Order of the Heroes

Combine the Forces and dominate Eos with ten new Orders!

Combine the Forces with ten new Orders in the Order of the Heroes. Each of your Heroes can be useful once again by finding their places in the building. Most of the Orders will benefit you in more areas than one. So it is vital to prioritize which Orders to use over the other based on your game style preferences. 

The new Orders are:

(October 29th, 2019)

Order of the Chosen      Order of Command     Order of Conquerors

Order of the Den     Order of Ferocity     Order of Oracles

Order of Protection     Order of Recklessness     Order of Thrones

Order of the Wise

Champion Orders Tribute
Champion Orders Tribute

To unlock the current Order of the Hero slots, you will be required to open the Champion Orders Tributes. Once opened, you can then place any unused Hero into the slot. The more Heroes you have applied, the more prominent your bonuses will be! With this in mind, the rewards will only apply if a Hero is assigned to the Order. Also, if your Hero is defending your Garrison, then it does not count as an active Hero. Therefore the profits from the Orders either.  

The older Orders have started to be forgotten about as they have gotten not worthy of using quickly. The Dark Order of the Hunt is still beneficial as you can use it when you are running Dungeons in the Guild Adventure Hall. 

Dark Order of the Hunt

The Dark Order of the Hunt grants: 

17000% Physical Damage Bonus

15000% Dungeon HP Bonus

19500% Dungeon Stamina Bonus

Read below to find out about the different Orders and which ones to prioritize above the other.

Auxiliary Building Benefits

The Order of the Heroes is remarkable as an Auxiliary building by serving your defenses and providing up to (current stats are maxed at Level 31):

7.5M% Dark Mercenary Armor

50M% Dark City Assault Attack

+500M Dark Troop Hospital Capacity

60M% Dark Earth Troop Armor

Order of the Chosen

Requires 26M Champion Order Tributes

If you love your Crystal battles, then this Order is for you as their benefits favor the Crystal. Mechs are only good for Crystal battles and horrible for anything else. So if you are not a Crystal player, then do not

Order of the Chosen

even waste your time on Mechs. It serves no purpose otherwise. Dark Ice Troops additionally deal twice the damage against Dark Earth Troops and give you an extra 10% damage while assaulting the Crystal. 

From a Crystal Attacking standpoint, between the Crystal Assault, Mechs, and the Dark Ice Troop boosts, it will offer an astounding increase of support for your upcoming Crystal encounters. 

Order of the Chosen Boosts is 700M% Dark Crystal Assault Rally Attack, 750M% Dark Mech Attack, as well as 500M% Dark Ice Troop HP.

Order of Command

Requires 20M Champion Order Tributes

The Order of Command favors your Mounts. Mounts cover all forms of Combat, whether it is Attacking,

Order of the Command

Defending, or even Trapping. Despite its expensive cost,  this particular Order will benefit you at all times

in any situation you should face. Therefore, you should always have a Hero placed in here.

Order of Command Boosts is 500M% War-Trained and Ebony Chocobo Attack Bonus, 500M% Sinistercorn Attack Bonus, in addition to 400M% Attack Bonus 

Order of Conquerors

Requires 19M Champion Order Tributes

Order of Conquerors

The Order of Conquerors assists your Vault as well as your Dark Sentry Troops. Vault Troops are referencing to the Supreme Vaults in addition to the Mini Shrines. Your Dark Sentry Troops are the ones in your Forts from the Disputed Realm; when these events come around, make sure to place a Hero in this Order to retrieve even more benefits!

Order of Conquerors Boosts are 800M% Vault Dark Troop Attack, 500M% Vault Dark Troop HP, 900M% Dark Sentry Troop Attack, along with 800M% Dark Sentry Troop HP

Order of the Den

Requires 12M Champion Order Tributes

Need some extra assistance with your Dark Guardians to fool your enemies? The Order of the Den

Order of the Den

sustains your Dark Guardians while also aiding your Dark Earth Troops as Dark Earth Troops deals an extra 10% damage while Defending your Empire. 

