Optimized Offense: Adding Up All of the Available Attack Bonuses

When you’re a offensive player in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, you live and die by every single attack boost you can find. Sometimes, it’s just a few extra troop attack points that can make all the difference between winning a rally or having your hero captured. Luckily for you, FFXVaneHub is on your side! We’ve crawled through every inch of our empire to find every possible attack boost available in the game.

This guide will break down every possible attack boost that is available to your empire, level by level. This will help offensive players decide which upgrades and research they should go with as well as what packs will best help you burn your opponents to the ground.

Although combat stats such as Troop Armor, Troop HP, Armor Piercing, Attack Resistance, March Size and others are all very important to determining the outcome of a fight, this guide focuses specifically on the Troop Attack stat and ways in which you can increase it.

Crafting Research

Crafting Research is one of the most effective and overlooked methods in gaining some amazing stat boosts.

If you’re unfamiliar with Crafting Research, it simply multiplies all of the boosts of your equipment and is broken down into 3 tiers based on the level requirement of your equipment.

  • Equipment level 1-30 = Maximum stat boost of 40%
  • Equipment level 31-40 = Maximum stat boost of 50%
  • Equipment level 41-59 = Maximum stat boost of 60%

For example, if you have a legendary Glacian Rod with an attack boost of +469% and you multiply it by the maximum crafting research bonus of 60%, you will get an added attack boost 281.4%. This gives you a total of 750.4% for your weapon.

Where to Find Crafting Research Scrolls

Crafting Research Scrolls used to be available when hitting Flans. As of the date this article was published, there is currently no known way of getting crafting research scrolls for free – so be on the lookout for packs offering Crafting Research Scroll, or the Valentine’s Flan, if it ever returns! (If you know if a way to obtain Crafting Research Scrolls, please share in the comments below!)

The good news is that every time you purchase a pack containing Crafting Research Scrolls, another pack containing double the amount of crafting research scrolls will appear shortly after. That means that after purchasing a pack with 1,000 research scrolls, the next one will usually have between 2,000-4,000. There is also a 4,000 crafting research scroll pack that appears initially as a 15 minute flash sale. When purchased in succession, we have seen up to 8,000 Crafting Research Scrolls offered at one time!

Find out how to make your equipment even stronger in our Crafting Research Guide here

Combat Research

When compared to the highest possible total attack bonus you can get in the game, Combat Research is surprisingly only a very small portion of that.

The first two relevant pieces of Combat Research are Troop Attack and Troop HP, both of which give a +110% bonus when mastered with a level 45 University.


Underneath the research for T2 Troops you have troop attack for individual troop types, and bellow that, troop armor for each individual troop type. While Warrior, Mage, and Cavalry Troop Armor all give a maximum of +264% Troop Armor when mastered, the Troop Attack for each individual troop type requires a level 50 University to master, but gives over +200% attack to each type of troop.

Further down your Combat Research tree, there is the second attack and armor bonuses for each individual troop type. All of these must also be mastered in order to unlock T5 troops. Here, each troop type gets an attack bonus of +80% and an armor bonus of +252% when mastered with a level 40 University.

For more information on unlocking T5 troops, see our Roadmap to T5 here.

If you already have T5 troops unlocked, the research afterward will all require copious amounts of Exalted Research Tomes, as well as hundreds of millions of T4 and T5 resources, but they all provide amazing combat bonuses that make the requirements worth it.

Following Troop HP III, Troop Armor III, City Assault HP, and City Assault Armor (all of which give generous combat bonuses) you will find Troop Attack III and City Assault Attack. We aren’t sure what the final bonus to Troop Attack III and City Assault Attack are, however, they can both be mastered with a level 50 University.

Troop Attack III

University lv 41 +6% Troop Attack
University lv 42 +20% Troop Attack
University lv 43 +48% Troop Attack
University lv 44 +87% Troop Attack
University lv 45 +134% Troop Attack
University lv 46 +189% Troop Attack
University lv 47 +251% Troop Attack
University lv 48 +319% Troop Attack

City Assault Attack

University lv 41 +4% City Assault Attack
University lv 42 +11% City Assault Attack
University lv 43 +25% City Assault Attack
University lv 44 +44% City Assault Attack
University lv 45 +68% City Assault Attack
University lv 46 +95% City Assault Attack
University lv 47 +126% City Assault Attack


Hero Research

Hero Research has hidden Troop Attack and Troop HP bonus research skills that are available after Monster Tactics 5. Although Hero Research isn’t where you would immediately go to increase your battle stats, these cannot be discounted.

