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With all of the blueprints and tomes readily available for free during recent events, many players now find themselves in a period of hyper-growth that they didn’t expect. Many players who were perfectly happy with their T6 Troops find themselves with an excess of blueprints and tomes and are now making the push to C60 and T7.

This article will show you what you can use to make your road to unlocking T7 Troops less expensive and a lot less painful. We will go over every possible way to reduce Divine Tome & Blueprint requirements, Divine Research & Construction Speed, and the amount of resources you’ll need to level your Citadel all the way up to 60.

How Powerful are T7 Troops?

Pretty dang powerful! Though they are no longer the most powerful troops in the game (Thanks to Elemancy Hall), unlocking T7 Troops as quickly as possible should be on the mind of every offensive player. Strangely, it’s not just the T7 Troops Warrior/Cavalry/Mage research that will make you stronger than your opponents. It’s also all of the research that leads up to actually unlocking them. Yes, painful as it may be, all of those prerequisites actually do serve a purpose. When mastered, you will gain:

  • +50% Crystal March Speed
  • +6,000% Siege Armor
  • +6,000% Warrior Armor
  • +6,000% Mage Armor
  • +6,000% Cavalry Armor
  • +350% Armor Piercing
  • +1,800% Siege Attack
  • +1,800% Warrior Attack
  • +1,800% Mage Attack
  • +1,800% Cavalry Attack

So, just how powerful are T7 Troops? Imagine attacking an Empire full to the brim with T4 Troops using nothing but T6 Troops. It’s like that, only a little stronger.  That means that your T5 Troops no longer stand a chance against T7 Troops and will very likely all be massacred in a single hit, unless, that is, you have a really, really good trap account.

roadmap to T7 Troops If you find yourself at the receiving end of a full T7 attack, then you already know the answer. If you repeatedly find yourself getting attacked by T7 Troops, then you need to quickly learn how to defend in a T7 world.


Preparing Your Roadmap to T7

Upgrading your Citadel to 50 is a landmark event. You’re finally done with those cursed Exalted blueprints and tomes, you unlocked your third Expansion building, and you just unlocked a full set of T6 (if you followed our Roadmap to T6!) The last thing you want to start thinking about is unlocking the next set of troops! And yet, the earlier you start strategizing your Road to T7 Troops, the easier it becomes.

So, as soon as you hit Citadel 50, you should start working on checking each of these things off of your checklist. None of these are necessarily a requirement before you can unlock T7 Troops, but will certainly ease you along your journey with speed and savings. This author would personally never recommend anyone start on Divine Research or Construction until all or most of these tasks have been checked off.

Level Ignis to 102 (or at least level 70!)

First, if you’ve gotten this far and still do not have Ignis above level 70, this game is about to get a whole lot harder for you.

At level 70, Ignis unlocks the Research Tome Cost Reduction Hero Skill. When mastered (at Ignis 101), this skill will reduce the total number of Divine Research Tomes required by up to 11%.

As you’re leveling up Ignis, make sure that you save every single Mastery Skill Point you get up until he reaches level 102. That is the earliest you will have enough Mastery Skill Points to unlock his Scientific Breakthrough skill, which further reduces the amount of Divine Research Tomes required by 5% (Don’t worry, you’re all done with Iggy after that).

Before you start your first Divine Research timer, it is recommended that you have a grand total of 16% Divine Research Tome Cost Reduction.

Yes, the first few pieces of research you do may require a pathetic amount of Divine Tomes and 16% isn’t the biggest cost reduction in the world, but in a few more levels, when your required to have a minimum of 20,000 Divine Research Tomes to complete just one research, you’ll be glad that you saved as many as possible.

That extra 16% reduction will be your saving grace, and by saving grace, I mean it will save you hundreds of dollars. In total, we estimate that approximately 500,000 Divine Research Tomes are required to fully unlock all T7 Troops. But seriously, don’t let that discourage you. You can totally do this with the right roadmap.

Other Ignis skills you will need to have mastered are Research Cost Reduction, which maxes out at 55% (level 101) and applies to every type of research at the University. Ignis also has a handy Research Speed Reduction skill that maxes out at 11% for Divine Research at level 101.

Other Ways to Reduce Divine Research Speed

Although Divine Research Speed should not be a problem when you need to buy enough packs of Divine Blueprints and Tomes to unlock T7, consider the following methods to reduce your Divine upgrade timers, and you’ll save yourself a pretty penny in the long run.