Order of the Den Boosts include 750M% Dark Guardian Attack, 300M% Dark Guardian HP, 750M% Dark Earth Troop Attack, plus 500M% Dark Earth Troop HP

Order of Ferocity

Requires 24M Champion Order Tributes

Order of Ferocity

Need some additional support to defeat the Dark Guardians? This Order is geared towards Attacking, and it will help counteract Order of the Den should the enemy get their hands on it. Keep in mind that your Dark Fire Troops already deal an increased 10% damage while Attacking Empires. 

Maxed Order of Ferocity Boosts is 750M% Dark Airship and Juggernaut Attack, 750M% Dark Fire Troop Attack, in addition to 500M% Dark Fire Troop Attack

Order of Oracles

Requires 12M Champion Order Tributes

Luna is an Oracle venturing to preserve the stability of Eos by purifying the world and communing with the Astrals. As Astrals vow to protect our Empires in their ways, sacrificing one of the extra Heroes into

Order of Oracles

the Order will support the Astrals additionally. With Multi-Defense as well as the capability to charge with multiple Astrals, this Order will serve you in all gameplay techniques. This Order is worthwhile and proves to be one of your top selections.  

Maxed Order of Oracles Boosts is 500M% Dark Shiva, Ifrit, as well as Leviathan Attack, along with 250M% Dark Astral Attack Bonus

Order of Protection

Requires 2M Champion Order Tributes

Order of Protection

If you are solely a Defense/Trap player, then this is one of the Orders you’ll desire to achieve. Since it only

requires a couple of million Champion Order Tributes, should an Event occur to make it easy to accumulate them, then invest in this Order. 

Maxed Order of Protection Boosts includes 400M% Dark City Defense Attack, 300M% Dark City Defense HP, and 600M% Dark City Defense Armor.

Order of Recklessness

Requires 18M Champion Order Tributes

Next, the Order of Recklessness leans more on the Assault side of the Combat scale as it contains Dark City Assault Attack. On the other hand, Dark Cripple HP, along with Dark Armor Piercing, would be helpful

Order of Recklessness

in the Defense situations as well. So if you have an additional Hero that is being pushed to the side after prioritizing the others. You may as well take advantage of the perks it provides.  

Maxed Order of Recklessness Boosts equal up to 500M% Dark City Assault Attack, 700M% Dark Cripple HP, as well as 1B% Dark Armor Piercing

Order of Thrones

Requires 35M Champion Order Tributes

Now that you have captured the Crystal, or someone is attempting to steal the Crystal from you, you’re going to need an ample amount of compelling boosts to maintain it and even to invalidate the new Order of the Chosen assuming your enemies have it. 

Order of Thrones

Along with its Crystal Defense boost, it also provides Dark Lightning Troops bonuses. Not only does Dark Lightning Troops deal twice as much damage against Dark Fire Troops. They also deal 10% more damage while possessing the Crystal. Therefore, making it a priority to be one of the main Elementals contributing to the Crystal. 

From the Crystal Defending standpoint, boosts like Crystal Holding, Crystal Defense, as well as Dark Lightning Troop boosts this is a sizeable Order to aid your Crystal battles.  

Maxed Order of Thrones Boosts is 700M% Dark Crystal Holding Attack, 400M% Dark Crystal Defense HP, 759M% Dark Lightning Troop Attack, plus 500M% Dark Lightning Troop HP

Order of the Wise

Requires 25M Champion Order Tributes

Just like the Order of the Oracle, Astrals are utilized for every perspective in this game, notably with Astral Multi-Defense.

Order of the Wise

For this reason, any unused Hero should permanently find a home in the Order of the Wise. This Order will not only aid your Astrals in your fights, but it will significantly reinforce your Empire for oncoming marches. The most beneficial thing is that if you are a Defensive or Trap player, they will have no idea if you have this Order or not!

Maxed Order of the Wise Boosts is 400M% Titan, Ramuh, Bahamut Attack Bonus, and 250M% Dark Astral Attack Bonus.

Order of Heroes MP Regeneration

(March 23rd, 2020)

Order of Heroes MP RegenNow, this is where it gets exciting! With Order of Heroes MP Regeneration, you will be able to permanently unlock and apply MP Regen to the Hero regardless of which Order it is in. But you MUST make sure that it is in your Order of the Heroes. 

