Living the Trap Life, Part Two

Second part of the ultimate trapping guide. Learn about the different buildings that can also boost your stats.

Ready for even more information on how to build your great Trap empire? Look no further because I have all the information right here. This is the second part of learning how to Trap. This article will cover the buildings in and out of your Citadel that will also boost your stats to better defeat anyone who comes your way.

Wall Traps

Most Traps will not have traps in their walls. They crumble way too easily and usually get hit before any of your troops will. Wall traps just don’t get the stats boosts that troops do, and that makes your defense weaker. So unless any of the following apply, don’t even bother to build traps unless you WANT to burn.

  • If you have a great Guardian wall that won’t get broken through, traps will give you more attack boosts and provide a buffer between Guardians and regular troops.
  • If you have a higher tier trap than you do troops, your traps won’t even get hit until the lower tier troops are gone. 
  • There is a time where Leviathan’s boosts are good enough to make your traps hold up against heavy attacks.


One of the most important aspects of defending is your Hospital. You will want to have as many hospital beds to protect your troops and get them back in the game quickly. 

Ways to increase hospital capacity:

  • Level up your Hospital.
  • Have as many Hospital Wards as possible.
  • Luna Hero Skills
  • Iris Mastery Skills
  • Oracle Temple boosts
  • Temporary boosts in your inventory
  • Temporary realm boosts

Healing troops is a vital part of Trapping. You will need to have all the resources at the ready, or you won’t even be able to instant heal with Gold. This can be difficult when your troop upkeep is higher than your food production. If you find yourself in that situation, keep packs available to open when you need to heal. This can come from packs or be bought in the Items Tab in advance. Buying resources in the Items Tab does not put it directly into your food inventory but leaves it as bundles or packs to open whenever you want. 

  • Food can come in many different forms: Apples, Wheat, Dark Food, Dark Food T2, etc. 
  • Also, you will see that in the Dark World, Mercenaries require Armaments to heal, but that does not show in the Hospital when you try to heal. 
  • Instant healing uses Gold ONLY for the speedups it needs to heal. Therefore, the resources will always need to be available for healing.

Hospital TIPS: 

  • You can dismiss troops from the Hospital by clicking on the picture of the troop until the dismiss option pops up. Then you can use the slider to get rid of as many of that type of troop that you wish.
  • If you ever find yourself unable to heal from an attack, it might be a timing issue. This happens a lot when you’re getting attacked back to back and you healed when an attack was coming in. It shows that you have more troops in the Hospital than you do. So to fix that, you can restart the app, wait for another attack to reset the Hospital page, or try to heal a smaller amount of troops.

Troop Tiers and the Hospital

Your lower-tier troops will go to the hospital first when hit. Unless you get an attack that overflows your hospital, then the higher tier troops will take priority. If you have troops in beds already, they will NOT GET PUSHED OUT. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this misinformation spread, but troops in the hospital will stay until healed or dismissed. So when you get attacked and the damage is greater than your hospital capacity, you take a chance to lose your Guardians since they are the lowest tier and your other troops will be prioritized over them. This is where the Mercenary Pits hospital comes in handy, which I will talk about below.

Mercenary Pits

Traps everywhere rejoiced when the Mercenary Pits were released and the first-ever Guardian came out. Guardians are troops with higher than average HP and/or armor stats. Since they take damage first, they will protect all higher tier troops from being hit. They might not have as much attack as any other type of fighter, but your other troops will take care of that! Like I said above, all troops will attack at the same time, so allow your Guardians to do what they do best and guard.

Other Mercenaries are also helpful when Trapping. Any type of troop that has massive attack stats will help you kill off an incoming march with ease. Juggernauts probably have the best attack stats of any of the Mercenaries. So padding your Empire with these will help tremendously. 

Occasionally a Mercenary will come out that have special features that target certain troops or boost others. One example is the Tundra Kujata that get an attack boost when ally Guardians are present. 

Mercenary Hospital

The Mercenary Pits have a special hospital for your Mercenaries that will protect up to 2 million separate from your regular Hospital. You will find this helpful if you ever get attacked by a heavy hitter that kills more than you have the beds to hold. 

***This only holds pre-Dark Mercenaries***


All good Traps will have their research maxed out as much as they can. It might be tedious, but those permanent boosts are very important! If someone catches you in Monster Gear, your research will work wonders in preventing major losses. 

Astrals and Mounts

 When the Astral Shrine came out, both attackers and defenders wanted to get a hold of the latest Astrals. Their stats work on offense and defense and it quickly became obvious that you would need at least one or two to Trap. If you are solely a defensive player look for the abilities that increase your defensive stats. Like HP, armor, and attack for troops and/or traps (if you use them). 

Likewise, there might be stats that are purely defensive skills like “Defense Attack” or the like. Some abilities need your Astral to be leveled up to skill them any higher. Also, your Astral gains power when they are leveled up, which on some of them transfer to higher Astral attack stats.

Leviathan is an awesome Astral when she is released. She boosts the stats of your trap so much that they are almost like Guardians. But be careful when attackers become stronger with Ifrit and Fire Elementals because your traps will again crumble.

Multi-Astral Defense

Multi Astral Defense
Luna Mastery Skill

Luna has a Mastery Skill that makes all your Astrals active while defending your Citadel. No need to pick one to defend with, when they all have great boosts to your Empire! 

Mounts work similarly to Astrals. They work for defense as long as they are in your Empire, and they boost troop stats immensely. 

Mirror Heroes

These are a different type of troop that will boost your stats. Check out the Mirror Troops article to find out how to use them and what boosts they give. You only need one of each and they will all apply in your Citadel for defense.

