Catoblepas Destroyer Review

On the eve of the last Battle for Titan, the strongest mercenary troop in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire was released: the Catoblepas Destroyer.

This new mercenary is unlike any other type of troop seen before in the game. Not only do they pack an incredibly powerful punch, but they also seem to break the very foundations of the game. Everything players thought they knew about the game was upended the moment of their arrival.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the Catoblepas Destroyer, explains their stats, how they function, how to get them, and whether or not they are worth investing in.

Catoblepas Destroyers and How to Get Them

The Catoblepas Destroyers are a new type of troop known as Juggernauts. They require Juggernaut Plating and Mercenary Rations to train, and consume corn. You also need to have your Mercenary Fighting Pits upgraded to Level 5 in order to train them, as well as over 4 million gold or Royal Speedups in order to train 1 batch.

In order to get the materials needed to train them, you have to buy a Catoblepas Destroyer pack when it is available in your store, and when the troops are available to train.


These are the stats the Catoblepas Destroyers had when they first came out:

  • ONE HUNDRED TIMES the Attack of T5 Troops
  • ONE HUNDRED TIMES the Health of T5 Troops
  • DOUBLE Attack and Health when fighting on the Crystal and the Crystal Scar
  • Deals 2x Damage vs Warrior, Mage and Cavalry Troops
  • Weak against Siege

Their stats have since changed and they presently have the following stats:

  • ONE HUNDRED TIMES the Attack of T5 Troops
  • ONE HUNDRED TIMES the Health of T5 Troops
  • DOUBLE Attack and Health when fighting on the Crystal and the Crystal Scar
  • Deals 3x Damage vs Warrior
  • Deals 2x Damage vs Mage and Cavalry Troops
  • Slaying one of these beasts is worth 100 Kills
  • Weak against Siege

Because the Destroyers were released the same day of Titan, most Titan participants picked them up, only to discover that 1 pack of 6 million Juggernaut Plating only produced 20 Catoblepas Destroyers at a cost of over 4 million gold or Royal Speedups each time. At present, packs only carry 3 million Juggernaut Plating materials, which means you can only train a maximum of 10 per pack.

Catoblepas Destroyers Review

Prior to the release of Catoblepas Destroyers, game strategy was largely dependent on a number of factors that included: Hero Level and Skills, Gear, Gems, Research, Boosts, and battle strategy. How well a player built their empire and understood game mechanics determined the success or failure of any attack or defense.

Offensive players felt the need to continue challenging themselves by figuring out the right troop mix in rallies or marches, selecting the right monsters to accompany their marches, and equipping the best gear. A good deal of trial and error was required to ensure success against empires in solo attacks, and great teamwork was always necessary in any kind of rally.

Defensive and trap players were challenged to defend successfully against every attack on their empire, which ultimately came down to their build, troop count and formation, hero, and gear. Against increasingly strong attackers, players had to continuously change the makeup of their empire to ensure that they would not be burned.

There was always the possibility of failure, which was what made the game exciting — no one ever knew for sure if the rally or attack would succeed or fail.

However, with the introduction of Catoblepas Destroyers, all of the hard work put into building up accounts by both offensive and defensive players suddenly became obsolete and completely unnecessary.

It suddenly became possible to burn a T6 player with less than 5 of these troops, or a T5 player with only 3 and no hero, which players at Titan discovered with equal parts shock, amusement, and horror.

The last Battle for Titan became a farce of an event — no one could set rallies, because anyone could simply send 3 or 4 of these troops and burn them off the scar. Despite the fact that these players were ostensibly the strongest players in the entire game — most weighing in well over 100 million power, with millions of T5 troops in house — not a single player could escape being burned by these troops.

Teamwork also became obsolete in the face of the Catoblepas Destroyers.

It was no longer necessary to work together with a team to rally a full crystal or Titan. All that was necessary was to send a solo march or rally with just a few of the Destroyers and a strong hero, and the attack would immediately win, every time. No longer did teams have to figure out the correct makeup of troops to beat whatever was in the crystal or Titan; nor was it necessary to work with other teams to set rallies that would hit seconds apart from one another. In fact, Titans on multiple servers were conquered with solo rallies that contained less than 10 Destroyers.

Notably, (7SiN) Marikess from Realm 291 reported that she solo marched on a crystal filled with T5s with just 1 Destroyer and her hero, and won the crystal effortlessly.

The Catoblepas Destroyers ensured that victory could be purchased with just a few packs and speedups, and immediately became known as game breaking troops.

In the weeks that followed, it seemed that the days of capturing a hero and relentlessly defending against all attempts to free the hero were over. No trap was safe anymore — anyone could be burned, including offensive players who previously reveled in being able to capture heroes for Banish Boosts and holding onto them. A player who had just unlocked T3 could effectively send 5 Destroyers at a T5 player and burn them without any fear of losing their hero, which made efforts to zero and capture heroes seemingly meaningless.

Despite the fact Catoblepas Troops are glass cannons that die easily when using just a few against a big empire or control point, the amount of damage they cause, and the way they seem to break every aspect of the game — from empire defense to empire attack to crystal and Titan battles — makes them ultimately the most disastrous troop that could have been released for the game.

They have been derisively called “cheat troops” and “troll troops” by players across the entire game, and Titan contenders called the last Titan a “Fail Titan” due to the fact that the event did not require any teamwork to win — a huge problem, when Titan is supposed to be an event that demonstrates the pinnacle of teamwork by the best players in the game.

Should You Get These Troops?

The Catoblepas Destroyers were released again last week ahead of RvR, and many players discovered that they were nerfed. While it is not as effortless to burn players with just 3 or 5 of these troops anymore, it is still possible to burn with a low amount. (We aren’t going to say how many, or what the conditions must be — you are going to have to do some testing and discover this for yoursef.)

However, due to the fact that these troops are glass cannons and die very easily when used in such a way, the cost can become quite prohibitive.

Some players choose to use Catoblepas Destroyers in marches, with a significant meatshield to protect them, as they die last in rallies and in solo attacks. However, because they are so slow moving, unless you are right next to the empire you’re attacking, or have march speedups, it might not be ideal to use them in timed events such as RvR.

Additionally, the current packs only lets you make 10 at a time, which makes them extremely expensive. Given how easily they die if used to solo an empire or take a crystal or Titan, you will need to decide if they really are worth investing in, as a single Catoblepas Destroyer is currently worth $10 USD.

In general, most serious players think Catoblepas Destroyers are not good for the game and should not continue to be released. However, for as long as they are in play, serious Titan and crystal contenders have no choice but to either invest in them, or give up on the idea of ever winning.

Only time will tell the impact these devastating mercenaries will have on the game.

Update 3/21/2018: Since the writing of this article, the Catoblepas Destroyers seem to have been nerfed even more, and now it is very difficult to burn empires with a small amount of these troops. However, these troops are in fact quite good to use want a bigger punch in your solo march. Simply add them to your march behind a large meatwall after you’ve confirmed that your march won’t get zeroed. They will increase the amount of damage by quite a bit, which can be helpful in events such as RvR. While they are still extremely expensive to get, they no longer are quite as game breaking as they once were, and players have stopped calling them “cheat troops,” as you can’t really burn people with them the way you once could.


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    Could you guys make an article that states in what order troops die.
    I had not been adding my mercs because im too scared to lose them

  2. PISSED says

    Stop giving these devs money. It is getting ridiculous.

  3. Joe says

    I did a test with t4 troops
    Steelwing troops will die BEFORE the t4 troops
    Samurai troops, dragoon troops will die AFTER t4 troops

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