The MP Regen will be the same as your standard one, so if you purchase MP Regen Lifetime Boost or apply your Elite Monster Gear, those bonuses will apply. So make sure you equip him up with all the good stuff. 


Here is a mini checklist I go through in my head, so I don’t forget. 


  • Gear
  • Gems
  • Gilgamesh and Behemoth Core 
    • These two cores provide MP Regen boosts every 4 hours, remember to turn them on!

MPKeep in mind any LIfetime MP, and Regen related boosts that you purchase will apply to this as well, so don’t worry about missing out on that. 

How this works is that this is on a PER Hero basis. Lucky enough Final Fantasy: A New Empire has generously gifted us “Unlock Noctis Order of Heroes MP Regen” right out the gate to give us a dose of what it looks like. 

Hero Boosts per Hero

Depending on the Hero you apply to your Order, it will provide specific boosts beyond the Order of Heroes intended boost. 

The stats will not be listed as they are based on your Heroes level. So the higher it is, the more it will benefit you, and this changes every time a new Hero or future Heroes are released. Typically the more modern the Hero or release is, the chances are the stats are increasingly better. 


  • Dark Juggernaut Attack, HP, and Armor
  • Bahamut Attack
  • Upkeep Efficiency (Food and Wheat)


  • Dark Ice Troop Attack, HP, and Armor
  • City Defense HP


  • Ramuh Attack
  • Cavalry Attack
  • City Assault Attack 
  • Mirror Hero Prompto: Dark City Assault
  • Lightning Elemental HP and Armor


  • Basic and Royal Research Speed
  • Dark Airship Attack
  • Dark Fire Troop Attack


  • Attack and Defense Core Supplies Potency
  • Troop Load


  • Dark Mercenary Attack and HP with Hero
  • Dark Guardian Cripple HP
  • War Spoils


  • Mirror Hero Iris: Dark City Defense and Leviathan 
  • Dark City Defense Attack, HP, and Armor
  • City Defense HP


  • Trap Attack
  • Dark Trap Attack


  • Mercenary Magitek Attack
  • Dark Troop Attack, HP, and Armor with Hero
  • Dark Empire Expansion Blueprint Construction Cost Efficiency
  • Empire Dark Expansion Construction Speed

King Regis

  • Dark Troop Attack, HP, and Armor with Hero


  • Dark Warrior Attack Resistance, Armor Piercing, and Cripple HP

King Noctis

  • Dark Crystal Holding HP
  • Dark Guardian HP
  • Dark Ice Troop Attack
  • Upkeep Efficiency (Food and Wheat)


  • Dark Elemental Troop Attack, HP, and Armor with Hero
  • Magical Troop Supplies Potency

Veteran Gladiolus

  • Dark Earth Troop Attack, HP, and Armor 

Veteran Prompto has no additional benefits when applying him. 

Veteran Ignis

  • Enemy Cripple Mount Endurance
  • Enemy Mount Strength Resistance


  • Dark Cavalry Attack


  • Mount Attack


  • Dark Warrior Attack, HP, and Armor

Cor Leonis

  • Dark Garrison Attack
  • Dark Defense City Attack, HP and Armor


  • Dark Core Troop Attack Resistance, Armor Piercing, and Cripple HP
  • Dark Astral Attack Resistance
  • Extreme Dark Astral Armor Massacre


If you want more of a balance in your Empire or would like to have it benefit you in more ways than one, then prioritizes getting the Orders that serve your Mounts and Astrals. Such as Order of Command, Oracles, as well as Wise. 

If you are an attacker, you should then obtain Order of Ferocity and Recklessness while Defenders/Trappers should then lean more towards Order of the Den in addition to Protection. 

If you love battling the Crystal, then make sure to get Order of the Chosen along with Thrones. 

With the Supreme Vaults and the Disputed Realms becoming more of a traditional event that we all love to catch advantage of every time it comes around. It is essential to make sure to utilize the Order of the Conquerors because they’ll bring you a pleasant strength.  

Last but not least, which ones are you excited about trying out. Do you do have it already, how do you like it? Comment below and let us know! As always, join us on Social Media, aka Line and Discord, and tell us all about it! Not in our FFXVANE Hub Line room? Add me by ID: peacefulwarrior414, and I got you!

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