New Troops – Dragoon Raiders

The Mercenary Fighting Pits is full of surprises! Recently, a new mercenary decided to grace Eos — Dragoon Raiders. This article will tell you how to unlock them, train them, and the best ways to use them.

Dragoon Raiders have the same attack, defense, and HP as any T4 troop, but their strength is in their speed. Dragoon Raiders are by far the fastest troops in the game. They also have a troop load of 60 each.

How to get Dragoon Raiders

Dragoon Raiders

Dragoon Raiders can be trained after unlocking Mercenary Fighting Pit and upgrading it to level 2. Keep in mind that they will consume wheat, so when training Dragoon Raiders, make sure you’re prepared for their upkeep efficiency.

In order to train Dragoon Raiders, you will need Mercenary Rations and Dragoon Kits. Dragoon Kits can be found from gathering on Mercenary Loot Caches as well as in Mercenary Chests. Occasionally, you will be able to receive Dragoon Kits as drops from Wyverns.

Uses for Dragoon Raiders

At a glance, you may think that Dragoon Raisers are the perfect troop for gathering on resource and loot tiles. They can out-march any other troops, ensuring that your Dragoon Raiders are the first to arrive at any given tile. They can clear the maximum amount on any level 6 resource or loot tile. The problem is that they take an exceptionally long time to gather.

Chocobo Caravans, by comparison, can clear a level 6 Wyvern lair in just a few hours, while it takes the same number of Dragoon Raiders several days to clear the same lair.

Don’t completely discount your Dragoon Raiders when it comes to gathering. Because of their high troop load score, adding a few Dragoon Raiders to a march of Chocobo Caravans or high level Calvary will allow you to completely clear most tiles in a decent amount of time.

When it comes to attacking, Dragoon Raiders are the obvious choice when you want to hit an opponent as fast as possible. For example, if your opponent is far away or if you think your opponent might use a bubble, then Dragoons are the best type of troop to use.

Because they are the equivalent of T4 troops, keep in mind that any opponent with T5, or God forbid T6, will destroy your Dragoon Raiders. This includes any T5 or T6 reinforcements your opponent may have.

As with all Mercenaries, Dragoon Raiders get a massive combat bonus while your hero is equipped with piece from the Mercenary Commander Gear Set.


We are very happy with the new Dragoon Raiders mercenary troops. As the fastest high powered troop in the game, as well as having decent combat stats, those without Dragoon Raiders will be left in the dust when it comes to racing to loot caches or resource tiles.

If you have the Mercenary Fighting Pit unlocked, it is definitely worth upgrading to get your hands on some of these new mercenaries. If you haven’t unlocked the Mercenary Fighting Pits yet, think of that as the perfect investment for your next pack purchase.

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  1. Warmonger666 says

    They must have changed this because mine show 3 attack 4 defense 5 hp 5 speed. Power 10 load 45

  2. FLO says

    HI !

    u dont Need LVL 4 pit i got only lvl 2 pit and it works to !

    a good Combo is Lvl 50 noctis with +5000 mach Limit and t3 or t4 Cav and you can clear all in few hour s

  3. Amba says

    Would be nice to see the rss requirements

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