Exclusive Beginners Guide to Combat

The Beginning Essentials to Offense, Defense, Trapping and More

In Final Fantasy, there are many different styles of Combat. As I’m sure several of us point out to others, this is a war game. It simply comes down to hitting someone else or to be hit ourselves. There is no ”right” way of playing it; just whatever way you wish to.

Regardless of your gameplay, it is significant to utilize your:

  • Hero
  • Research
  • Gear
  • Gems
  • Auxiliary Buildings

Doing so will grant the greatest benefit for your Empire.


The main purpose of being an offensive player is to defeat or destroy your enemy force by sending a march to an enemy Empire. Unless you know your opponent, never assume you will always win. Unless you have the Uncapturable Hero Core in your Nexus, then just go nuts.

Scouting is an important tactic. I cannot press it enough how important this is. Scouting is good to use to see if people are online. Or if they will bubble and of course their scout report. Their Scout report will tell you what they have so you can counter it when hitting them. Every single troop has their own strengths and weaknesses. If they are Anti-Scout you can send a non-hero march with your Astral to see if you get a march return along with their Battle Report. The Battle Report will tell you what they have in their Empire just like a Scout Report would.

If there is a stronger Empire you would like to target and they are eating up about half of your marches or more then you may want to Rally instead. A Rally is a group of people striking on an Empire lead by one person aka Rally leader.

Keep in mind that the Rallies and solo attacks mechanics are the same within the exception of Rally specific Boosts and Gems. Rallies will give greater results as there are more Astrals and troops being sent.


If you do not feel like attacking Empires, then defending may be your alternative. When defending your Research is KEY. Get those banks and hospital beds ready to go. Hospital Wards will raise the number of Troops your hospital can hold as well as increase your Troop HP. Banks will increase your Armor which works for both offense and defense. Train a load of Troops so it is harder and takes longer to zero you. If you eat up an offense players marches consistently then they will likely leave you alone after a few attacks. Unless you trolled them, then I’m sorry I cannot help you there. Then at that point, all I can suggest is for you to make sure you have a bubble or two in your inventory.


Do you want strong Offense players to hit you purposely? Do you want to look like an easy target, in other words, appear weaker than you really are? The importance of understanding the purpose of trapping is to be attacked and win. Unlike Defense players Traps WANT to be hit, they want to be tested and pushed to their limits.  

Make sure you keep your Citadel as well as your power low to look appealing to attackers. It is also imperative that you MAX ALL YOUR RESEARCH as much as possible. It is your goal to make your Troops as strong as you can. Similar to a Defense build, build your Hospital Wards and Banks to boost your Troop HP along with Troop Armor.

When being a Trap player, you should always have Anti-Scout up so they can underestimate you. What is more glorious than a strong Offense player hitting you with a March or Rally and left confused because they cannot burn you? Don’t be afraid to ask some strong Guild members to help reinforce your Empire. The best part of them helping you is that it will not show on Anti-Scout.

Your Gear and Gems are some of the most important elements besides your Research. Most Trap players wear pure Defense Gear then when their Hospital Beds are full they either heal it and continue to do so. Or when their Hospital Beds get full they switch to Attack Gear to focus on damaging the oncoming Solo marches coming at them. The beauty of Hero Mastery Skills is that their boosts work no matter what Hero is equipped so make sure you take advantage of the Defense and Balanced Boosts they provide. Also, do not forget to use Defensive Boosts (Limit Breaks, Cores, etc.) as well!


Being the Emperor of the Realm is probably everyone’s goal at one point playing this game. Capturing the Crystal gives you a temporary boost and bragging rights. Once you have the Crystal you can assign green (positive) or red (negative) titles to whomever you would like.

