Unleashing the T8 Elementals and C90

The benefits and tips to ascending with style

January was filled with all kinds of goodies, but it ain’t got nuthin’ on February!

The day has finally come, my coconuts; T8 elementals have finally arrived! With them, comes Citadel 90, hand-in-hand, like that adorable couple everyone loves to hate. “Hey T8-90-mentals! So good to see you! :side whisper:  Ohmigod I cannot stand how all they do is make out in public! *barf*”

So…what does this mean for you?

MZ has tried a new format for this release, making it less expensive for the player and giving more incentive to increase your citadel–unlike previous releases where new Elemancy hall levels required crazy amounts of blue prints, or other releases where newer levels required different kinds of blueprints altogether. Let’s face it; any time we can progress for less than we needed to previously, is a flat-out win!

Looky! Stuffs!!!

Have no blueprints? No worries! The ability to train your T8 elementals is virtually free when you level up your citadel, as blueprints come in the “Hurrah Hero! You’ve leveled up!” package that you receive as you upgrade your citadel…but let’s not overlook some other goodies that are included as well. Lv 2 essence, diamonds, and destiny gear chests are also some nifty rewards we get every time we level up our citadel towards C90.

Let’s take a look at how we can grab T8 Elementals by the proverbial balls and make them our servants of hellfire.


  • Elemancy Hall Lv 13–1000 EH Prints–Troop Attack and Troop HP bonus from 600% to 40,000%
  • Elemancy Hall Lv 14–2000 EH Prints–Troop Attack and Troop Hp bonus from 40,000% to 80,000%
  • Elemancy Hall Lv 15–3000 EH Prints–Troop Attack and Troop HP from 80,000% to 120,000%
  • Elemancy Hall Lv 16–4400 EH Print–Troop Attack and Troop HP from 120,000% to 200,000%

Lightning 8 Troops


Shockingly Swift

4x the march speed of Lv 8 Warriors, with 45,900% boost when defending the Crystal

  • Lightning Warriors: Unlocked at Elemancy Hall 16 and Cit 87
  • Lightning Mages: Unlocked at Elemancy Hall 13 and Cit 81
  • Lightning Cav: Unlocked at Elemancy Hall 14 and Cit 83

Lightning troops are your fastest troops–particularly Lightning Cavs. In addition to having a high base stat when defending your crystal, they are a great choice in troops to use when you need to get somewhere FAST; whether it be when sending to elemental shrines, bandit outposts, or just wanting to capture that easy hero faster than the next guy or before that empire owner gets online.  Adding certain gear, such Winged Assassins gear, and gems like the Rose Quartz gems, will help maximize your speed.

Want to increase your Lightning power? Add Lightning Elemental Gems to your gear for attack benefits/increases, and although not as powerful as recent gear releases, Winged Assassin’s and Aranea’s gear does also give benefits to Lightning attack when powered up, as does the new Destiny Protection chest piece and Destiny Charms.


Earth 8 Troops


Go Go Gadget Gardening trowel?

58,050 Attack Bonus of a Lv 8 troop while defending a city

  • Earth 8 Warriors: Unlocked at Elemancy Hall 16 and Cit 88
  • Earth 8 Mages: Unlocked at Elemancy Hall 13 and Cit 81
  • Earth 8 Cav: Unlocked at Elemancy Hall 14 and Cit 84

Earth Troops are a great line of defense within your citadel . They will only get their stat bonus when they are defending in your EMPIRE; not defending within the crystal, etc.  Using Earth troops to boost your defensive stats is a smart move, and adding gems like Earth Elemental gems will only help increase your stats.

Looking for gear that helps your Earth boosts? Well, your greatest gear choices for this are (including but not limited to) Destiny Charms, with their all-elemental boosts, as well as Destiny Boots. Some of the older gear that might benefit the Earth boosts are Sentinel’s gear, Archaean gear, and Guardian’s gear.


Ice 8 Troops


As cold as your ex–and just as deadly.

76,050% Attack Bonus on a Lv 8 troop while attacking the Crystal

  • Ice 8 Warriors: Unlocked at Elemancy Hall 16 and Cit 89
  • Ice 8 Mages: Unlocked at Elemancy Hall 13 and Cit 82
  • Ice 8 Cav: Unlocked at Elemancy Hall 15 and Cit 85


Ice Troops make a fine choice for attacking, particularly Crystal’s, as that is what their base stats are meant for. When added with Leviathan, they make for some terrifying attackers. Adding in your Ice Elemental gems will only increase their attack value no matter who or where you are attacking.

