Hold the Fort!

Strategize with your Guild to hold down the Forts and come out on top!

It looks like there is a new type of event on the horizon! If you like fighting, then this is for you. Lately, we have had a couple of Disputed Realm Fort Invasion events occurring in Eos. Get your Heroes, Astrals, and Mounts ready to go, do not forget the tacos! We cannot have them going hungry mid-battle! I do not know about you, but I would not want an empty stomach if I am about to swing my sword and bash some heads. 

Read on below to discover more about the Disputed Realm and their Forts.

What is so special about this event?

The Disputed Realm is a Neutral Realm that contains these glorious things we call Forts. The whole server will have the opportunity to port to the Disputed Realm to compete with their Guilds to capture as well as have the chance to hold all five different Strongholds. 

To get to this Disputed Realm, you will need a Disputed Realm Fort Invasion Teleport to have the ability to enter. Make sure to watch your Luna Gifts, as Luna will generously gift Disputed Realm Ports! More importantly, when you claim these Realm Ports, they will expire one hour after claiming them, so be careful and plan with your Guild. 

Capturing a Fort not only gives you benefits but also gives your ENTIRE Guild the same boosts as well but on a smaller scale. The stats do stack, so the more you capture, the better! Each individual player can claim and hold up to 11 of them if you manage to be successful.

Capturing a Fort

Once you’ve Ported to the Disputed Realm, the battle begins! I would recommend you to set up a few March Presets to make this more efficient. In fact, each of the Fort has its strengths and weakness, so make sure you pay attention and counteract what is needed to overpower them. Each of the Strongholds will contain Sentries to protect themselves, in order to capture the Forts you need to defeat them. 

Alright, Rose, so I captured a Fort now what?

First things first, check out the sweet boosts you just got for you and the Guild! These Forts can be upgraded to provide additional benefits to your Empire along with giving your Guild increased stats. Each of them has ten levels, with each level advancing the benefits even further. I personally would not level them until the event itself is over, so I do not waste my Blueprints if someone else manages to take over my Fort. Some Players, on the other hand, prefer to have all the benefits right out of the gate. So it is based more on preference.

If you plan to be around for a while, you may reinforce them as if you were holding the Crystal. Keep in mind that if you do reinforce the Forts, just like owning the Crystal, you cannot put up your Empire Barrier for the duration of holding them. Also, for every hour that you manage the Strongholds, the more Fort Sentry Troops will add to your Fort’s strength. The Sentry Troops are automatic, so do not worry about figuring that out. 

As you can see in the photo above, you also have the opportunity to abandon your Fort as well if you wish to. For Example, leaving them may be useful if you are reinforcing it, an enemy is attacking you, and you would like your reinforcements at home to aid you. Also, if you know, you are about to port home and do not want the chance of a million day march back home if the Stronghold gets defeated.

Disputed Chests/Rewards

Now, remember I mentioned above a couple of times that you and your Guild would get the stats associated with the Forts you claimed. Each of them has different bonuses, and they do stack with one another. These bonuses automatically apply as soon as the Forts are declared and will remain so until they are defeated. 

Luna will gift Disputed Chests for holding the Forts. The more you own, the more gifts!

Here are the times Luna Gifts will provide the Disputed Chests 

(please convert to your timezone)

  • 5 pm PDT/ 12 am UTC
  • 11 pm PDT/ 6 am UTC
  • 5 am PDT/ 12 pm UTC
  • 11 am PDT/ 6 pm UTC

Each Disputed Chest from Luna potentially consists:

  • Choose your own 500M MP
  • Disputed Realm Fort Blueprints Chests
  • Fort Blueprints
  • Dark Adventure Contracts
  • Gift Dark Adventurers Contact to your Friend
  • Megalixir
  • Dark Ether
  • Disputed Realm Fort Invasion Teleports (these do not expire!)
  • Disputed Realm as well as Emblem Gift Tiles

Disputed Realm Gift Tiles contain Fort Blueprint Chests. In addition to Choose Item: Fort Noctis, Luna, Gladio, Prompto, or Ignis Blueprints Chests, you can obtain. 

Emblem Gift Tiles encloses Regal Guild Emblems, Divine Guild Emblems, as well as Gift 1M Regal and Divine Guild Emblems to a friend. 

Mastery Skills

Want some assistance with these Forts to increase your overall chances of ownership of these stunning Strongholds? Get your King Noctis and Ardyn to 350+ to upgrade your possibilities of conquering them.

King Noctis’ Mastery Skill Tree incorporates Dark Troop Attack, HP, as well as Armor against the enemies Sentry Troops.

