New Mercenaries: Samurai Warrior, Mage & Calvary

The latest set of mercenary troops are here, and they are the most powerful yet!. This article will discuss the benefits and shortcomings of the new Samurai Warrior, Calvary, and Mage mercenary troops.


Samurai Mercenary Strengths

The Samurai Warrior, Mage, and Calvary introduce an interesting dynamic to the game. When attacking an empire whose citadel is a higher level than yours, all Samurai Mercenary troops gain a bonus of 900% attack, 800% HP, and 1600% armor.

Not only do they deal significantly more damage compared to any of the troops found at the Training Grounds, the hefty HP and Armor boost Samurai Mercenaries receive prevents them from being killed off quickly.

This addresses the biggest problem that most players have with mercenary troops – they may be extremely useful in battle, but they will eventually die (as is the nature of troops). Since the only way to obtain mercenaries is through buying a pack, it would only take a few fights before your entire investment is expended.

While Samurai Mercenaries will eventually fall in battle, having a couple or marches worth of these guys in your back pocket will certainly make the enemy think twice before they invade your guild’s hive.

The FFXV: ANE Hub team has confirmed that these stat boosts do go into effect when you send Samurai Mercenaries to attack an empire with a higher citadel level. However, we still don’t know if Samurai Mercenaries gain the same boosts when they are defending your empire and you are attacked by a higher level player.


samurai mercenary

Samurai Mercenary Shortcomings

Aside from the massive stat boost they get when attacking higher level citadels, Samurai Mercenaries are the equivalent of T5 troops. Put them in a march with other T5 troops, and they will have more or less the same kill/death ratio. For the majority of us who have yet to unlock T5 troops, that’s great news! However, if you have an army full of T5 troops or are close to approaching citadel level 40, you might want to hold off on stocking your Fighting Pits full of Samurai for the time being.

Samurai Mercenaries are meant to be offensive troops. If your Fighting Pit is a high enough level to unlock Samurai Mercenaries and you’re looking for some good defensive troops to protect them, you’ve probably already invested in City or Frost Guardians – and if you haven’t, be sure to grab the next type of guardian mercenary if and when they come around!



Who are Samurai Mercenaries For?

Samurai mercenaries are a great investment for lower level players, especially if you are frequently attacked by players much stronger than you.

Considering that they are the equivalent of a T5 troop, if you already have T5 troops unlocked then you won’t find a lot of value here in Samurai Mercenaries.

The one caveat to that last statement is the new Mercenary Commander gear set, which dramatically boosts the stats of all your mercenary troops and is, in fact, much better than a lot of the gear currently at our disposal. Keep an eye out for  article about Mercenary Commander Gear Set to get the full scoop.

When an army of Samurai Mercenaries are  coupled with quality pieces from the Mercenary Commander gear set, you will become an unstoppable fighting machine!

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  1. Antwerp says

    Another question: do they work the same way as regular T5? Meaning if you add them with a T4 rally, will the T4 die first before the samurai?
    And if they work the same way as T5, do you need to lead the rally in order for them to survive or doesn’t that matter?

  2. Antwerp says

    Since my main goal in the game is still to trap large rallies (preferably even cap them), my interest in these mercs would be indeed their strength against higher level empires.
    Is there any way you could find out if the boost is also active when defending?
    Because in such case, these mercs combined with frost guards and Luna’s skills, would form an extremely deadly trap, possibly for a very long time since T6 troops are very unlikely to be there any time soon.
    At the moment, I can only hold a relatively limited number of T4 troops in order to keep my power below 40M. That’s why I desperately need some very strong attack forces to increase damage to my attacker.
    If you can find out, please do

  3. MakoaPono says

    So if you buy the Samurai Troops Pack to unlock the Pits with 50 Blueprint on a first purchase, you’re not getting any Samurai?? How many Blueprints needed for Level 2, 3 and 4?

  4. Traveller6888 says

    Level 2 for Samurai Warrior, Level 3 for Samurai Mage, Level 4 for Samurai Cavalry

  5. Custom 8 says

    What lever pits are required too train samurai mercenaries? Or citadel requirements?

  6. Antwerp says

    Guys, the merc gear set on the proving grounds is a plain rip off. I bought 2 packs of 100.000 elixir and was not even able to get the final boss. Each hit takes off 1% from the tonberry. After wasting 200K elixir, I only got 2 rare level 3 mats and one normal level 3 mat. This means 70 dollars per level 3 material if you count retail pack prices, and I’m not even able to craft one single decent piece of the merc gear set. This is unacceptable!!! We need to join forces against MZ for such scams!!! Buying two packs without getting anything valuable in return is just plain rip off!!! I wasn’t even able to catch level 1 event price for the tonberry chalenge. For that I would need a 3rd pack, and the level 1 price only gives you 2 merc gear chests

  7. Custom 8 says

    What level pits are required to train samurai mercenaries? Or citadel requirements?

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