citadel 71 to Citadel 80

Younger servers at this point will find Cindy’s realm boss scavenging skill helpful to nab Majestic and below Blueprints. This will help you to unlock T9 troops.  Master Delegator’s Gear helps substantially to reduce the speed and increase the cost efficiency of building during these levels.  The below chart was gathered by Yooo83 and Purrrfection and compiled by Lisianthius.

Despite being a sassy little “kitten”, Purrrfection has always been a tremendous resource in chasing down information and helping to track down screenshots.  I am thankful to have had his help with many of these particularly data-heavy charts!

Grandiose Blueprints — Citadel 81 to Citadel 90

Master Delegator’s Gear is also helpful to reduce the speed and increase the cost efficiency of building during these levels.  T8 elemental troops are also unlocked during this timeframe. Much appreciation to Worrad from Warring Battlegrounds for collecting the information for this chart. Additionally, for being the impetus who got me started with charting in the first place (I’m still not sure if that was a blessing or a curse, but I am thankful regardless for his guidance!).

Master Grandiose Blueprints — Citadel 91 to Citadel 100

Citadel 100 is the last building level before the Dark World reset.  In addition to substantial boosts from building including huge jumps in troop capacity, additional researches under the Grandiose Combat tree also help to unlock T9 and T10 traps and T10 troops. 

A huge thanks to Lil’B Michele for collecting the information one building at a time just for the purposes “of science”, and also to Kato for creating the beautiful chart. A fellow Moogle lover, Kato always creates the most aesthetically amazing charts, and I hope you’ll agree as you review the below chart.


Dark Building Blueprints — Citadel 101 to Citadel 110

Citadel 101 to Citadel 110 was the first Ascension after the Dark World reset.  At this point, virtually every boost from prior levels became moot, other than boosts affecting speeds or troop capacities. 

An in-depth look at the new boosts that each of these building levels brings can be found here, with a summary chart of Blueprints needed below. 

This Ascension also provides access to several new buildings that are unavailable to lower-level builds, including the Dark Workshop and Dark Strategy Hall.

Dark Master Building Blueprints — Citadel 111 to Citadel 120

Citadel 120 adds more boosts to Dark Troops, as well as massive boosts to pre-dark combat (most of which don’t provide much help at this point, but they’re pretty to look at).  We also see a maximum of 58 million resource trade capacity, which is great for helping to build up farms or littles in your guild.

The below chart provides the Dark Master Building Blueprints needed to get to Citadel 120.

Dark Royal Building Blueprints — Citadel 121 to Citadel 130

Citadel 130 provides huge boosts to Dark Mercenary Troop capacity (one trillion) and overall Dark Troop capacity (ten trillion!) that are extremely helpful for maintaining defenses in the Dark World.  Dark March size is increased to a whopping 105 million, which puts us back very close to the types of stats we saw before the Dark World reset.

The below chart of Building Blueprints is still incomplete — the advent of instant building unlocks was a curse for charts!  If you have any screenshots of the missing levels, please share them with me on LINE or Discord! I’d love to get this completed.

Dark Infused Building Blueprints — Citadel 131 to Citadel 140

Citadel 140 provides yet even higher boosts for dark combat, adding now Dark Elemental troops in addition to Dark Mercenary troops. Capacity and march size boosts continue to be increased, to the point that a display change was necessary for high values in the game. “M” represents “millions”, “B” represents “billions”, “T” represents “trillions”, “KT” represents “quadrillions” and so on.

The below chart is still incomplete, but very close to being done.  If you have any of the missing screenshots, please help share them with me on LINE or Discord so we can get this finished out.

Dark Corrupted Building Blueprints — Citadel 141 to Citadel 150

Citadel 141 is a prerequisite to begin T3 Dark Elemental troops.  Before use, these need to be researched in the Dark Elementals research tree and then trained in the Elemancy Hall.  Other than the anticipated higher values on previously boosted stats, the primary focus for these levels is on T3 through T5 Dark Elemental troops and Corrupted Empire Expansion Building levels (41 through 50). 

The below chart is still incomplete, so if you have any of the missing screenshots, please help share them to me on LINE or Discord so we can get this finished out.

Keep Building Up

It’s important to keep building up your citadel level, as each Empire Ascension unlocks new boosts and new features.  Along the way, other buildings can be unlocked to further help you grow.  Keep in mind that building up adds a lot of power quickly, which can be great for some and harmful to others (such as traps who are trying to hide their power).  Decide which buildings you want to focus on based on the boosts that they offer, as they apply to your playing style. 

For servers that have them available, Delegator Gear and Dark Delegator Gear, as well as Cindy’s or Noctis’s construction boosts, are great for reducing resources and speed-up costs while building.  The Oracle Temple and certain research trees (especially Adventurer and Economics) also have a ton of great boosts that can help you to keep costs down. 

Do you have any other tips or tricks when it comes to building up your citadel?  Which have been your favorite additions from Ascensions?

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