Moogle Market Has Arrived!

A new building has been added to the game, and along with it, those cute and cuddly Moogles that everyone loves! This article will show you how to unlock the Moogle Market, how to get Moogle Market Credits, and give you a few examples of items you can purchase.

moogle marketWhat is the Moogle Market?

The Moogle Market is a new building that appears to the bottom left side of your Resource buildings, right next to the entrance to your Wall. You need a Moogle Market Unlock item in order to access the building. Once unlocked, the Moogle Market will display 5 different items every hour. The items it displays are often rare and unique, but you will need Moogle Market Credits in order to make a purchase from the Moogle Market. Be aware that unlike the packs you are shown, the items you see in your Moogle Market are the same items available in your friend’s Moogle Market.

Do not confuse the Moogle Market, which will sell you items in exchange for Moogle Market Credits, with the Moogle Merchant, where you can collect special bonus items after purchasing any pack.

How to Unlock the Moogle Market

While the Moogle Market is a paid feature, it is very simple to unlock. It requires a Moogle Market Unlock Item, which you can obtain in one of two ways. One way is to purchase the Moogle Market Unlock item in a pack along with 30,000 Moogle Market Credits. Currently, there is also a bonus chest offering the Moogle Market Unlock item, which you can redeem after purchasing any pack with 100 Moogle Tokens.

moogle market 3Basically, you can buy any pack and you will get the Moogle Market Unlock item. However, those 30,000 Moogle Market Credits will certainly come in handy, so don’t count out the pack purchasing option.

How to Get Moogle Market Credits

In order to purchase an item from the Moogle Market, you will need Moogle Market Credits. Right now, there are only two known ways to get Moogle Market Credits. One is to purchase them in a pack. We have seen packs containing 30,000 Moogle Market Credits, which can go a long way depending on what you buy. The other way to get Moogle Market Credits right now is by collecting rewards from the Moogle Merchant, which will be available for a limited time.

moogle market packYou can also stack your Moogle Market Credits by building a Moogle Village Expansion Building. This building produces Moogle Market Credits, giving you a virtually endless supply of Credits. More information about the Moogle Village can be found in our article on Empire Expansions.

Why is the Moogle Market Closed?

Because nobody (or no Moogle) can be expected to work around the clock 24/7, the Moogle Market will sometimes close its doors. During this time, you cannot purchase any items from the Moogle Market. This usually happens after a big event, when the Moogle Market will be closed in order to restock its shelves. When it opens again, you’ll find that it has a new rotation of items to choose from.

Sometimes these closures only last a few hours, sometimes they can last up to a week. If the latter is the case, don’t worry! The Moogle Market is not going out of business and you will be able to use your Credits as soon as it opens again with brand new items. In fact, when the Moogle Market is closed is the perfect opportunity to stock up on those precious Moogle Market Credits!

Moogle Market Items & Highlights

The great thing about the Moogle Market is that even if the going rate for 30,000 Moogle Market Credits is the price of one pack, the same item you would normally get in a pack is significantly cheaper when purchased from the Moogle Market. In the short time that the Moogle Market has been around, we have seen plenty of powerful and rare items, such as Legendary Vorpal Blade, Magitek Alpha Vestiments, different pieces of the Archaean Gear Set, Hero AP, and all sorts of Mercenary Training Materials.

Here are just a few examples of items that can be purchased through the Moogle Market. Keep ing mind that item availability changes on a daily basis.


The Moogle Market opens up exciting new opportunities for players to get powerful new equipment, mercenary materials, blueprints, tomes, and much more – all at a price that is much cheaper than you would find it in the golfdstore.

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