Magitek Converter Overview

On Wednesday, you may have noticed a new little building pop up for you in your empire. We did too, and we’ve got the full rundown of what to expect from it.

This new building is located next to the casino, and is known as the Magitek Converter. The Magitek Converter is used to upgrade your existing resources and speedups to a higher tier, in a similar way to combining crafting materials in the armory. This article will cover how the Magitek Converter could benefit your empire, and what you can expect with this shiny new building.

What Does It Do?

The basic function of the Magitek Converter is to upgrade your current resources or speedups to a higher tier.

If, for instance, you need some Exalted Speedups, you can feed in Royal Speedups and it will produce Exalted Speedups. This idea is awesome; however, it’s quite costly. You will get back 10% of what you initially put in with speedups, and slightly shy of that in resources, For example:

  • 50 x speedups will become 5 x Royal Speedups
  • 100 x Royal Speedups will become 10 x Exalted Speedups
  • 5,250,000 x food will become 500,000 x wheat

This also doesn’t take into account the Magitek Reactant’s and Magitek Cores you will need alongside whatever you put in. Aside from the Magitek Realm Event, the only way you can get these items are through packs.

The building itself has 3 levels, and just like other added buildings, requires an unlock token, then blueprints to upgrade. Each level in the building unlocks new tiers of resources and speedups that you can create.

How to Get the Magitek Converter

So you’ve decided “I must have this building!” The simplest way would be to tap on the building itself and tap “Get Magitek Converter Unlock”. This will open the gold store for you to purchase the unlock. However, you may want to wait for a pack to appear in the Gold Store with the unlock as these usually have a few bonus items along with them.

Recently, there have been plenty of events that offer Unlock Building Items, such as Tier 3 rewards of Troop Train events prior to RvR, as well as Tier 3 rewards of various Monster Hunts. This means you can essentially unlock this building, completely for free.

Is this Building Right for You?

With the release of the new Magitek Alpha Gear Set, the Magitek Converter has become essential to make one of the most powerful new gear sets out there. In order to craft the gear, you have to convert materials obtained from defeating Magitek Empires in the Magitek Converter.

The Magitek Converter may not be to everyone’s taste. If you are after the Magitek Alpha Gear Set, you definitely will need this building in order to craft it. For those of you looking to upgrade, it might not be for you. For those that just want to get rid of unnecessary tier 1 resources and make them viable for your empire, this could be perfect.

The real takeaway from this new building is we are heading in the right direction. New ways of getting resources and recycling the old resources you no longer use is just another layer to the game that shows the path we are all now walking is changing dramatically, and with that change, why not change those speedups?

Out with the old, in with the new.

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  1. Brandon Houts says

    Paid for building and it did not unlock

  2. subtextually says

    Hi Brandon. Have you tried to contact support about this? If not, you can submit a ticket by clicking on “More” and then “Contact Us”

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