How to Increase Your Rally & Crystal Capacity

Although setting a rally may seem time-consuming and a heads-up to your enemy to gear-up their defenses, it does have its benefits. With the new addition of Shiva and the ability to include three in a rally, it is now more damaging than ever! And the larger the rally capacity, the more effective the results.

A rally also cuts the cost of retraining troops when attacking your target individually with the help of your guildmates. Using a rally against the crystal stacked with reinforcements may have a better chance of success rather than sending solo marches. Not to mention, rally capacity is what determines a players troop capacity when holding the crystal – an essential stat for crystal defense!

Listed below are the ways you can enhance your rally size & crystal capacity and take down your opponents!

Noctis Hero and Mastery Skills

Skilling a hero can be tough with so many options available. If elevating your rally size is your goal, Noctis has you covered. By mastering rally size in his skill tree, you can add-on 40 thousand to your capacity. Keep in mind, Noctis must be the active hero when setting the rally.

Starting at Level 101, Noctis gives a mastery point for each level to allocate in his provided skills and are active when any hero is present. At level 105, these points can be placed in rally capacity adding 20,000 and maxing at 1,000,000 troops.

Guild Hall Rally Size

The Guild Hall isn’t just the place that lets you post on a friend’s (or enemy’s) wall. Your Guild Hall also determines your rally capacity as such.

Level Rally Capacity
1 30,000
2-30 +5,000/level
31 180,000
32-70 +10,000/level

A level 70 Guild Halls will have a maximum rally capacity of 570 thousand.

Order of Heroes – Order of War

Unlocking the Order of War adds an additional 20 thousand to your rally capacity with an added bonus of a 50% rally attack bonus. Just make sure to place a hero in this order when setting a rally for it to take effect.

Wonder of Conquest

Although costly, building the wonder of conquest will increase your rally size immensely. Level 1 grants 50 thousand to your capacity. Each time the wonder is upgraded, the amount enhances maxing out at level 10 with +1,000,000 additional Rally Capacity.


During certain events and offered in packs at times, get your hands on rally boosts. These vary from being specific to the troop type and time allotted to only applicable during special events. They range from +20,000 rally capacity to +100,000 rally capacity. Make sure to keep your eyes open and act quickly when they are offered.


This list sums up every known way to increase your rally size and troop capacity when holding the crystal. As we can see, Noctis is a crucial hero when it comes to increasing your rally size. As is the Guild Hall, which is why if you tend to do a lot of rallys or attack the crystal then you’ll want to upgrade your Guild Hall immediately after upgrading your citadel. Use these tips and strategies to increase your rally size to its fullest potential!

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