  • As always, your handy Zephyr’s Cape takes an additional 15% off all types of research speed, which gets bumped up to a 21% Research Speed reduction when you have T1 crafting research mastered.
  • One gear set you won’t find in the Mythic Forge is Divine Prospector’s. Every piece of equipment in this set was made for reducing both Exalted and Divine research. If you didn’t snag any of the Divine Prospector’s gear while the special event Proving Grounds dungeon was open, your only hope of getting one is by randomly opening a Guaranteed Legendary Gear chest (Moogle Market). Just one piece of Legendary Divine Prospector’s gear can reduce your Divine Research Speed by up to 50% (70% with T1 Crafting Research mastered).
  • If you were lucky enough to get your hands on some of those Hydraean’s Tempest accessories from the special event Proving Grounds dungeon during the last Realm of Champions event, you’ll be looking at some massive amounts of time taken off of your Divine Research.
  • Oracle Temple Lifetime Boosts, which we will go into more detail about in our next section.

Oracle Temple

Let’s face it. No one relies on Production Buildings to actually get their resources anymore. We rely on packs, events, farms and our guildmates. In no capacity does that imply that your resources, gold or platinum are infinite, because the Road to T7 is paved with greed and a consummate need for Spark, Crowns, Titanium and Slate.

Before you meander too far down your Road to T7, we strongly recommend getting these lifetime boosts from the Oracle Temple.

  • 50% T5 Building RSS Requirements
  • 50% T5 Research RSS Requirements
  • 100% Divine Research Time Reducer
  • 100% Divine Construction Time Reducer

Unfortunately, obtaining Artifacts and other materials for the Oracle Temple is notoriously difficult. You can buy a pack with the materials to crafts required these lifetime boosts by clicking on the missing material in the Oracle Temple, or if you’re lucky you can just buy the Instant Oracle Temple pack that already has the lifetime boost you need in it.

There aren’t any Divine Blueprint or Tome Reducers to be found in the Oracle Temple this time around, and the amount of both Tomes and Blueprints can spike dramatically within a few levels. The last thing you want to have to worry about is where you’re going to find more resources – which brings us to our next checkmark on the Roadmap to T7…

Limit Unnecessary Battles

Fighting uses up a lot of your T6 Troops, which require serious investment to train. Guess what else requires serious investment? Every upgrade on the Road to T7.

Now, by all means, I’m not saying don’t attack anyone! Just limit the amount of battles you fight in which you are sure to lose lots and lots of troops. Think about it like this: The fewer T6 Troops you lose (and have to re-train), the faster you will unlock T7 Troops. When you are about to go burn a level 49 empire with your new T7 Troops, you’ll be glad you did.

Economics Research

We already discussed this in the Roadmap to T6, but if you still haven’t already mastered everything in Economics Research, now is a perfect time to do that. Here is a list of the Economics Research you should have completed to help you on your journey to unlocking T7:

  • Construction Speed – Level 20
  • Research Cost Efficiency – Level 11
  • Construction Cost Efficiency – Level 8
  • Research Speed – Level 1

T7 Construction Requirements

The Road to T7 Troops is similar to your Road to T6 Troops, in that during the last 4 levels leading up to Citadel 60, you will be able to unlock one T7 Troop per level, which looks like this:

  • University 57 = T7 Siege
  • University 58 = T7 Warrior
  • University 59 = T7 Mage
  • University 60 = T7 Cavalry

As we discussed in the section above, there are no known ways to effectively reduce the number of Divine Building Blueprints required to get to c60, and only a limited number of Divine Construction Speed reducers. You will use most of your Divine Speedups on upgrading buildings if you have everything mentioned above that helps reduce your Divine Research Speed.

Thankfully, Divine Building Blueprints are relatively easy to obtain. Right now, you receive 5,000 Divine Blueprints from a bonus chest with every pack you buy, and an extra one when buying 5 packs in a 24-hour period. 30,000 Divine Blueprints for 5 packs is certainly not a bad deal and will get you pretty far in upgrading your Citadel. If you purchase 5 packs of the 1,000 Choose-Your-Own Divine Blueprints or Tomes x 25, you will be able to get up to 125,000 Divine Tomes! Always choose Divine Tomes over Blueprints in Choose-Your-Own chestsNot only do you need significantly more tomes than blueprints, but the Divine Blueprints are relatively easy to come by. On top of that, you get Moogle Market Credits, which should be used to purchase more Divine Choose-Your-Own Chests if and when the Moogle Marketplace is open.