When you see on the Realm chat that the Crystal has been dispatched, it means it is up for grabs. When you attack the Crystal and claim it, you must defend it for twelve hours. Ask your Guild members to come to help you reinforce it by filling it up with their Troops and Astrals. Once the Crystal is captured and undefeated for that time period it goes into Protection Mode for three days or until a specialty event like RvR comes up. If at any time anyone gets kicked out of the Crystal, the timer resets back to twelve hours. Unless it is the end of RvR or any special event then it automatically goes into Protection Mode. If you are seeing the Crystal go crazy towards the end that would be why.

Empire Barrier

Have you ever had one of those moments when you feel like you lose out on sleep at night from being paranoid about the possibility of being attacked and losing everything? I believe we all have those nights even though we do not want to admit this problem. Shielding or putting up a bubble around your Empire ensures your safety meaning no one can Scout or Attack for the duration of your Empire’s Barrier. They can be obtained by purchasing them with your Loyalty Points and Events. If you are running low on Loyalty maybe ask a Guildmate to gift you one through Gift Mode is an alternative.


Realm versus Realm has been one of the most popular events in Final Fantasy in the last couple of years. Are you bored with hitting the same targets in your home realm over and over again? Want some fresh meat? Or black bean patties for the vegetarians out there, don’t worry I got you. Then RvR maybe your thing.

During Realm versus Realm, you go to the Event Tab to view which Realm(s) you are against. Choose the one you are interested in, then look around for a location you desire to to go. Click on the area and use one of the RvR Ports (it will automatically pop up for you along with the timers listed)  When you port to an enemy Realm you will then have the amount of time you have chosen in your enemies Realm. The more you burn the more points you get for solo and guild points.

Here are some tips I give my Guild for RvR:

  • Use your Empire Barrier if you will not be online as its frowned upon to give away points to the other Invaders
  • Do NOT attack invaders in the home realm if you are not 100% positive you will override the power lost
  • Put one troop encampments out surrounding yourself or your hive to slow down invaders, it makes it unappealing to them as it will take up their port timer
  • Do not loot on tiles for the duration of the event if you will not be online to watch it
  • Have a couple of players who do not want to go look around for coordinates for the ones who port over
  • Recall the troops from your Garrisons as they count for points as well. If you are really worried about your wells being looted then empty them beforehand.

Neutral Realm

This big event is when ALL the Realms come into one to do an event. When entering the Neutral Realm using the port that it’s named after (which you can obtain by doing events or sometimes Luna is generous enough to gift then through gifts or mail) you will get a different list of Events to earn special prizes which you can only get in that realm during that time. Keep in mind the Leaderboards for the neutral event are Server-wide.


Bloodbath is basically if Realm versus Realm and Neutral Realm had a baby. The difference is that it is much more intense since your Event Points are based on kills. No biggie right? Once you enter the Realm, players will get a massive March Size and Rally boost so keep that in mind and be careful. Most Players believe prizes are worth risking your Empire over. If you’re not wanting to potentially risk everything then work with your Guild and form a plan. Some drop tags and hit each other and some like to join the bigger player Rallies and contribute to kills.

Super Realm of the Champions/Realm of the Champions

This is one of my favorite events because this event relies on your ENTIRE Guild to work together to compete against the Realm to come out on top. There will be a three main event for the Guild, one solo event, and a series of smaller events to earn points for both the Guild and solo event. The top three Guilds who win will receive a teleport to be able to go to the Suler Realm of the Champions while Guilds who placed fourth to sixth place will go to the Realm of the Champions for seven days. Once you have won and got the opportunity to gain access to one of the two Realms there will be special Luna Gifts, exclusive early bird access to a release before the others get the chance to obtain, and special events.


Are you the best player on the Server? Then come show us what you are made of in the Titan Realm! It is pretty much a Crystal battle on steroids. Battle with the mightiest players across the Server to prove your worth and come out on top as the Supreme Emperor, as it comes with bragging rights and an exclusive title.

Well, that covers the simplicity of general Combat of Final Fantasy. Which playstyle do you prefer? Which events are your favorite? Comment below or join us on Line or Discord and let us know! Stay tuned for more in-depth guides for Combat!

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