Trap Mirror Troops
Mirror Hero Troops


Trap Enchantment Timer
Enchantment Timer

Using Enchantments can give you enough of a boost to defend with glory. Go into the Arcanaeum, select the Gear you are using, and then BOOST IT! Some Enchantments don’t last that long, so keep that in mind. You can see a timer on that piece of Gear, so you can keep an eye on it in your Hero screen.

Other Buildings 

These buildings also give stats or different types of troops:

Trap Stats
Building Upgrade stats

Then you have the extra levels on the other extra buildings that also boost your stats. When these are first released, the stats increases are massive! Each one can be leveled up 20 more times than the maximum level was before. First, they require Dark Auxiliary Building Blueprints, then they use Dark Master Auxiliary Building Blueprints.


Each type of expansion will give boosts that you can use for defense. These are nice since they are always active and DO NOT give any power increase!

Trapping with your Hero

If you’ve played FFXV: ANE for a while, you have noticed that the key Hero for defense changes from time to time. First, it was Luna with her Hospital and Mercenary boosts. Next, we saw Gladiolus with his stats stealing abilities. Then now in the Dark World, it’s usually the latest Hero update that becomes the best, since stats are getting higher at an increasing rate. The best Trap is always flexible when it comes to changing it up. Although you can still defend without having the latest thing if you have a strong setup. 

Join us on Line to see tables made by fellow players so you can see if a Hero pack that you are looking at has enough medals and exp to get to you the level you need to unlock a special ability. 


With the release of different types of the same Gear Set, you might be a little confused as to what the best one is for Trapping. Each type has different boosts and the tables on Line will have them laid out for you to compare. Some will boost “defense” stats like HP, armor, and attack resistance. Others will boost “offense” stats like attack and march size. There might also be one that is “balanced” that boost all types of stats but in a moderate amount. You will need to pick the one that works best for you and whatever you need to have boosted at that time. You can also piecemeal sets together if that works out better. Like if the armor of one has the best attack stat and the accessory of another has the best HP, you are customizing it to work for you. 


Rainbow Gems
Rainbow Gems

The bigger, the better, right? Sometimes… If you have a Gem that you want in each piece of Gear, do not max combine that Gem! You will see that seven Level 9 Gems are better than one Level 10 and three Level 9’s. So combine until you have 7 or more of a Gem level for better results. There are TWO exceptions to this rule:

  1. Rainbow Gems. These combine and get 4x their stats when combined, so four Level 5 is the same as one Level 6.
  2. If you have more than 3 regular Gems that you want to use at a time. Then you can combine until you have a total of 21 Gems of all types to put into your Gear. This happens rarely, but it allows a LOT of flexibility when you can do this!

Realm Boosts

Trap Boosts
Realm Boosts

You should keep an eye on your realm boosts in case they might hinder your successful Trapping. If there is a boost that aids a troop type that your attacker might send but cripples you in any way, you need to change something to fix it. A recent boost that we’ve had boosted a higher tier troop type so much, that if you have any of a lower tier, you will most certainly burn! 

The answer to this was to dismiss every single lower tier troops. It seems counterproductive to dismiss troops to prevent a burn, but it works if they get cut through like butter. Smaller players with this knowledge were able to not only CAPTURE Heroes from people with millions of times more “power” than them, but they were also able to BURN them as well. 

A strategy is important when dealing with something that can change at any moment like a Realm Boost. Keep an eye on the chats for ways to deal with these. 

Citadel and Power Level for Traps

One of the key components of a Trap is their power level and Citadel level. The lower, the better. This will draw in attackers that think you are easy prey. But will they be mistaken! Eating marches from someone who is 20 levels higher than you because they thought they could take you easily is so much fun!

Keeping your power and Citadel low while maintaining the stats you need is a thin line to run on, but that is what makes Trapping so challenging. If you’re up for the challenge, here are some ways that you can try to keep your power low:

  • Don’t level up your buildings. Some players don’t even have all their Resource Buildings in their Empire, so their power will remain lower.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of leveling up your Heroes. If they are going to give you too much power, is it worth it for that extra skill? Do you REALLY need to get those trophies from the Moogle Monsters..? 
  • Astrals give a LOT of power at higher levels. If you don’t need to have all the skills to defend, you might not need those last few levels.
  • The more troops you have, the higher your power level. If you can defend and kill off a march with minimal troops, that’s great! You can always train more when you need a little extra attack.
  • Some troop types, like Elementals and some Mercenaries, give a lot of power. You will need to decide whether having a bunch of them benefits you more than hinders your Trapping potential.

Trapping Undercover

Tabula Rasa

The ultimate Trap sneaks around unknown and fools many an attacker into losing their precious troops and maybe even their Hero! You can use a Player Name Change to become someone new! An Empire Name Change is important too if you have an obvious Empire name. Those can be purchased in the Guild Store with Loyalty if you haven’t been able to gather any from Guild Gifts.

Another way to stay obscure is Tabula Rasa. This will completely reset your stats and your Hero Memorial, so you won’t look like an obvious Trap. Although other players’ Memorials will still state that you’ve banished their Hero, so it’s not an absolute way to conceal your identity. Also, titles will remain, so if you’re known as the Messages Corrected leader of your realm, you might not be able to hide in this way <sad trombone>.

Are You Ready to Trap?

Since you’ve learned the multitude of ways you can Trap, it’s time to get ready and test your might. The best Traps are constantly changing and always testing. So get with us on Discord and join the Trap Academy. Or join us on Line to discuss strategy with everyone else.

Make sure to like our content and if you want to stay up to date with our new releases, connect with us on Facebook or chat with us on our Discord and Line channels!

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