Realm of the Titan

Another new event for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is on the horizon: Realm of the Titan. In this post, we will go over what is known and unknown about the event, and speculate on the structure of the event and the potential strategy involved to give you a leg-up when the event launches.


What is Realm of the Titan?


While know one knows exactly how Realm of the Titan will work gameplay-wise before it launches, we can make some educated guesses based on the blog post and the content that is already visible.


Realm of the Titan
Why exactly are we fighting over a giant grey dude impaled on spikes?


The Realm of the Titan itself is visible in the center of the Realm Map, which you can access by pressing on the Compass icon on the realm screen.  When clicking on the Realm itself, you get the following message:


Realm of the Titan Coming Soon


The blog post also references a Supreme Emperor, which means that the Realm of the Titan Event is most likely to take the form of a giant Crystal Battle between different Realms.


It is unknown as yet if there will be additional components to this event, but the Crystal Battle strategy applied on a grand scale is almost assured.


So anything that will help you prepare for a mammoth crystal battle against the strongest players of all the Realms on your server should be done if you are potentially planning to participate in Titan.


Preparing for Realm of the Titan


Disclaimer: Since the exact structure of the event is still unknown, any preparation tips are speculative. However, if the event does take the form of a giant crystal battle, the following will be helpful to have done beforehand:


Combat and Defense Research


Your local crystal battles, or Realm versus Realm crystal battle, may have involved multiple guilds fighting over the Crystal. But that will be nothing like an all-Realms assault on a single Crystal target.


People will be jockeying for position closer to the crystal and trying to disrupt rallies, which means you MUST be as strong as possible defensively. That means Defense research and Combat research; troop count alone will not do the trick. You will also need your combat research as close to max for your level as possible if you are planning on leading rallies or soloing.



You will need the best gear that you can get your hands on. Rally leaders will need arbiter, potential emperors might need arbiter AND sentinel. Yellow if you can get it, because some of the enemies you face WILL have yellow well-gemmed gear. Anyone who is rally filling but not leading should still have good defensive gear, either Sentinel or HP, because anyone near the Scar will be a potential target.



You will need a lot of troops, ideally your strongest tier. Crystal battles against multiple powerful guilds will involve a lot of rallies to try and displace tough empires from the Scar as well as assault the crystal; this means a lot of dead troops. Make sure you get on troop training now if you are going to be participating as a rally filler or just planning on being anywhere near the Titan.



This is perhaps the most important component. The winner of this battle will not consist of just the strongest players but the most coordinated. You will need clearly defined roles and contingency plans for all of your participants, including people ready to port into unoccupied spots and people with March speed-ups to speed rally fillers. Ideally you will be using a voice chat or other instant communication system, and know exactly when everyone’s availability is, as well as their strengths and weakness in combat situations you might encounter in the Scar.


If that sounds like a lot of work, it is. But if you want a shot at being Supreme Emperor of all Realms, you have to bring your A-team to the field and they have to know how to play together.


Loyalty and Loyalty Items

You will need to be able to respond with rallies as quickly as possible, and marches in the Scar are very very slow. For that reason, you will need March Speedups. Save all of these that you can if you plan to participate; with Titan coming, now is not the time for burning them on tile races.  You will also need combat boosts: anti-scout, HP, Attack, ideally some of all three so that you can switch as required during the event. These are all available in the Guild Store.


You will also need scouts, both for scouting the Crystal and disrupting others with coordinated scout bombs. For this reason, you will want to stockpile a large amount of loyalty before the event. You can follow our Guild on How to Get More Loyalty for tips on maximizing your loyalty gain.



It is very likely that the event will contain other components or considerations, and might be very different than expected. But even if so, the above information will serve you well against tough opponents in future RvR events.


To all future Supreme Emperor challengers: good luck. And to all future Supreme Emperors: good job. You will have earned it.

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