Trap Guide: Burn Trapping

For many players of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, one of the biggest indicators of success in a battle is whether or not the opponent is burning. Often, in large events such as RvR, players will even attack blindly without checking their battle reports to see how well they’ve done, and simply base their grounds for success on whether or not the empire they’ve targeted is on fire.

However, experienced trap players — and burn traps, in particular — know that true success is not determined by whether or not an empire is on fire, but by whichever party has more power destroyed.

If you’re reading this article and are confused what a trap is, check out Trap Guide: Intro to Trapping before returning to this article.

This guide will discuss how to effectively build a burn trap in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, as well as explore some burn trap strategies which can be effective when playing events such as RvR and Guild Kill.

What is a Burn Trap?

A burn trap is an empire that has the ability to defend against attacks while being on fire and winning by power destroyed. This type of trap is also often successful at killing a good chunk of the attacker’s power and troops, while not losing as many troops of their own. The troops that are lost frequently are troops that can be easily rebuilt without it costing as many resources or gold, in comparison with the attacker’s losses.

A good example of a low level burn trap would be a Citadel 14 trap that can kill 17K T4s per march with just T1 troops. While the trap will suffer defeat in every single hit and will burn, the sheer volume of T4s being killed will be far more costly for the T4 player than the T1 troops that are being slaughtered.

Good C14 burn traps have the ability to kill over 100K T4 troops in less than 10 hits, while only losing T1 troops that are not nearly as difficult to replace or as costly as T4.

However, because the T1 troops still do need to be replaced, a C14 burn trap can end up getting a little more costly than a C19 burn trap.

In the following example, a C19 with a T1/T2/trap setup and a level 42 Noctis defends against a T4 heroless march.

FFXVaneHub - Burn Trap Guide
FFXVaneHub - Burn Trap Guide

Of the 45,000 T4 troops that were sent, 34,426 were killed — this was a very costly hit for the attacker, while the defender only lost 21,329 T1 troops and some traps (which we don’t recommend building, unless your goal is to burn). The rest of the losses were all hospitalized.

For the inexperienced, unsavvy attacker who doesn’t necessarily check battle reports between hits, and bases success on whether or not they’re burning their opponent, this type of trapping can be not only fun, but also can be drawn out interminably. Every time you’re hit, simply heal (but do not remake traps — it gets too costly). You’ll burn every hit, but you’ll also win massively on power destroyed.

When you compare -130K vs -275K power destroyed, it’s not hard to figure out who was the real winner of this battle!

If your goal is to avoid losing any troops at all, you may want to consider utilizing health trap principles.

A health trap is a trap that focuses on being able to hospitalize troops with minimal troop loss. Casualties are usually only ever hospitalized, and the trap is able to recover quickly by healing their troops repeatedly, without ever needing to remake their troops, due to a very high hospital capacity that can mitigate all losses.

An example of this would be a C19 burn trap with a level 37 Luna, T3 troops, and Guardians, while defending against a high level T5 player. (If you’re wondering how to get T3 in a C19, join us on Discord to ask.)

Here is an example:

FFXVaneHub - Burn Trap Guide


As you can see from the above report, the C19 trap burned upon being hit by a level 92 Prompto wearing full Glacian Gear Set. However, if you look very closely at the report, you might notice that 31,808 troops were wounded, while no traps or troops were killed. Additionally, the burn trap won by 1000 power destroyed — where the T5 account managed to destroy -127K power, the burn trap won by -128K. While the margin of victory is small, what followed after more than made up for it:

FFXVaneHub - Burn Trap Guide


Oftentimes, burn traps may burn when hit by a march led by a hero, but can win a heroless march. As you can see, in this example, the margin of victory is quite significant — the burn trap won by a huge margin, with the attacker only succeeding in destroying -37.8K power, while the burn trap destroyed -240K power and won the attack.

Sometimes, this may lead the attacker getting angry and trying harder to burn the trap; especially if they aren’t experienced against fighting trap players, and are very confused as to why a C19 just won’t burn no matter what they do.

This can be great, especially if you are playing RvR and happen to be in the enemy realm. Burn traps are sometimes the highest scorers in RvR because of their ability to attract a huge amount of hits in a very short amount of time. However, be cautious burn trapping in your home realm; if you are not winning by a 5:1 ratio of power destroyed, then you’re probably giving up points to the enemy realm. Be sure to check battle reports and do the math! Bubble if you think you may be losing on power destroyed!

How to Build a Burn Trap

If you are in a new realm that’s less than three months old, to build a burn trap very quickly, you will have to be prepared to invest around $250-$350 in packs. (Unfortunately, this is the case if you want to be very fast and rush this process.)  You can absolutely still do this if you are F2P, but this will take much longer to do as a free player in a newer realm. But be patient, and you will eventually be able to have this setup.

(Note: If you are in an older realm over three months old, you should be able to build a burn trap for free relatively easily, simply by playing events for gold, speed ups, and resources. However, be advised that if your realm launched with the game, you’ll probably need mercenaries to burn trap against T5 and T6 players. This is not the guide to follow if you’re defending against those type of enemies — so keep an eye out for future trap guides that will teach you how to defend, or join the Trap Academy on our Discord!)

Without much ado, here are our suggestions for players who want to burn trap in newer realms that do not yet have Mercenaries or Luna:

1. Buy the following packs: $5 tripler pack, $20 building queue, $100 double loyalty, $100 research pack, $100 building pack. (If F2P you can ignore this, but  if you are serious about this game, please consider throwing down $25 into 2 very good packs.)

2. Make 10 of each type of building/farm and then destroy it. This will give you a 24 hour shield each time you finish the quest. Once you’ve completed this, build the buildings you need and upgrade everything to level 14 (or level 19, if your goal is to trap more efficiently). Inside the empire, build all barracks first, to get ready to spam troops.

