New Building: Order of Heroes

A new building is available for your FFXV Empire: the Order of Heroes! This building has an interesting new mechanic that allows you to use your inactive heroes to activate powerful boosts. In this article we will cover how the new building works and some considerations to think about before you unlock it.

Unlocking the Order of Heroes

Order of Heroes unlock

The Order of Heroes is unlocked using a pack item, like the other recent “Advanced” buildings. After doing so, you will be able to activate different Orders using “order tribute” items that come in the packs. The currently available orders are:


  • Order of Dawn: The default boost; gives +20% Attack March Speed, +20% War March Speed (note: A “war march” is when you are sending troops to a rally leader), +100% Rally March Speed


  • Order of Might: +50% Warrior Attack, +50% Warrior HP, +50% Warrior Armor


  • Order of Magic: +100% Mage Attack, +12% Mage HP, +25% Mage Armor


  • Order of Valor: +20% Cavalry Attack, +30% Cavalry HP, +220% Cavalry Armor


  • Order of Kings: +100% Troop Attack Bonus, +100% Troop HP Bonus, +2000 March Size, +1 March Slot

You do not have to unlock them in a specific order; if you want to unlock the superior King’s order you can do so right away, although it will take around 4-6 packs currently in tribute items.

Boosts from Inactive Heroes


The way the boosts are activated is by assigning one of your inactive heroes to the order that you want to activate. So the usefulness of this building is going to depend on the number of heroes that you have purchased.

Additionally each Hero so far introduced gives an additional boost when assigned to an order: Noctis gives a boost to upkeep efficiency, Prompto gives a boost to City Assault Attack and Luna gives a boost to City Defense HP.

Note that they do have to be inactive heroes; you can’t hide all of your heroes from capture in the Order, as awesome as that would be. That also means that at present you can receive up to two Order boosts at one time since you can have a max of three heroes.


Should You Unlock the Order?

Given the number of new updates recently, you might be wondering which ones to focus on and how the Order of Heroes stacks up against other recent additions to the game.

First, you definitely need to have at least two heroes for the Order to be worth it. If you haven’t purchased Luna or Prompto, the order isn’t going to do anything for you at all.

You also need to be willing to pay for packs to get enough tribute for the better boosts. +20% March speed is okay, but I wouldn’t say it was worth a pack by itself. The other boosts are good, but I’m not convinced that the power justifies the cost.

Order of Kings IS worth it however, assuming you are willing to spend the additional 4-6 packs to get the required tribute. A flat +100% to HP and Attack plus an additional March Slot and a March size increase is a phenomenal boost that is going to make you more effective at pretty much everything.

If you’re a trap account, this building is potentially interesting in that the boosts are significant and are not immediately visible, but don’t add to your power. And it gives you a use for additional heroes if you have them (you don’t want to be leveling more than one hero due to the power gain).

Update 2/28/2018: Recently, there have been plenty of events that offer Unlock Building Items, such as Tier 3 rewards of Troop Train events prior to RvR, as well as Tier 3 rewards of various Monster Hunts. This means you can essentially unlock this building, completely for free. However, if you would like to unlock the Order immediately, click on the building, and then on the “Unlock” button to bring up the pack that contains the Unlock Building Item.



The Order of Heroes is potentially very powerful, assuming that you have the heroes and the packs to get the most out of it.

It’s very likely that new Orders will be added to the building in the future as well, especially as new heroes are also added to the game. Both of these changes will undoubtedly make the Order more powerful and useful as well.

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  1. subtextually says

    Unfortunately, MP does not increase when your hero assigned to the order and inactive.

  2. Blip says

    Can you provide the number of Order Tributes required to unlock each order?

  3. subtextually says

    We will look into this for you and update accordingly. From the way it seems, in order to unlock Order of the King (which is the most sought-after order), you will need 5 packs total – 1 to unlock the building, and 4 additional packs for tributes.

  4. Apple says

    Does the inactive hero mp increase when we put him in the order?

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