The 4 Pillars of Defense: How to Devise the Best Defensive Strategy in Final Fantasy: A New Empire

Throughout history, men and women have always had to come up with creative ways to develop defense. This is as true in every war as it is in every war game. When we have gathered all of the defensive tips, tactics & boosts we could find in Final Fantasy: A New Empire, what we found is that they all fall into one of four categories, with the best overall defensive strategies employing some combination of all four categories.

This is a defense guide written for players who are still building up their empire and spend most of their time in-game sitting in their guild’s hive (although in no way does that mean that there isn’t valuable information for big players and free-to-play alike.) The guide is separated into what I call the Four Pillars of Defense: Spatial Defense refers to your empire’s physical location on the realm map and how to use natural surroundings to defend your empire or guild from enemies. Visual Defense is the art of camouflaging your empire, power level, or troops to avoid attack from your enemies entirely. Short-Term Defense is the way in which you respond and the first few actions are taken when realizing an attack is headed your way. Finally, Long-Term Defense is the more traditional defense that players are used to. This involves all of the little things you can do to boost your defensive stats, such as city defense armor, HP, attack and so forth…

Spatial Defense

No matter what you’re up to in FFXV- hitting a realm boss, attacking the Crystal, or just sitting in your guild’s hive- it’s your physical location on the realm map that will determine how, when, and if you get attacked. Most players spend 80 percent or more of their time sitting in their guild’s hive, so that is what we will start with.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect location for your guild’s newly formed hive or trying to relocate your guild because of near-daily attacks on you and your members, having a solid spatial defense is imperative for the growth of a guild and its members. A properly secured hive will not only make it difficult for enemies to attack but will actually decrease the overall likelihood of enemies appearing at your hive or even considering it as a viable option to attack.

Even when you’re out and about, try to find an empty tile that doesn’t leave the sides of your empire completely exposed. Here are a few examples:

If you’re facing constant attacks from players in your home realm for no apparent reason then your location is likely the problem. Mid-level players are often attacked by high-level empires simply out of proximity convenience. Usually, a random teleport or two will fix that, but remember to always check what’s around you after using a random teleport. You can also use an advanced teleport to wedge yourself into one of these naturally defensive tiles that are fit for only one person. If neither of those work, then someone may have it out for you and the only good defense is a sincere apology.

By taking a look at some of the older guild’s in your realm, you’ll notice that those with good spatial defense tend to have much higher level citadels than those who don’t. Meanwhile, the guild consisting of a half-dozen citadel 49 empires have been hugging the Crystal Scar for the last six months just can’t seem to make it to C50. Coincidence?

We have a more detailed walkthrough that details every step of finding and moving to the perfect defensive hive here.

Visual Defense

Even if you have a great spatial defense and have made it difficult for enemies to teleport near you or your guild’s hive, you may notice that some players will simply send long-distance attacks at you from the other side of the map. With only a handful of speedups, an hour-long march can hit your empire within seconds. But what if there was a way to prevent other players from targeting you altogether? You don’t have to upgrade your citadel up to an insanely high level to get high-level players to stop attacking you, but it helps.

There are many types of visual defense, however, the most effective in the game is an illusion. Using different illusion techniques outlined below, you will be able to prevent other players from seeing you as a viable target and therefore avoid getting attacked altogether.

One technique that players under citadel 49 use when out of bubbles is to lower their power as much as possible. This can work especially well during RvR.

Here is a general guideline of how low your power must be before enemies will assume you have no troops or have already been zeroed.

  • C34-38 – 29,000,000 Power
  • C39-42 – 39,000,000 Power
  • c40-44  – 79,000,000 Power
  • c45-49    – 99,000,000 Power
  • C50-54- 120,000,000 Power

When in doubt, getting your power down below 100 million power can make an enemy overlook you if they are in a hurry. For empires 55 and above, this doesn’t work so well. Meanwhile, empires under c34 are more often than naught considered farms.

Of course, there is one sure-fire strategy that will ensure you never get attacked by the enemy regardless of what level you may be – use a bubble! It works 100% of the time. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t use a bubble, don’t have one on hand, and don’t have enough loyalty to purchase one, then anti-scout is the next best thing. Anti-scout items can be purchased for only 15,000 loyalty from the guild store and will usually prevent players from attacking you if they are close to your citadel in level.

Oh, and that fake army item? Garbage…

Short-Term Defense

When your screen starts to flash that familiar shade of red, what do you do? An attack capable of destroying every single troop in your empire might be just seconds away. If at all possible, your first response should be to simply exit out of whatever you’re doing at the time, hit the button that brings up a list of your active power-ups and activate a bubble as quickly as possible. Aside from that, you should be scrambling to activate everything in the following section as soon as you see that you are under attack.

Long-Term Defense

Even if you’re not a trap player, long-term defense is an essential aspect of the game. Here is a list of ways to increase long-term defense stats. Make sure you unlock these and have them ready to go before the next time you get attacked.

  • Luna or Gladio. These are the two best heroes to have active when you plan on taking the brunt of an attack.
  • Undertaker or guardian gear. Guardian gear is great, but troop armor is always susceptible to armor piercing, so boost your HP and city defense HP as high as possible to be able to withstand any assault. Make sure you level them up after getting the legendary set with power-up chests!
  • Guardians, guardians, and more guardians! Get at least one pack of the highest level guardian mercenaries available. Some of the best-protected empires are known to have at least 200 thousand guardians at all times and are untouchable.
  • Defense research. As a rule, always complete your as much defense research as possible every time you upgrade your citadel.
  • Hospital wards. Each hospital ward increases not only the amount of troops you can prevent from losing during attacks, but also contributes to valuable troop HP boosts. Build as many as you can and always keep every hospital ward in your empire at the highest level you can upgrade it.
  • Oracle temple. There are many lifetime combat boosts in the Oracle temple that can help your long-term defense game. Among those, three of the most effective boosts that don’t cost an arm and a leg are city defense attack, city defense HP and city defense armor.
  • Order of heroes. The Order of Protection is essential for players who are worried about getting attacked.
  • Crystal nexus. Activate either the Diamondsteel Core or the Darkheart Core before you are attacked by the enemy and you just might make it.
  • Shiva’s Pillars of Ice skill becomes available after you get her to level 20 and can increase your city defense armor by up to +50,000%.
  • Defensive combat items. Recuperation boost and reactive damage shield are two of the best defensive combat items you can have on hand in the event of an attack.
  • Take down your traps!


If you are continually getting attacked, losing your hero, or both then consider for a second that it’s not the game’s fault or even the player who attacked you, but your own. Once you understand how the 4 Pillars of Defense work, you will be significantly less vulnerable to attack, able to withstand larger attacks, and more confident in your offense game as well. Keep these 4 cornerstones handy at all times and you’ll immediately see a difference in both the number of attacks which you must defend against and the quality of your defense.


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