Dark Guardians, Juggernauts, Airships, Oh My!

Four new mercenaries make their way into the Dark World

The new mercenary release gave some hope to players across the Dark World. Whether it was for combat, defense, or the Crystal. Wait, what? You mean all of them at once? Yes, I assure you that is correct! It may sound frightening but this may just be exciting because let’s just be real here for a second. We all know and figured out by now that when a new mercenary gets dropped, it tends to dominate for some time until something bigger and better comes out to kick it in the hiney.

But Rose where in the world do I get these mercs at? It’s not in the Mercenary Fighting Pits.

Well in order to PERMANENTLY unlock the Dark World Mercenaries you have to complete the new Dark World Mercenary Research. Luckily for you, it seems as there is no big crazy requirement in order to be able to do the research themselves besides obtaining the Dark World Mercenary Research Tomes of course. Looks like we will be having quite a few more traps around so be careful. That uncapturable core boost from the Nexus building may still be useful after all if you are feeling brave enough to push your limits.

Alright, I suppose that sounds legit, but which one should I use?

Depending on your gameplay whether you are an attacker, a trap, balanced, etc. Some would be more useful for you than the others. They are stronger than T4 Dark Troops. The more research you do the more powerful they are! First and foremost, let’s go over each Dark Troop along with their strengths and their weaknesses.

Dark MercenariesDark Guardians:

Strong vs Dark Juggernauts/Dark Troops

Weak vs Dark Airships

Dark Juggernauts:

Strong vs Dark Airships/Dark Troops

Weak vs Dark Guardians

Dark Airships:

Strong vs Dark Guardians

Weak vs Dark Juggernauts

Dark Mechs:

Strong vs Crystal

Weak vs Non-Crystal


It is safe to say if you are not a Crystal player, then Dark Mechs would not be for you. Every troop has their own weakness it is extremely important to note that.

Dark Mercenary Research

You can check out their research tree right under the Dark World Advanced Combat section. They require their own special tomes which seems to be so far only available in the Gowe Store. There are three levels of each Mercenary Troop. Each level being stronger than the next, just like with Dark Troops. The research is the same concept as Dark Combat, Dark World Economics, and Dark World Advanced Combat allowing to research the first chunk of it before moving onto the next. The higher the tier section you are in the bigger the benefits the research will have for your mercenaries. Keep in mind you would need Dark Mercenary Armaments to train them once your research is completed.

It is VERY important to note that Dark World Mercenaries require Dark Mercenary Armaments in order to heal should they go to the hospital.

Benefits and Boosts

Like with the Dark Troops these Dark World Mercenaries have their own march size, empire, rally, as well as reinforcement capacity. So may as well go big or go home!

Here are some of the amazing benefits their research can do for you:

  • +5,000,000 Dark Mercenary March Size
  • +13,000,000 Dark Mercenary Rally Capacity
  • +1,000,000 Dark Mercenary Max Empire Capacity
  • +5,000,000 Dark Troop Match Size
  • +15,000,000 Dark Troop Rally Capacity
  • 2,000% Dark Troop Attack
  • 1,500% Dark Mercenary Attack
  • 1,000% Dark Cripple HP
  • 3,000% Dark Armor Piercing
  • Dark Troop Armor, Attack, and Health with Hero
  • Defense Attack and HP

Seems as this release was a game changer for everyone in all aspects and just in time for the Tonberry Wars. I don’t know about you but I am pretty excited. I am looking forward to a good challenge and to learn more about the mechanics behind it. It will be interesting to see how everyone chooses to utilize the new Dark World Mercenaries in their marches or rallies. What are your thoughts about the new Dark World mercs? How do you plan to exploit them to their greatness?

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