Essential Pre-Attack Checklist

The Essential Pre-Attack Checklist

As the little yellow Chocobo returns to your empire, you can’t help but grin as soon as you see the scout report. No guardians, you think to yourself. This will be a one-hitter.

Quickly queueing troops, you use a march preset to send Cindy, Shiva, and about half a million T7 mage at the unsuspecting empire on the tile next to you. It’s too late to bubble – your hero will be mine!

But as the timer on your march hit zero and your troops reach your opponent, something strange happens. Something unexpected. There is no fire burning from the home of your opponent – just smoke. You check the report, then it hits you. You just lost your hero to an empire that should have been an easy target.

As you share the report with your guild, someone writes, But how? I thought Shiva is supposed to make Mage troops invincible. Hardly. Not when your opponent is packing a full set of powered-up Magebane gear.   

Every offensive player has an embarrassing story to tell. While some might have significantly more than others, behind every embarrassing battle report there is a player who made an oversight. Something they forgot to do prior to attacking that ends up screwing you over – sometimes out of your opponent’s hero, and sometimes out of your own.

Essential Attack Checklist

This checklist is a must-read for any offensive player. Commit it to memory, write it down, print it upside down on a T-shirt for you and your whole guild – do whatever you have to so you don’t forget to check all of the essentials on this list prior to attacking an opponent for the first time. (Not to be confused with our Pre-Rally Checklist.) Only when you are fully prepared for the battle can you make your troop selection.

  • Train Troops / Elementals / Mercenaries

Garrisons make it easy to train tens of millions of troops. Did you make sure to train yours after your last battle? If your goal is a complete zero than you want to be ready. Nothing is worse than having to stop attacking to train more troops. Meanwhile, your opponent is already in the hospital healing troops. Our Favorite: That Thundra Kujata + Undying Guardian march is deadly but expensive.

  • Level Up Monsters

At level 10, the Monster Farm allows you to send up to two monsters in a march. Make sure you know which of your monsters give the best boosts for the coming battle. Our Favorite: Gigatoad has saved my life on more than one occasion…

  • To Scout or Not to Scout?

While most of us eat, sleep, and play exclusively with Anti-Scout on, there are circumstances where you may get a scout report. Doing so will better prepare you for choosing troops – or whether to avoid attacking at all. Scouting is also a fun way of sending another player a message saying, “Hi there! I’m getting ready to attack you now!”

  • Enemy’s Gear

If your opponent does have a hero home, it’s wise to take a gander at the gear they’re rocking. This will help you to better understand their strengths and weaknesses in terms of troop type.

  • Check Your Gear & Gems

This is attacking 101 but you would be surprised how many time someone attacks another empire with monster gear on. Make sure you’re using the right gear and gem set-up specifically to win the next battle. Our Favorite: Powered-up Glacian Gear because it gets a 60% boost from Crafting Research compared to Hydraean or Infernian.

  • Order of Heroes

Having heroes in Orders such as Order of Assassins, Order of Fear, and Order of Destruction is a sure-fire way of getting an edge on your opponent. Also, always make sure that you have a hero in the Order of Kings for that extra +1 march. Our Favorite: Order of Champions (when sending Guardians!)

  • Combat Boosts

If you’re facing a tough opponent, be sure to scroll down your list of Combat Boosts before sending an attack. Berserker, Fireworks, and March Size are all essentials, but you may want to select a boost specifically to match what your opponent has. Our Favorite: Berserker Boost after smacking around that level 7 empire sitting next to you a dozen times.

  • Enchantments with Arcaneum

Whether you have your heroes Limit Break Mastery Skills unlocked or not, it’s always best to use an Enchantment prior to any combat. Our Favorite: Noctis’ Arminger for an added +50,000% Attack & HP!

  • Crystal Core Boosts with Crystal Nexus

Not everyone has the Crystal Nexus, and those who do know how hard it is to get enough Crystal Cores to do anything with, but this is exactly why having a Crystal Core for combat is so effective. Try Glacian Core or Firefury Core for massive combat gains. Our Favorite: Unconquerable Core for big game hunting.

  • Astral HP & Skills at Astral Shrine

Make sure your Astral is at, or close to, 100% health prior to sending her anywhere. Reskilling an Astral sucks and is very time consuming, so try to avoid that unless absolutely necessary. And again, one more time for the people in the cheap seats, make sure your Astral has HP before sending it out! Our Favorite: What Leviathan does with Fire Cavalry is simply breathtaking.


By implementing proper preparations before each and every battle, you will save yourself from more than just an embarrassing battle report. Depending on what your march looks like, you might just save yourself hundreds of dollars.

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