The maximum Troop Attack and Troop HP in Hero Research is 65% and is mastered at university level 41.

Adventurer Research

Adventurer Research includes a few unique skills that can help you increase your attack score. These are the Adventurer Research skills you want to prioritize:

  • Troop Attack with Hero (+100% Maximum)
  • City Assault Attack (100% Maximum)

Other research that affects combat here includes Gathering Attack, City Assault HP, City Assault Armor, City Defense Attack, and Troop HP with Hero.

For more information about Adventurer Research, including a full list of all skill, see our article here.


Next is your hero’s gear. Since the release the of Glacian’s Gear Set, all other equipment pales in comparison to the massive attack boosts offered by this set.

If you consider yourself an offensive player, getting your hands on every piece of the Glacian gear set with legendary quality should immediately become a priority, and here is why:

  • Glacian’s Guise (Helmet): +154% Troop Attack, +251 Mage Armor
  • Glacian’s Plate (Armor): +118% Troop Attack, +410% Mage Armor, +30% Attack Resistance
  • Glacian’s Ice Climbers (Footwear): +162% Troop Attack, +201% Mage Armor
  • Glacian’s Seraphim Rod (Weapon): +469% Troop Attack
  • Glacian’s Necklace (Accessory)  (x3): +240% Troop Attack, +240 Mage Attack

The Mythic Forge set bonus for having all legendary pieces if the Glacian gear is:

  • +700% Mage Armor
  • +400% Mage Attack
  • +225% Mage HP

This is what you get after applying the maximum crafting research multiplier (60%) with a full set of legendary Glacian gear and the Mythic Forge set bonus:

  • +1,828.8% Troop Attack
  • +784% Mage Attack
  • +2,079.2% Mage Armor
  • +225% Mage HP
  • +48% Attack Resistance

As if these stats weren’t crazy enough, they can get higher. We did not include the additional bonuses gained from embedding up to 3-4 gems in each piece of equipment because there is too much variation on what types of gems could be embedded.

For Glacian gear, we recommend embedding level 5 and up Sapphire Gems (Mage Attack), Amethyst Gems (Troop Armor), Emerald Gems (Troop HP), Assault Gems (Empire Assault Attack), and Piercing Gems (Armor Piercing).

Additional Mythic Forge Bonuses

The Mythic Forge gives some of the most powerful boosts that you won’t find anywhere else. The catch is that you must craft every piece of a gear set with legendary quality in order to unlock those boosts. Here are some of the most beneficial gear set bonuses for offensive players:

  • Glacian: +400 mage attack, +700 mage armor, +225 mage HP
  • Beastmaster: +32 troop attack, +32 troop hp
  • Grim Reaper: +250 banishment portal troop attack
  • Arbiter: 75% troop attack
  • Winged Assassin: +220 city assault attack
  • Gunslinger: +25 troop attack, +15 troop HP
  • Aranea: +180 troop attack, +100 armor piercing

Keep in mind that getting any of these gear sets in all legendary quality takes an enormous amount of time, money, and pure luck. Although they will certainly give you a competitive edge, if you’re not actually going to be wearing any pieces from a given gear set and just want to unlock the Forge set bonuses, be prepared to buy anywhere between 5-20 packs for a single gear set.

The best way to get as many crafting materials as possible for the gear set of your choice is to buy the 5,000 Gear Chest Pack or the Legendary Guaranteed Pack that sometimes show up in your Gold Store, or to upgrade the Proving Grounds. Each Proving Grounds level corresponds to a specific gear set that will allow you to attack monsters for crafting materials. After defeating the final boss, you get a blue rare crafting material. Thus, you would need to finish that dungeon 16 times to get enough of the blue rare crafting materials to make just one gold crafting material – and that is for just one piece of equipment.

