Harness the Power of the Red Glow with Battlemarks

What you need to know about Battlemarks and the associated research

Battlemarks have been around for a couple of years in Final Fantasy. Until now, they were mainly cosmetic. You Battlemarked players to make them easier to spot and to notify your Guild of a target. However, now they can do much more. Today we discuss the functionality and uses of Battlemarks.

Setting a Battlemark

Battlemarks are easy to set. You merely poke other players and hit “Mark Target”. Once you do so, the target will glow red, and they will show up in the Guild Battlemark menu.

There are timers to both remove the Battlemark and refresh it. You can only have a limited amount of personal and Guild Battlemarks, so be sure to remove them as you no longer need them to make room for more.

Status Alerts

One of the new functionalities of Battlemarks is Status Alerts. These give you information about your opponent, and there are three different types of alerts.

  • Hero Status Notification: This shows a notification when the enemy Hero has been capped, is away from their empire or has been banished. This can be very useful if you are deciding when/if to hit someone.
  • Teleport Notification: This gives you an approximate direction of where your target moved, including if they are still in your Realm.
  • Empire Barrier Notification: This gives an approximate time left on the enemy’s shield, and shows when their bubble drops.

Battlemark Research

Of course, there is now new research. It is located in the University under its tab. These boosts are applied versus Battlemarked troops, so it’s important to mark everyone! This makes Battlemarks more than just a cosmetic tool, so as mentioned above, make sure you’re getting rid of old Battlemarks to make room for new ones. This is especially critical during an RvR when there are many players out hitting.

Maximum Research gives the following stats;

  • Dark Troop Attack Overdrive: 275M%
  • Dark City Assault Attack Overdrive: 300M%
  • Dark Rally Troop Attack Overdrive: 300M%
  • Dark Mercenary Attack Overdrive: 350M%
  • Dark Elemental Attack Overdrive: 375M%
  • Astral City Assault Attack Overdrive: 200M%
  • Mount City Assault Attack Overdrive: 75M%
  • Dark Cripple HP Overdrive: 300M%
  • Dark Armor Piercing Overdrive: 900M%
  • Dark Elite Troop Attack Overdrive: 175M%
  • Dark Warrior, Mage and Cavalry Attack Overdrive: 400M%
  • Dark Mech, Airship, Guardian and Juggernaut Attack Overdrive: 425M%
  • Dark Lightning, Fire, Ice and Earth Elemental Attack Overdrive: 450M%
  • Dark Rally Attack: 350M%
  • Dark Rally HP: 125M%
  • Dark Troop HP: 100M%
  • Dark Troop Armor: 300M%
  • Dark Mercenary HP: 150M%
  • Dark Mercenary Armor: 450M%
  • Dark Elemental HP: 150M%
  • Dark Elemental Armor: 450M%
  • Dark Rally Capacity: +2B
  • Dark Mercenary Rally Capacity: +1.25B
  • Dark Elemental Rally Size: +625M
  • Dark Crystal Assault Rally Attack: 350M%
  • Dark Crystal Assault Rally HP: 125M%

Commonly Asked Questions

There are a few questions that come up frequently about Battlemarks.

  • Can anyone in the Guild mark the target for the boosts to count or only the attacker?
    • Anyone can mark the target and the benefits will still apply
  • Can I use this as a defender to mark the person attacking me for extra stats?
    • Sadly no. The boosts only work when attacking someone.
  • Can I use the Status Alerts without purchasing the Battlemark unlock?
    • Currently no, these are only available in packs
  • Will Teleport Notification tell me exactly where my target is?
    • Nope, just a general area.
  • Will Empire Barrier Notification give me an exact time for when the shield will pop?
    • Again, nope just a general idea.

Battlemarks bring a new strategic aspect to the game. It has become very important to make sure your target is lit up and glowing red! Do you have any questions or tips about Battlemarks? Let us know in the comments below!

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