The Destiny’s Edge sword is a great choice in increasing the boosts your ice troops will have, along with the Destiny’s Charms accessories.  If you are looking for some of the older gear to help with your Ice boosts, some are (including but not limited to) Gunslinger gear, Undertaker gear, and Dreadmist gear.


Fire 8 Troops


All’s FIRE in love and war!

94,500% Attack Bonus when attacking a City


  • Fire 8 Warriors: Unlocked at Elemancy Hall 16 and Cit 90
  • Fire 8 Mages: Unlocked at Elemancy Hall 13 and Cit 82
  • Fire 8 Cav: Unlocked at Elemancy Hall 15 and Cit 86

Fire troops are all the rage currently, especially with your smokin’ hot Ifrit astral. Even without their added base boost of City Assault, fire often has a higher attack boost than any of the other elementals. For that reason, many use these to attack and defend not just for city assaults, but in Crystals and Titans as well.

*Tip* Curious as to how your boosts compare? Go to your profile page and click on your “Boosts” tab. The 3rd section down will hold all your Elemental boosts. There, you can determine which elementals are most powerful for you and best to use depending on your own individual situation.

Aside from adding Fire elemental gems to increase your stats, the Destiny Charms and Destiny helm will add to your Fire boosts. Older gear that may benefit you for this as you power it up  include but are not limited to Arbiter’s gear and the ever impressive Inferian gear.




With T8 Elementals, comes the release of Lv 30 wells. T8 elementals require Lv 2 Essence, which is created by upgrading your wells from Lv 20 on up. This makes a few important changes in your production and benefits…

As usual, each upgrade gives you an increase in production (with a reset from Lv 20 to 21). As each level past 20 progresses, your march adds an additional 10k troops per level, for 170,000k additional march size total at level 30!

Boosts are significantly upgraded as you level your wells; For example:
  • Earth Well HP Bonus from Lv 20 to Lv 21: 20,000% to 50,000%, with max boost of 910,000% Troop Health at Lv 30!
  • Ice Well Armor Bonus from Lv 20 to Lv 21: 78,750% to 159,000%, with max boost of 2,858,000% at Lv 30!
  • Fire Well Attack Bonus from Lv 20 to Lv 21: 20,000% to 50,000%, with max boost of 910,000% Troop Attack at Lv 30!
  • Lightning Well Armor Piercing Bonus from Lv 20 to Lv 21: 20,000% to 25,000%, with 500,000% Armor Piercing at Lv 30!

Want to level up your Wells for boosts but are not quite ready for Lv 2 essence?

Take a stroll over to your Magitek Converter under the Resources tab. You can convert 10,000 Lv 2 essence back to 4,350,000 Lv 1 essence.


Need more Lv 2 essence? You can also convert 100,000,000 essence of your choice to 10,000 Lv 2.


**Please note that while your up-to-level 20 wells can take upwards of a full day to fill, Lv 2 essence is significantly less in amounts and as such, can be fully collected every hour.**


Other Buildings

It is no secret that the Elemancy Hall is the driving force to upgrading your citadel, however there are a few hidden gems you may want to consider if you are on the fence, as T8 Elementals are just a small portion of the rewards of leveling.



Aside from an increase in your hourly rss gains, your armor will jump from 1,400% to 94,000% when ascending from Lv 80 to 81.


Hospital Wards:


Aside from an increase in your hospital capacity, you will receive a Troop HP bonus from 700% to 30,000% when ascending from Lv 80 to 81.





Aside from an increase to your troop training queue, you will receive a Troop Attack bonus from 700% to 30,000% when ascending from Lv 80 to 81.


And that isn’t even the icing on the cake…


The crowning gem of progression to c90, lies within your


::drum roll please::


Guild Hall.

Wait, what?


Remember all those crazy rally boosts in Neutral realm BloodBath that had everyone shaking in their infernal-loving boots? Well you, too, can be the bringer of a BloodBath within the comfort of your home realm. You, and a couple dozen of your close friends and guild mates, can have rallies that cross well over 25 MILLION as you progress to citadel 90.


Take a look at these numbers:

Guild Hall Level:













These all add to your existing other rally boosts; the potential for some seriously scary rallies is easily obtainable.

Also, another new ability; most buildings (aside from food/mines/quarries/energy farms) can be leveled up 1 level HIGHER than their citadel! Which makes it easier for you to snag some of those amazing boosts even if you can’t quite get enough resources and/or blueprints to push your citadel up higher.


So this is your general first looks at ascending through C81 and some of the goodies that lie ahead for you. The path is paved in goodies waiting for you to discover! Have any questions? Want to do some karaoke? Think you can belt out some Miranda Lambert better than I? Feel free to drop a comment and let me know!


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