The thing about the Proving Grounds is that it is entirely random, so if you decide to go down this route, it helps to first know exactly how many packs you intend to put towards crafting the full legendary gear set before you decide to call it quits. If you don’t get the materials you need after those packs, stop and come back to your gear set later. There will always be more chests to open  for any given gear set. That way, you don’t fall prey to the “just one more” train of thought.

Since all of the Proving Grounds require ether or elixir, be on the lookout for any packs or events containing large quantities of either material. You can usually find the pack containing 24 x 5,000 Ether by going to any regular dungeon in Proving Grounds, clicking on “Get More” in the bottom right corner, then “Get More” again at the very top of the screen. This will give you enough ether to make it all the way through the Proving Grounds three times with a little ether remaining.

See our article here to learn exactly how many blueprints you’ll need to upgrade the Proving Grounds to the level of your choice here.


Bonuses gained from buildings in your empire are an often overlooked method for boosting your combat stats.

While Hospitals give Troop HP and Banks give a Troop Armor bonus, it’s the Barracks that give a Troop Attack bonus. Since this article is about optimizing your attack we want to build as many Barracks as possible.

Although Hospital Wards and Banks are essential to the growth of your empire early in the game, as your power strengthens they become a lot less relevant. Ask yourself, how many Hospital Wards and Banks do I really need? When you get attacked, how many troops are usually sent to the hospital after a single attack? If you have Guardians, this number is usually 2 or 3 digits. If this is the case, deconstruct all but 2-3 Hospital Wards.

The same goes with Banks. Are you constantly struggling to meet the upgrade requirements for gil, coins, silver pieces and so forth? If the answer is no, consider destroying all but 2-3 banks.

Now you have room for about 10 Barracks. If you were to get those Barracks to level 20, your empire would get a 20% Attack Boost. Bring all of those Barracks to level 30, and you now have a 50% Troop Attack Bonus. Although upgrading your Barracks past level 30 will cost you Royal building blueprints, you start to see a sizable jump in the Attack Bonus as well. For example, if you were to bring 10 Barracks up to level 40, your empire would get a 110% Attack Bonus. This is the type of competitive advantage that most players don’t think about and may just win you some battles against stronger opponents.

VIP Level

VIP status used to only give a modest bonus to Attack, Armor and HP, every little bit helps. This is why players should never attack their opponent without first activating their VIP.

Here are the attack bonuses per VIP level:

  • VIP 10 = 24% Troop Attack Bonus
  • VIP 13 = 33% Troop Attack Bonus
  • VIP 16 = 42% Troop Attack Bonus
  • VIP 19 = 51% Troop Attack Bonus
  • VIP 20 = 60% Troop Attack Bonus
  • VIP 23 = 69% Troop Attack Bonus
  • VIP 26 = 78% Troop Attack Bonus
  • VIP 29 = 87% Troop Attack Bonus
  • VIP 30 = 100% Troop Attack Bonus
  • VIP 33 = 125% Troop Attack Bonus
  • VIP 36 = 155% Troop Attack Bonus
  • VIP 39 = 195% Troop Attack Bonus
  • VIP 40 = 250% Troop Attack Bonus

With the maximum VIP level increased to 40, there are a variety of boosts that can dramatically improve combat, among them, +2,500 March size, +250% Troop Armor, +250% Troop HP, and +250% Troop Attack.

Although the aforementioned boosts sound nice, they don’t come cheap. Don’t count on the VIP points you get from guild gifts of events to take you all the way to VIP level 40; it would require approximately 18-20 of the VIP packs which contain 80 million points each.

A more modest goal might be to reach VIP level 30, which requires an estimated 1/4 the number of VIP points that level 40 does and still gives you a nice +100% bonus to Troop HP, Armor and Attack. Plus, free gem removal!

Oracle Temple

The Oracle Temple allows you to create permanent lifetime boosts for your empire – including a few powerful combat boosts!

Specifically, there are two lifetime boosts that we want to get out of the Oracle Temple:

  • Lifetime Troop Attack: 150%
  • Lifetime City Assault Attack: 200%

Additionally, here are the lifetime boosts found under the Special menu in the Oracle Temple that are related to combat in some way:

  • Troop HP 120%
  • Troop Armor 360%
  • City Assault HP 150%
  • City Assault Armor 450%
  • March Size +5,000

Your initial impression might be to save up for the March Size boost first, however, that particular lifetime boost requires the most materials out of anything found at the Oracle Temple, as of the current date of this article’s publication.