3. Research everything you can possibly research in combat, defense, and hero. You can ignore economics for now. Unlock T2 and make sure to 100% max out every category you can research in combat, and make sure to unlock everything you can possibly unlock and research in defense.  Spend a little bit unlocking monster hunter 2. This is important because this will help you get gear. You can actually even go ahead and unlock Monster Hunter 3 to get better mats.

4. Work on getting better gear. Your goal is to start off by crafting full gold Hunter Gear if your hero level is under level 30. This is very important. Do not skimp out on this. Spend your time doing nothing but hitting monsters and collecting mats!

Combine all gems and mats until you get purple or gold. Since Hunter Gear is easier to come by it’s not an issue if you craft some purple gear first, but it’s a lot easier if you don’t waste mats and get full gold from the get-go.

If it’s available in your game, you can also spend a little money on Proving Grounds and running through the Gunslinger Dungeon or the Undertaker Dungeon to get a legendary gear set. If your realm is very young, you most likely will not have these options, unfortunately. However, keep an eye out for when they become available.

5. When your combined gems are lvl 3 minimum (though, lvl 5 is far better), you can begin to put gems in your gear. You want 1 purple, 1 green, and 1 troop attack gem. You will want to focus on your various troop attack gems to vary between Warrior, Cavalry, and Mage. Don’t equip trap or siege attack. Your goal is to increase troop attack as much as possible.

(Have you noticed that you haven’t made any troops yet?)

6. For your Hero Skill Points, put all of them down the left side if possible. This will massively suck for your Economics, but if your goal is to burn trap, this is the single best thing you can do to ensure success. Place some points in Hero for your monster attack, and then focus on increasing your Troop Attack to at least 20/20/20 in Warrior, Cavalry, and Mage, with the rest of your points in HP.  (We recommend a minimum of 23/23/23 and the rest in HP if possible, but this will usually require you to have a Noctis level above 40.)

7. When you have the right gear and all research done, you are ready to make troops finally. At this point, you will want to put on a bubble and make the minimum:

  • 50,000 of each T1 Warrior/Mage/Cavalry
  • 200,000 of each T2 Warrior/Mage Cavalry


  • You can consider building an additional 200,000 T1 siege meat wall. Yes, siege do die more easily, but in higher quantities, they are annoying to kill.
  • You can consider building traps if you really want to increase the “burn” part of your burn trapping, but be advised that traps are expensive and you’re probably better off just building more troops instead.

8. When troops are done, destroy all barracks inside your empire except for 3. Make the rest of your empire hospitals and level it all up to whatever city level you are (ideally 19). Your goal is to try to get your hospital capacity as high as possible. The higher your hospital capacity, the more likely you’ll be able to fight against T4 marches (and/or eat them) with only T1, with very low losses.

9. DO NOT MAKE TRAPS IN YOUR TRAP WHEN DEFENDING AGAINST T4. This may seem weird, but you’re just gonna lose them against T4 anyway, so it’s pointless. If you’re fighting against T5, you’re better off just putting on a bubble, because you’ll be zeroed. To read more on why you don’t want traps in your setup against higher level players, read our Hot Tips: Defense & Trapping 1.0 Guide

Defending T4 Attacks

1. If you can get reinforced by T3, T4, or even T5, this is the best.

2. When T4 hits you, make sure you have all of your resource packs unlocked or enough resources to heal your troops. It is very important that you have a good volume of resources in order to heal! Without resources, your hospital will not heal.

3. Heal troops between each attack! Queue all and heal. It will cost no gold to heal T1. If you are running enough T1 sieges, they won’t get to your T2, and if you did everything right, you should be killing a good amount of their troops each time.

4. If your goal is to completely zero a T4 march, this is what you will need:

  • Minimum C19
  • 440K of each T2
  • Lvl 42 hero
  • Minimum Starter Gear: Gold Hardedge, Gold Hunter Helm, Gold Battle Boots, Gold Hunter Carapace, Gold Gathering Gloves (which give HP)
  • Best Starter Gear: Gold Arbiter Judgment, Gold Arbiter Talisman, Gold Sentinel Aegis, Gold Sentinel’s Watch, Gold Sentinel’s Plate, Gold Sentinel’s Greaves
  • Best Intermediate Gear: Gold Arbiter Judgment, Gold Sentinel’s Watch, Gold Gunslinger’s Coat, Gold Gunslinger’s Boots, Gold Arbiter Talisman, Gold Sentinel Aegis
  • All pieces must be gemmed with 1 Health, 1 Armor, and 1 Troop Attack

With the above setup, you will be able to zero heroless T4 marches up to C36, and can cap C30-32 depending on hero level/gear/research of attacker.

Extra Notes

1. Make sure to work on leveling up your hero to level 30 or higher. Once you are level 30 you can unlock Sentinel gear which means you will be able to defend even better. Of course, the best city defense gear in the game is still Undertaker’s Gear Set. Click here to read more gear recommendations.

2. Spend all your time farming. You only need to make enough marches for resource gathering and farming.

3. You can still be zeroed if you are asleep or away from game. This is why double loyalty pack is important. That way you can always buy an 8 hour shield. If you buy any pack, double loyalty is the one you need.

4. If you have no shield, you will need to fake rally out your hero but the chances of your entire city going kaput and zeroed is much higher, so play at your own risk.

5. If you have a Citadel level already higher than 14, check your research. Look at Defense, Combat, and Hero. Is it fully maxed out at your level? If it isnt, that is what you have to work on. If your gear is not gold, you will need to work on that as well.

Most importantly: Stop caring so much about your power level or troop count. It means nothing if you can’t defend yourself and/or actually hurt your attacker.

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