Here are a few more ways you can get Divine Blueprints and Tomes:

  • Ascension Chests
  • Anniversary Chests
  • Sizzling Summer Chests
  • Any Special Event Chest
  • Attacking level 5-7 Monsters
  • Moogle Marketplace

Once you hit Citadel 60, you will still need to upgrade your Farm, Training Grounds, and University before you can start training all T7 Troops;  however, as long as all of those buildings are at least upgraded to level 58, you can use T7 Warriors.

T7 Combat Research

This author has personally witnessed people drop down to their knees and weep openly when they saw all of the requirements for T7 Troop Research. But they weren’t as prepared as you, if you have already completed everything previously mentioned in this article.

Thankfully, the Road to T7 Troop Research is pretty straightforward. You simply need to complete all of the research in between T6 Troops and T7 Troops. There are no hidden prerequisites and no backtracking. This is what it looks like:


As you make your way down the Road to T7 Research, there are a few things you’ll want to be mindful of. (Note: When the author mentions a specific level in this section, he is referring to the level of each research required prior to unlocking T7)

  1. The first T7 Troop you unlock at University 57 is T7 Siege and you only need to have Warrior, Mage & Cavalry Attack at level 1 to unlock it.
  2. DO NOT upgrade Mage Attack or Cavalry Attack any higher than 1 until you unlock T7 Warrior. You’re basically wasting tomes that don’t need to be used until way later.
  3. T7 Warrior is the next troop you can unlock. You’ll need to level up all of the research in between T6 and T7 to 16 except for Mage Attack and Cavalry Attack.
  4. After that, the next troop you can unlock is T7 Mage, which requires all of the research between T6 and T7 leveled up to 18 except for Cavalry Attack.
  5. Since we completed research in this order, after unlocking T7 Mage you will only need an additional 2 levels on the rest of the research, which wil master all research at level 20, including T7 Cavalry.

Be Prepared

Unlocking T7 Cavalry is notoriously difficult, since then last two levels of research will require the largest amount of Tomes. Prepare yourself so you’re not surprised by some of the largest T7 Research requirements.

Warrior Final 3 Requirements*

  • Warrior Attack lvl 18 > 19 = 20,000 Divine Research Tomes
  • Warrior Attack lvl 19 > 20 = 25,000 Divine Research Tomes
  • T7 Warrior Unlock = 30,000 Divine Research Tomes

Mage Final 3 Requirements*

  • Mage Attack lvl 18 > 19 = 20,000 Divine Research Tomes
  • Mage Attack lvl 19 > 20 = 25,000 Divine Research Tomes
  • T7 Mage Unlock = 30,000 Divine Research Tomes

Cavalry Final 3 Requirements*

  • Cavalry Attack lvl 18 > 19 = 20,000 Divine Research Tomes
  • Cavalry Attack lvl 19 > 20 = 25,000 Divine Research Tomes
  • T7 Cavalry Unlock = 30,000 Divine Research Tomes

*Your mileage may vary depending on what Research Tome Reductions you have.

Caring for T7 Troops

Congratulations on unlocking a full set of T7 Troops! Now, go forth and celebrate by burning your entire realm to the ground.

T7 Troops require a dedicated amount of time and resources to care for. One of the first things you’ll notice when you go to build T7 Troops for the first time is the costliness. To instant train 100,000 of any T7 troops requires approximately 25,000,000 Platinum.

Given the costliness of T7 Troops and the fiendish amount of Platinum that is required for Elite Upgrades, it’s easy to see how one could quickly run out of Platinum. Until we start seeing copious amounts of Platinum available in packs (like, trillions) you’ll want to be mindful as to where and how you use your precious T7’s. Unless you have an Amex Black Card on file with iTunes, be careful! T7 Troops are not expendable and by no means cheap!


Everyone’s roadmap to T7 will be different. Some players may have significantly higher Divine Research Tome and resource requirements for each piece of research because they don’t have everything we recommend here. That is perfectly fine. You don’t need to wait until your Ignis hits level 102 before you start on your roadmap to T7. Do what you can afford to do and do it at your own pace, because while everyone will take a slightly different road, the destination is the same.

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