Ardyn’s Mastery Skill Tree provides additional power towards Disputed Realms Dark Assault Armor, Attack, along with HP against enemy Forts. 

Chaos Battle Core

(October 15th, 2019)

Equip the Chaos Battle Core from your Crystal Nexus in order to increase your Disputed Realm Dark Troop as well as HP.

Next, check out some neat details about Fort Ignis, Prompto, Luna, Gladio, as well as Noctis!

Fort Ignis

With Fort Ignis, you may only capture one as well as only being able to Solo it. Fort Ignis requires Fort Ignis Blueprints to level. 

Fort Ignis

Strength: None

Weakness: None

Owner/Guild Benefits

  • Dark Mercenary Attack, Armor, as well as HP with Hero
  • Dark Neutral City Extreme Attack Massacre
  • Dark Troop Attack, Armor, in addition to HP 
  • Dark Elemental Attack, Armor also HP with Hero
  • MP Recovery
  • Dungeon HP, Healing, along with Physical Damage Bonus

Fort Prompto

You may capture three of the Fort Prompto Forts. You may also Solo or Rally this one. Fort Prompto requires Fort Prompto Blueprints to level.

Fort Prompto

Strength: Dark Mages, Airships, as well as Fire Troops 

Weakness: Dark Warrior, Guardians, Earth in addition to Lightning Troops

Owner/Guild Benefits

  • Dark Lightning Troop Attack, HP, as well as Armor
  • Dark Neutral City Extreme Attack Massacre
  • Dark Juggernaut Attack, Armor, also HP
  • Dark Cavalry Attack, Armor, in addition to HP
  • MP Recovery
  • Dungeon HP, Healing, plus Physical Damage Bonus

Fort Luna

Fort Luna will allow you to control three of them as well as the ability to Solo or Rally. Luna’s Stronghold requires Fort Luna Blueprints to level. 

Fort Luna

Strength: Dark Warriors, Juggernauts, along with Earth Troops

Weakness: Dark Cavalry, Airships, as well as Fire Troops

Owner/Guild Benefits

  • Dark Guardian Attack, Armor, as well as HP
  • Dark Neutral City Extreme Attack Massacre
  • Dark Mage Attack, Armor, along with HP
  • Dark Ice Attack, Armor, in addition to HP
  • MP Recovery
  • Dungeon HP, Healing, including Physical Damage Bonus

Fort Gladio

Fort Gladio also allows you to capture and hold three Forts. You as well can Solo or Rally this one. Fort Gladio requires Fort Gladio Blueprints to level. 

Fort Gladio

Strength: Dark Cavalry, Guardians, plus Lightning Troops

Weakness: Dark Mage, Juggernauts, Mechs, also Ice Troops

Owner/Guild Benefits

  • Dark Airship Attack, Armor, along with HP
  • Dark Neutral City Extreme Attack Massacre
  • Dark Warrior Attack, Armor, as well as HP
  • Dark Earth Attack, Armor, in addition to HP
  • MP Recovery 
  • Dungeon HP, Healing, together with Physical Damage Bonus

Fort Noctis

Like Fort Ignis, you may only conquer one of them. But in contrast with Fort Ignis, Fort Noctis only allows you to Rally it to have the ability to capture it. This Stronghold requires Fort Noctis Blueprints to level. 

Fort Noctis

Strength: None

Weakness: None

Owner/Guild Benefits

  • Dark Troop Attack, Armor, including HP
  • Dark Astral Attack
  • Dark Elemental Attack, Armor, along with HP
  • Dark Neutral City Extreme Attack Massacre
  • Dark Elemental Attack, Armor plus HP
  • MP Recovery
  • Dungeon HP, Healing, as well as Physical Damage Bonus

The Disputed Realm is Closing what happens with my Forts?

When the Disputed Realm closes, you now are officially the owner of the Strongholds until the next time the Disputed Realm opens again! You will continue to receive Disputed Chests full of goodies as well as keep the bonuses these beauties contain. With that being said, when the Disputed Realm opens again, all progress will be reset, and the Forts will be available to capture once again. Keep in mind, the Blueprints you used to level the Forts will not return to you when the Event resets.

The best part of all this is when the Event ends; a Realm-wide Truce will be placed along with the Disputed Realm remaining under protection until then. The Realm-wide Truce is so that if a player decides to use a one hour port to the Disputed Realm ten minutes before the Event ends. Those 50 minutes that player will not be allowed to attack your Forts. So I guess he or she is just going to have to chill and enjoy some lakeside view and grab a beer until their port is up.

In conclusion, what do you think about these Strongholds? Which ones do you prefer? Is there a strategic tip you’d like to share with us? Comment below or join us on Social Media, aka Line and Discord and let us know!

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