How to Score More Points in RvR – RvR Strategy Guide

Arguably one of the most fun events in Final Fantasy: A New Empire is RvR or Realm versus Realm. With over 60 different realms all on the same server, RvR is a chance for players from countries around the world to duke it out, fight for the Crystal, make new friends – or enemies.

This article expands on our 5 Tactics to Dominate RvR piece that got such a warm reception. In this article, we’ll breakdown all of the different ways to gain points during an RvR event and find the ones that really move the needle and bring home the gold.

How to Score More Points in RvR Events (Solo)

As a player who has fought in every single RvR since the launch of the game, and won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place for a majority of those events, it took a lot of trial and error to come up with the perfect RvR strategy to get as many points as possible in just one trip to the other realm, capture plenty of banishable heroes, and still end up with the other realm’s Crystal.

First, let’s look at what you can get points for doing in a typical RvR event.

  • Destroying Opponent’s Power in Other Realm – 5 points per 1 power destroyed
  • Destroying Opponent’s Power in Home Realm – 1 point per 1 power destroyed
  • Hospitalizing Opponent’s Troops in Other Realm – 5 points per 1 power hospitalized
  • Hospitalizing Opponent’s Troops in Home Realm – 1 point per 1 power hospitalized
  • Holding the Other Realm’s Crystal – 50,000 points per 1 second Crystal held
  • Holding the Home Crystal – 5,000 points per 1 second Crystal held
  • Destroying Monsters – 2,000 points per 1 level 6 Monster destroying

At a glance, one would think that the best way to score points is to hold the other realm’s Crystal for the duration of the event. This is actually very misleading.

Let’s say that as soon as a 24-hour RvR event starts, you immediately port over to the other realm’s Crystal, only to find it unoccupied. You rush your hero into the Crystal and fill it with reinforcements using March Speedups, all within the very first minute of RvR. Then, for the duration of the event, no one is able to kick you out of the Crystal and you reign as Emperor for the entire event. In that perfect scenario, the maximum amount of points you can get is 4,320,000,000.

Now, getting 4 billion points from simply holding the Crystal is a good strategy, but depending on your level, you might be able to get double or triple that amount just from destroying the enemy’s troops. This is why we never rush into the other realm’s Crystal, no matter if you are doing a 2-hour RvR Blitz or a full 24-hour Saturday Night RvR event.

In this next section, we will break down the best way to get points based on the type of RvR event and what troops you have.

RvR Blitz

An RvR Blitz just means that the other realm will only be open for 2 hours. This is fun because you’ll need to work fast to get as many points as possible. For starters, make sure you have at least 2 RvR teleports that last 1 hour each.

RvR Blitz is all about killing the most enemy troops as quickly as possible. The second the other realm opens up, click on the flashing red Crystal on the middle of the left-hand side of your screen to be taken to the other realm’s Crystal. From here, look in the area immediately surrounding the Crystal Scar for nearby hives. You want to find a hive that has at least 5 juicy targets that are full of lower-tier troops.

Once you find a hive you can attack in the other realm, don’t teleport over there immediately. Instead, simply bookmark it and keep looking. First, click on your potential targets to see how much power they have. If it is less that a million power, chances are they don’t have any troops and will be a waste of your time.

Scroll in one direction from the Crystal while looking for enemy hives, and don’t stop until you hit the fence at the end of the realm. Scrolling directly North, South, East and West of the Crystal will help you make sure you never look at the same area twice. The goal here is to only port over to the other realm when you have enough targets bookmarked to last the entire 2-hour event. For an RvR Blitz event, you shouldn’t need more than 4 guild hives bookmarked at most.

When you are ready to teleport into the other realm and have sufficient targets to last you the duration of RvR Blitz, make sure any boosts or combat items you plan on using are active, then teleport. You will want to have everything in your empire ready to fight so that as soon as you get into the other realm you can start attacking. The longer you stay idle at a hive, the more time the enemy has to use a bubble or reinforce one another, making your life more difficult.