In fact, it is difficult to meet the requirements for all of these combat boosts. For example, it took us two months to unlock +150% attack from the time the Oracle Temple was released. This is because there is no consistent method of gathering the crafting materials required. However, because of the massive boosts to attack and other combat skills available, we simply cannot discount the Oracle Temple.

Order of Heroes

What do all of your idle heroes do when your active hero is out slaying monsters and enemies? They hang out at the Order of Heroes, where you can assign them to an order and thereby unlock powerful boosts such as the Order of Kings:

  • Troop Attack +100%
  • Troop HP +100%
  • March Slot +1
  • March Size +2,000

This is probably one of the most valuable assets in your empire for offensive players. As such, it is not cheap. Assuming you are getting 1,400 Orders in a pack, it will require a total of 4 packs to unlock the Order of Kings. (1 initial unlock pack + 3 packs with 1,400 orders each).

The Order of Magic is also worth mentioning here. Assuming you will be attacking with Glacian gear, you can unlock these benefits for a mere 1,400 orders:

  • Mage Attack +100%
  • Mage Armor +25%
  • Mage HP +12%

For more information about the Order of Heroes, see our full article here.


The Prison has a semi-secret attack boost you have probably already noticed. Once your prison has reached level 30, you will receive an attack boost that varies based on the level of your prison and the level of the hero you have captured. Usually, the attack bonus you get is pretty close to the same level as the hero. For example, if you capture a level 50 hero, you will see an attack bonus between 45-55%.

If you have ever seen a player drop their guild tags, attack one of the players in the guild, then rejoin, it is usually because they sent their hero to be captured so that the other player gets the Prison attack bonus. This happens often just before a big rally, where every little attack boost counts.

Banishment Portal

Here is a chart with Banishment Portal boosts according to level.

As you can see, the combat bonuses you get from the Banishment Portal after level 40 start to increase significantly.

Monster Farm

The beauty of the Monster Farm is that it comes with a variety of combat boosts. From the moment you unlock Monster Farm, the Chocobo gives you a nice 88% Troop Attack Bonus. While the Galvanade, Grenade, and Cryonade all give a 120% attack boost, it is only applicable for specific troop types. Still, this is one of the highest attack boosts available at the Monster Farm.

Here is a quick recap of every monster’s abilities as of the date this article was published.

  • Chocobo +88% Troop Attack
  • Galvanade +120% Mage Attack
  • Grenade +120% Warrior Attack
  • Cryonade +120% Calvary Attack
  • Marlboro +100% Troop HP
  • Yojimbo +60% Warrior Attack, HP & Defense
  • Tonberry +200% Armor Piercing
  • Wyvern +100% Troop Attack
  • Spiracorn +50% City Assault Attack, HP & Armor
  • Valentine’s Flan +80% Attack Resistance
  • Griffin +90% Troop Attack, +50% Airship Attack
  • Ronin +150% Samurai Attack, +50% Armor Piercing

For the sake of this article, we are going to use the Wyvern, which gives us a flat 100% Troop Attack Bonus because it applies to all troop types – including mercenaries!

Hero Skills

Different heroes all have different strengths, weaknesses, and specialties. Because hero level is not going to be consistent with our readers, we will not factor in hero skill attack bonuses into the final amount calculated below.

Here is a quick breakdown of the maximum attack score you can get with each hero at level 100. (Updated 3/29/2018 to include expanded hero skills)


  • Warrior Attack: +600%
  • Mage Attack: +600%
  • Calvary Attack: +600%
  • Core Troop Attack: 500% Warrior, Calvary, Mage Attack

(Editor’s Note: Special thanks to (7SiN) Marikess for reskilling Noctis for the above stats.)


