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The Titan event weekend is almost upon us in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, so for this article we’re going to focus on tips for those heading to Titan.

This info will be most helpful to people participating in Titan for the first time as part of a team to try and take/ hold the Titan, but others may find it useful as well. Most of the tips are extremely relevant for a crystal battle during RvR or locally. Additionally, we’re going to add some speculation at the end about a new addition that may be worth making a trip to Titan to even if you are lower level.

First though, let’s give a rundown of the Titan event.

How Titan Works


Titan Event
An average day at Titan. Note the many, many rallies.


The Titan battle is a multi-realm crystal battle. All the same rules that apply to a crystal will apply with Titan: The Titan can be rallied or soloed and if the rally or solo is victorious, the leader of the attack is the person who is now “holding” the Titan. The winner is the player who holds the Titan for the longest total time during the event.

Like a crystal, the Titan is essentially a tile that can be rallied. You do not get any Empire Defense boosts while holding Titan; it is purely your troops, your hero and gear, and your combat research.

Given the above, to be Emperor you need to have a very high-level and well-geared hero and the highest tier of troops available relative to the rest of the realms on your server. At the time of this writing, that means t5 troops.

You also need a team of players to help reinforce the Titan and to rally down other threats, or to unseat the current Emperor. This is where these tips come in. This article is primarily for those who are or will be participating in a Titan battle to try and help support a prospective Emperor and using their troops to do so (unless you are helping with speed-ups; see the March Speed-Ups section for more on that).

If you are going to Titan as part of a team and have not been before, the keyword is “rallies”. Coordinated rallies are the key to making any progress in Titan. You use rallies to unseat an Emperor or to remove enemy rally threats from the Scar. It is very possible that depending on your power level and the enemies at the Titan, rallies are going to be directed at you as well.

Now that you have an idea of how a Titan battle works, let’s get to the tips. The first one is the most important for rally fillers.


Train Lots of Troops

And I mean LOTS of troops. If you’re going to Titan and you aren’t there to trap, you’re going to be involved in rallies. And most of the people who come to Titan are your server’s powerhouses: t4 and t5 in good gear and with good research. You’re going to lose troops trying to knock these folks out of the Scar, very probably a lot of troops.

And you will want those troops to be the strongest you have available. For most rally fillers or spot-holders at present time, that will mean t4. This will also help you against rallies targeting you, which leads us to our next point.


Ditch the T1

I know you like your t1 meatwall. It’s been with you since around the time the game launched and has served you well ever since. And nobody on your realm can put a dent in you during Crystal battles.

That’s all well and good, but if you are not 100% positive you can eat a t5-led rally and not lose, ditch the t1 and maybe even the t2.

Remember this: a battle is won or lost based on who loses the most troops. Lose a battle in the scar and you get random ported. This may not matter to you if you were somewhere near the edge and using march speed-ups to get your troops to rally, but if you were holding a spot near the Titan and you got ported out, this can throw off your whole team. And T1 drop like flies when hit with a stiff breeze, much less a full rally from a level 39 Citadel with a level 70 hero in gold arbiter.

Pro-Tip: Regardless of your troop composition, use anti-scout just to keep any scouts uncertain. Then if and when a rally targets you, swap the anti-scout for an attack or HP boost.


Bring March Speed-Ups

Ideally your group will be rotating people into and out of guild for the purposes of using loyalty to speed troops to rally. Just in case though, try to stockpile some loyalty yourself to help get troops where they need to go.

Pro-Tip: You can speed other peoples’ troops to rallies as long as you are in the same guild. You do not have to be participating in the rally to do this. This is very important for battles in the Scar, especially Titan and RvR.


Be Prepared For A Rally

A rally targeting you, specifically. That means in addition to the mass of troops mentioned in the first tip, you want strong defense and combat research, and good gear plus crafting research if you can swing it. You’ll also want your hero spec’d for combat.

You may think that you’re way too strong to rally, and while it is true that rallies tend to target the Titan or people nearer the Titan for position, you never know. Given the power on display in a Titan event, it is best to go in as strong as possible.


Listen to the Rally Leader

This is probably the most important part. Team communication in a Titan event is a complex topic, but for someone who is just participating it means listening to the rally/ group leader. If they tell you to add a certain troop type to a rally, do it. If you’re asked to port to make space or to get closer, do it. Timing and strength are crucial in a battle where two or more rallies might have to hit simultaneously to do enough damage to a target, so now is not the time to show off your creative new siege/mage troop composition in the middle of a warrior-only rally or stop to ask questions.


Bonus Tip: Watch Out For Traps

Would-be emperors and their entourage aren’t the only ones who go to Titan. You’ll want to keep an eye out for the odd t3 empire nonchalantly hanging around near the action as well. The higher-power ones (13+ million power) are very possibly hoping to try their hand at rally-trapping, while the lower power ones are possibly hoping to solo trap. Resist the urge to feed kills to these empires and especially watch out when you’re sending your hero. It can be a long walk home from a different realm.

For Everyone Else: Behemoths

As promised, there is a reason for others who are not participating in the battle to go to Titan: Behemoths. These aren’t the same as a the gem-dropping monstrosities found on normal Realm maps. Last Titan event, the behemoths in the special Realm dropped arbiter mats on death and from lairs. This time it is likely they will be gunslinger, given that viewing the Titan realm right now and clicking on one shows this:


Titan Behemoth
Look out, it’s got a gun!


It is possible that the drops will change when the event actually starts, but if not this might be an excellent opportunity for anyone who is interested to pick up some gunslinger mats.  Just watch out for the giant empires duking it out in the center of the map.

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