Tile hitting may be frowned upon in your home realm, but during RvR, it is not only open game, but encouraged. Most guilds will tell their players to pull back all of their troops from resource and monster lair tiles prior to the start of RvR, but you will almost always be able to find troops and heroes on tiles during every RvR. Think of tiles during RvR like little power-ups full of free points. Just be sure to scout them out beforehand, as some players have been known to set traps on tiles to snare heroes.

Unless you really like having control over the titles in your realm, we are going to leave the Crystal alone for the most part during RvR Blitz. You get so many more points from attacking and killing troops than you do from holding the Crystal for just 2 hours.

Be relentless while in the other realm. Maximise your time there by getting as many points as possible. Utilize all of your marches and as soon as one comes home, send it back out again. That is how you win 1st place in an RvR Blitz.

24-Hour RvR

24-Hour RvR (also called Saturday Night RvR since these events are almost always held on a Saturday night) works very differently than RvR Blitz, although many of the tactics will still be the same.

As soon as RvR opens, start bookmarking as many guild hives and little clusters of empires as possible that you can teleport to once you reach the other realm. I like to save the names of my bookmarks as the number of burnable empires at that location, or an estimation of how many points I will get if I can zero every player in that hive. This helps me prioritize where I go next after clearing an enemy guild hive of all troops.

Keep an eye on how much time you have left before being booted out of the other realm by checking the RvR Teleport in your Boosts menu on the upper right-hand side of the realm map. The amount of time you have left will set your pace for attacking and help you maximize troop kills, and therefore, your points. During 24-hour RvR events, it’s a good idea to always scout the crystal before your teleport expires.

If you have an active realm, then you’ve noticed that one of the major problems with a 24-hour RvR event is that, after the first 3-4 hours into the event, there won’t be much left to burn. All of the most obvious targets and easily hit guild hives have already been reduced to cinders, and it is highly unlikely that anyone will rebuild their troops during an RvR event. This is why 80% of points scored in RvR from attacking enemy empires is done so within the first 4 hours of the event, with the notable exception of the Crystal.

When you’ve ran out of targets in the other realm, if you’re getting ready to go to sleep, or if you’re just plain tired of burning things then you know it is time to take the Crystal. Now, we want to capture the Crystal in the opposing realm, ideally, because it will give 10x more points than holding the Crystal in your own realm. Depending on what troops the enemy has reinforcing the Crystal, sometimes that is just not a possibility, but if you can capture and hold the other realm’s Crystal overnight then you will literally be earning points in your sleep.

Holding the other realm’s Crystal overnight is a daring tactic during RvR, but to the victor go the spoils. You may wake up to all of your troops dead and your hero captured, or – if you’re like me – you may wake up to over 10,000,000,000 points from players in the other realm sending endless waves of T4 and T5 at the Crystal all day and night.

We won’t go too deep into detail with Crystal attack strategies, but you can find plenty of helpful information & tips pertaining to the Crystal here.

RvR with T5 Troops

When using T5 Troops during RvR, look for Citadels in the lower 30’s and high 20’s. Pick out which empires in a guild’s hive you can hit and which ones you can’t before you even teleport there. This is why it is so important to know which players you can hit with your hero and which players will capture it. Always scout it out ahead of time! The last thing you need is to lose your hero when attacking someone in the other realm.

RvR with T6 Troops

When using T6 Troops during RvR, any empires under 40 are usually fair game and will provide millions of points if their troops are at maximum capacity. You shouldn’t really have a shortage of targets if you are using T6 Troops, but if you do, then don’t get greedy and try taking on someone only slightly weaker than yourself. Targeting Citadel 40-43 players can usually be done with relative ease, but at the end of the day, you don’t know what anyone can be hiding behind that Anti-Scout. Better safe than sorry.