  • Warrior Attack: +365%
  • Mage Attack: +365%
  • Calvary Attack: +365%
  • Empire Assault Attack: +385%
  • Empire Assault Armor: 502%
  • Empire Assault HP: 280%
  • Rally Attack: +250%
  • Armor Piercing: +500%
  • Catoblepas Destroyers: +800%
  • Rally City Assault Attack: +500%


  • Mage Attack: +800%
  • Crystal and Titan Attack: +250%
  • Attack Resistance: +400%
  • Guardian Attack: +3,200%
  • Defender HP: +500%
  • Mage Mastery: +400% Mage Attack, Armor & HP


  • Analyze Weakness: +1,000%
  • Airship Attack: +800%
  • Master Tactician: Warrior Attack: +1,000%, Mage Attack: +1,000%, Calvary Attack: +1,000%, Siege Attack: +3,000%


  • Dragoon Attack: +400%
  • Calvar Attack: +900%
  • Tile Attack: +600%
  • Marcenary Attack: +600%
  • Giant Killer: +2,000%

When it comes to using a hero that gives you the highest possible attack score, Ignis is the obvious choice because of his Master Tactician, Analyze Weakness, and Airship Attack.  Analyze Weakness which converts your Basic Research Speed bonus into attack, while Airship Attack (as well as Airship HP and Armor) are specifically used for killing Guardians. Keep in mind that Ignis only gets the Master Tactician skill at level 50, so unless you plan on committing to a high level Ignis, you may want to go with another hero, like Prompto, in the meantime.

Combat Items

While we will not include attack-based items in our final calculation, here is a list of all of the known items which increase attack.

Note that this list does not include items usable only during special events. If we missed something, please comment with the item below.

  • Attack Boost: +20% Troop Attack, +50% troop attack (Available for 1 hour, 4 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours)
  • Cactuar 1,000 Needles Attack Boost: 80% Trop Attack, 30% March Speed (5 Minutes)
  • Valentine’s Attack Boost: 80% Trop Attack, 30% March Speed (5 Minutes)
  • Unholy Onslaught: 25% Troop Attack, Armor and HP (15 Minutes)
  • Ignis’ Birthday City Assault: 50% City Assault Attack, Armor and HP (15 Minutes)
  • Immortal Heroes: 50% City Assault Attack, Armor and HP (15 Minutes)
  • Hail Mary Assault: 50% City Assault Attack, Armor and HP (15 Minutes)
  • Hero Takedown: 150% Troop Attack, Armor and HP after banishing a hero. (24 Hours)
  • Mercenary Rushing Touchdown: 100% Mercenary Attack, 50% March Speed (15 Minutes)
  • Uneasy Alliance: These items were available from a special event and from opening Frozen Chests with Burning Keys when the Monster Farm first came out. The Uneasy Alliance boosts gave +25% attack to every troop type at the time. (30 Minutes)


After adding up all of the available ways of increasing your attack score discussed in this article, the maximum Troop Attack Bonus you can possibly get is…

4,637% Troop Attack Bonus*

*This requires a level 50 hero in order to equip Glacian gear.

(Hero Skills, gems and combat items were not included in this final attack bonus)

If you have a level 100 Ignis, you can add a whooping +1,000 Attack to each troop type (as of the date this article was published, no one does).

This guide should help you prioritize the most beneficial things to unlock in your empire when it comes to gaining as high of an attack bonus as possible. Remember to keep an eye out for any new releases that might give you an added leg up on the competition and boost your attack even further!

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  1. Vulgarian says

    Banishment Portal boosts are included in this article. Please see the chart that includes Banishment Boosts up to level 49.

  2. Vulgarian says

    Those two pieces of research, as well as all of the research after Monster Tactics 6, is not accessible until Exalted Economics Research Tomes are available.

  3. Aaron says

    There’s a mistake in this article gents. You have Troop Attack I and Troop HP I as being mastered with 110% buffs at lvl 45 university.

    I can confirm that you can mastered Troop Attack I and Troop HP I at a lvl 38 university and still receive the 110% buffs.

    This goes with my previous comment on another article regarding Roadmap to T5. you required both of these to be mastered in order to reach lvl 7 in each specific troop attack post T4 troop research.

  4. Hollow says

    Also Attack Bonus can be added with various titles. Most known is, I guess Emperor or Emperor’s hand.

  5. Blip says

    Did you forget the Accessory and Footwear Powerup research available in the Hero branch at level 43? I don’t actually have them yet myself, but they appear similar to work like crafting research..

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