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Dominate Eos with all-new Avatar Collections!

Well FFXV: A New Empire fans you finally got your wish! In the last two years, you talked the talk, you walked the walk and now you can look the look with these new Avatar Collections! Not only will your Avatar now be based on looks but they now come with some mighty bonuses.

To get these bonuses, firstly you will need the Avatar Collections Unlock, then you must obtain the whole set of Avatars. It is much simpler than it looks, think about it as the same concept as the Forge with the Gear Sets, whereas having the whole set for the bonus to be active.

So now you can crush your enemies while looking fabulous honey okay! Now you go out there and you slay sister! *snap*

One of the most important things to all this, please remember you will NOT receive the bonuses UNTIL you unlock the Unlock Avatar Collections. Although, you may earn the Avatars overtime even without having the unlock the bonus set again as I stated will not be effective until its unlocked.

If you notice in the images below the first one is without an unlock and the second is with the unlock. If you have the unlock it will say “earned” once the set is completed. Like the Mythic Forge Gear Set bonus, you do not have to wear the Avatar for the bonus to be effective. But you may as well look good while you have it right?!

Avatar Boost

Avatar Boost

You may make your Avatars from the Magitek Converter, Events sometimes will drop Chests containing Avatars or Avatar Fragments from the Event tier prizes, or you can as always go to the Gold Store to purchase the Chests if you wish.

Magitek Converter

For you to produce some Avatars, you would need to go into the Magitek Converter, behind your Mythic Forge, to exchange your Avatar Fragments. The Avatar tab is located at the end.

Magitek Converter


Once you have constructed the Avatars of your choice with the Avatar Fragments, you may now claim them into your inventory just like you would with any Profile Image or Badge. Or you may also select an Avatar of your own choice from the Chests if you are a lucky winner! Make sure to choose your Avatars wisely. Okay so now that you have your Avatars, now what?

The next step would be to go to your Profile and then click on your Profile Image.

 Your Profile Images page will pop up, as you can see on the bottom there is a button for Collections next to the Select button. You would need to click on Collections to view the Avatar Sets that are currently available to acquire. 

Avatar Collection

When you reach your Collection section, you will see the accessible Collection Sets.

Avatar Collection

This section will show you which Avatars you have locked and unlocked. It is also a magnificent reference to use to help you keep track of what you still need to obtain the bonuses you desire. When you reach the available sections, click on each of the sections to see the requirements along with the bonus that it gives once the Avatar Collection is completed.

Some Avatar Sets will have different tiers and/or different requirements to complete the Collection. Each of the Collection has its bonuses. Collect all the tiers that are mandatory in the Avatar Collection order to maximize your Boosts.

Avatar Tiers listed in order from the weakest to the strongest:

  • Base
  • Bronze 
  • Silver 
  • Gold
  • Diamond

And to answer the question I know you all are wondering….Yes, these boosts ARE stackable!

Please continue to read below to learn more about each of the specific Avatar Collections so you can prioritize them the way you would prefer based on your gameplay.

Independence Day Avatar Set

The Independence Day Avatar Set has 2 different Avatar Sets, the Independent Gentleman along with the Independent Maiden. You need one tier of each of the following Avatar to complete the set and reap in the rewards.

avatar Gentleman

Independent Gentleman Avatar Set requirements:

  • Base Independent Gentleman
  • Bronze Independent Gentleman
  • Silver Independent Gentleman
  • Gold Independent Gentleman
  • Diamond Independent Gentleman

Collect all five of the Avatars to receive:

  • 40M% Dark Lightning Attack 
  • 10M% Dark Lightning Health
  • 30M% Dark Lightning Defense

avatar maiden

Independent Maiden Avatar Set requirements:

  • Base Independent Maiden
  • Bronze Independent Maiden
  • Silver Independent Maiden
  • Gold Independent Maiden
  • Diamond Independent Maiden

Collect all five of the Avatars to receive:

  • 40M% Dark Fire Attack 
  • 10M% Dark Fire Health
  • 30M% Dark Fire Defense

Hunters of Eos

The Courageous Hunting Party Collection has four different Avatars Garchimacera Hunter Female, Garchimacera Hunter Male, Imp Hunter Female plus the Imp Hunter Male. With this collection, you must collect one of each Avatar of the same tier to earn access to the benefits for that Collection itself. 