RvR with Mercenary Troops

One formula for RvR that works regardless of your Citadel level is attacking with powerful Mercenary Troops, like Toad Raiders, coupled with a lower level Training Grounds troop, such as T4 Cavalry, as a meat shield. This combination of troops works surprisingly well during RvR because Toad Raiders are the equivalent of T6 Troops and receive +1,000% Attack & +1,000% HP when attacking other empires, and also do 3 times more damage when attacking on tiles. Additionally, both Toad Raiders and T4 Cavalry are very fast and can be used to capture enemy heroes left on tiles. Since the lower level T4 Cavalry takes the brunt of the hit and will die first before any of your Toad Raiders, creating a March Preset that is 50% T4 Cavalry and 50% Toad Raiders will allow you to quickly rack up points while keeping your mercenaries from dying.

This tactic works with any high-level Mercenary Troops that will be effective at half of your march size during RvR, including any type of Dragoon, Vanguard or Samurai (that includes Genbu and Seiryu). You can use Juggernaut-type mercenaries, but only if you use Speedups or don’t mind the incredibly long march time.

How to Score More Points in RvR Events (Guild)

In order for your Guild to win #1 on the leaderboard during RvR, you will need to work as a team. First, split your guild into two teams — those who are going to the other realm to fight, and those who are staying home to defend.

The team that goes into the other realm to get kills and points for your guild should utilize the tactics outlined earlier in this article. The home team defending should be doing everything in their power to minimize the amount of  troops killed by invaders. There are 2 active ways to do this and 1 passive way. Should your guild get a visit from an invader, make sure everyone bubbles up. Since invaders have a limited time to attack in your realm, it is in your best interest (and also kind of hilarious) to wait until the invader’s attack is just second away from hitting before you bubble. The more of the invader’s time you waste, the fewer points the opposing realm will receive. If a guild member is getting attacked and is not online to bubble up, be sure to reinforce them with the strongest troops in your guild. This is why it is important for someone with T5 or T6 troops to remain behind during RvR and defend your guild.

Of course, the best offense is a good defense. Guilds who have the best defensive layout are far less likely to receive a visit from invaders than guilds who have their hive hanging out in the open, undefended. Invaders look for hives surrounding the Crystal first, so if your guild is close to the Scar, you should expect a visit from an invader during the next RvR. You can read all about what it takes to make an awesome guild hive defense in our article here.

How to Score More Points in RvR Events (Realm)

When there are realm-wide rewards on the line, your realm will need to set aside your differences and come together to bring home the gold. Sometimes, that means setting your own growth goals aside and working side-by-side with enemies for the greater good.

For starters, do not attack invaders when they are in your realm. As we can see above, invaders receive 5 points for every 1 power of theirs you destroy. So unless you can destroy 5 troops for every 1 of your troops they kill, the best defense against invaders in your hive is to bubble up.

A common practice for many realms prior to RvR is to do a realm-wide Purge. A Purge is when high level players go from one guild to the next and zero out all of the weaker player’s T1-T3 Troops so that the opposing realm gets less points during RvR. This is a common and controversial tactic that can be effective in the short term, but can also have long-lasting negative consequences for your Realm.

There are many pros and cons to doing a realm-wide purge just before RvR. You can read more about Purging, and read about some alternatives that have less of a negative impact on your Realm as a whole, here.

RvR Myths

  • If you’re in the other realm when the event ends and want to go back to your home realm, you don’t have to just wait until your RvR port expires and you get kicked out. When you’re done in the other realm, pick a spot in your home realm you want to teleport to and use an Advanced Teleport to go back.
  • There are many ways to get points during an RvR event, but you cannot lose points for yourself, your guild, or your realm. Many people equate giving the other realm points to losing points, which is untrue.
  • The Crystal works very differently during an RvR event. When the RvR event is over, the Crystal will automatically go from Contested to Protected, regardless of who has control.
  • You can scout someone as many times as you want, but you will not be able to pierce their Anti-Scout. Nothing will, so stop wasting your loyalty.


Use these tried-and-tested tactics to help you and your realm win against the invaders. Remember to work together as a team with your guild (and even other guilds in your realm) to ensure a victory every time. Scout it out beforehand and stick to fighting the empires you know you can win against. Finally, when the RvR event timer is over and you find yourself stuck in the other realm, you have no justifiable reason to hit other players in the other realm anymore, save for being a plain old jerk.



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