Rally Strategy Guide

It’s no secret that rallying saves troops and enhances the attack on your target. Knowing the proper techniques for a successful rally will save you the stress of trial and error. Let us at the Hub save you the time and effort with our helpful Rally Strategy Guide. Before proceeding, you can find our must-have pre-rally checklist here.

First Steps

Rallying strategies change based on several factors, such as your monster farm level, citadel/troop level, rally size, and of course your target. Therefore, it is essential to begin by scouting. Knowing what your target possesses is essential when determining what troops are needed in your rally.

When looking at a scout report, keep in mind which troops are strong against which:

  • Warrior > Cavalry and Siege
    Warrior < Mage and Traps
  • Mage > Warrior and Siege
    Mage < Cavalry and Traps
  • Cavalry > Mage and Siege
    Cavalry < Warrior and Traps
  • Siege > Traps
    Siege < Warrior, Cavalry and Mage

Who Should Set Rally and Why?

The individual with the highest Hero, Gear, or Research Combat boosts and Rally size (determined by Guild Hall level and Combat research) within your guild should set the rally. It is recommended to port as close to the target as possible and set a 5 minute rally to improve the odds that your target won’t have time to bubble or receive reinforcements in time.

The individual setting the rally should encourage their guildmates to activate their Noctis when joining to maximize the amount of troops that can be submitted.

Keep in mind, this is most effective when all participating members are grouped together when joining the rally. If this isn’t a possibility, your guildmates can speed up your march to join the rally within the 5 minute marker. Once the rally takes off, there is no speeding it up.

Anti Scout

If the target of your rally has applied the Anti Scout function, it is best to set the rally without a hero. As stated above, the player with the highest rally size/highest Noctis should set the rally so the maximum amount of troops are utilized. When not sending your hero, a mix of the “top three” (Warrior, Mage and Cavalry) troops are recommended. Continue this process until you have a battle report before another rally is set that includes a Hero.

Additional Rally Uses

  • Having a guildmate drop tags and join a different guild, or asking a friend in separate tags to set a rally on the Crystal has a huge benefit. Once a rally has been set on the Crystal, any guildmate can use their March Speed-Ups to rush another player’s reinforcements into the Crystal. Note that Speed-Ups are required for this tactic.
  • While fighting anywhere in the Crystal Scar, setting a rally on a target is a great way to eliminate your competition by knocking your opponent out of the Scar and out of your way. This is a great tactic to free up a front-row seat next to the Realm Boss, as well.
  • Track your target by setting a 8-hour rally. You will be able to track your opponent’s whereabouts even if they port.

What Not to Put in a Rally and Why

What your rally consists of will rely entirely on the types of troops your enemy possesses. This is why getting a scout or battle report before the rally is set is extremely crucial.

No matter what you put in your rally, always remember these two simple words: NO SIEGE! Siege significantly slows down the rally, especially in the Scar. They are better sent as solo marches timed to hit just seconds before the rally, thus destroying your opponent’s traps and giving them no time to salvage, heal, or rebuild. The only time when a rally full of Siege is called for is when a level 101 Ignis with Siege Mastery is leading it.


  • Create a room for rallying and add it to your custom chat. (From Guild Chat, look to the top tags. You will see “Realm,” “Guild,” and then “Custom.” Choose Custom and apply said room.) This will benefit communication during rallying and help you to efficiently demolish your enemies.
  • Always mention in guild chat when rally is set and the Troop type or combination you want submitted.
  • Make sure your guildmates are within proximity or have Speed-Ups to meet the 5-minute marker.

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