Base Courageous Hunting Party requirements:

  • Base Garchimacera Hunter Female
  • Base Garchimacera Hunter Male
  • Base Imp Hunter Female 
  • Base Imp Hunter Male

Collect all four of the Avatars to receive:

  • 4M% Dark Trap Attack 
  • 1M% Dark Trap HP
  • 3M% Dark Trap Defense
  • 15M Maximum Trap Count
  • 2M% Dark Troop Attack 
  • 1M% Dark Troop HP
  • 3M% Dark Troop Defense


Bronze Courageous Hunting Party requirements:

  • Bronze Garchimacera Hunter Female
  • Bronze Garchimacera Hunter Male
  • Bronze Imp Hunter Female 
  • Bronze Imp Hunter Male

Collect all four of the Avatars to receive:

  • 6M% Dark Trap Attack 
  • 1.5M% Dark Trap HP
  • 4.5M% Dark Trap Defense
  • 22.5M Maximum Trap Count
  • 3M% Dark Troop Attack 
  • 1.5M% Dark Troop HP
  • 4.5M% Dark Troop Defense 


Silver Courageous Hunting Party requirements:

  • Silver Garchimacera Hunter Female
  • Silver Garchimacera Hunter Male
  • Silver Imp Hunter Female 
  • Silver Imp Hunter Male

Collect all four of the Avatars to receive:

  • 8M% Dark Trap Attack 
  • 2M% Dark Trap HP
  • 6M% Dark Trap Defense
  • 30M Maximum Trap Count
  • 4M% Dark Troop Attack 
  • 2M% Dark Troop HP
  • 6M% Dark Troop Defense


Gold Courageous Hunting Party requirements:

  • Gold Garchimacera Hunter Female
  • Gold Garchimacera Hunter Male
  • Gold  Imp Hunter Female 
  • Gold Imp Hunter Male

Collect all four of the Avatars to receive:

  • 10M% Dark Trap Attack 
  • 2.5M% Dark Trap HP
  • 7.5M% Dark Trap Defense
  • 37.5M Maximum Trap Count
  • 5M% Dark Troop Attack 
  • 3.5M% Dark Troop HP
  • 7.5M% Dark Troop Defense


Diamond Courageous Hunting Party requirements:

  • Diamond Garchimacera Hunter Female
  • Diamond Garchimacera Hunter Male
  • Diamond Imp Hunter Female 
  • Diamond Imp Hunter Male

Collect all four of the Avatars to receive:

  • 12M% Dark Trap Attack 
  • 3M% Dark Trap HP
  • 9M% Dark Trap Defense
  • 45M Maximum Trap Count
  • 6M% Dark Troop Attack 
  • 3M% Dark Troop HP
  • 9M% Dark Troop Defense

Completing all five of the Courageous Hunting Party Collections will give you a maximized bonus (remember they stack together!):

  • 40M% Dark Trap Attack 
  • 10M% Dark Trap HP
  • 30M% Dark Trap Defense
  • 150M Maximum Trap Count
  • 20M% Dark Troop Attack 
  • 10M% Dark Troop HP
  • 30M% Dark Troop Defense

The next Hunter of Eos Collection features the Unshakable Hunting Party. This Avatar Set is similar to the Courageous Hunting Party. It also has four Avatars which are the Dynoaevis Hunter Female, Dynoaevis Hunter Male, Arachne Hunter Female, along with Arachne Hunter Male. With this Collection also, you must collect one of each Avatar of the same tier to earn access to the benefits for that Collection too.

Base Unshakable Hunting Party requirements:

  • Base Dynoaevis Hunter Female
  • Base Dynoaevis Hunter Male
  • Base Arachne Hunter Female
  • Base Arachne Hunter Male

Bronze Unshakable Hunting Party requirements:

  • Bronze Dynoaevis Hunter Female
  • Bronze Dynoaevis Hunter Male
  • Bronze Arachne Hunter Female
  • Bronze Arachne Hunter Male

Silver Unshakable Hunting Party requirements:

  • Silver Dynoaevis Hunter Female
  • Silver Dynoaevis Hunter Male
  • Silver Arachne Hunter Female
  • Silver Arachne Hunter Male

Gold Unshakable Hunting Party requirements:

  • Gold Dynoaevis Hunter Female
  • Gold Dynoaevis Hunter Male
  • Gold Arachne Hunter Female
  • Gold Arachne Hunter Male

Diamond Unshakable Hunting Party requirements:

  • Diamond Dynoaevis Hunter Female
  • Diamond Dynoaevis Hunter Male
  • Diamond Arachne Hunter Female
  • Diamond Arachne Hunter Male

Collect all four of the Avatars in each set to receive:

  • 1M% Dark Troop Armor
  • 1M% Dark Troop Attack 
  • 1M% Dark Troop HP

Each of the Unshakable Hunting Party Collection has the same bonus per Avatar Set. Completing all five sets will give you a 5M% boost for each Dark Troop Armor, Dark Troop Attack, as well as Dark Troop HP.

That concludes the Avatar Almanac guide. As more Collections come out this guide will be updated shortly after it is released to give you the most updated content possible!

What are your thoughts about the new Avatar Collections? I like the idea of looking the part especially having some boosts to back me up with. Most of all, I love the fact that these Avatar Sets are stackable and have a similar concept to the Gear Set bonuses. Which Avatar Collection is your favorite? Comment below or join us on Social Media aka Line/Discord and let us know your thoughts!

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