The Winter Mercenaries

A trio of new mercenaries has been added to the Mercenary Fighting Pits: the Winter Warrior, the Winter Cavalry and the Winter Mage. In this article, we’ll be covering the uses for these new troops and examining whether they will work well for your Empire.


The Ultimate Crystal Assault Force


The winter mercenaries are new versions of the warrior, mage and cavalry troop types. Their base strength is the same as the Magitek mercenaries or comparable t4, except that they are much faster than normal and do double-damage against their opposing type.


Winter Warrior Stats

Winter Mage Stats

Winter Cavalry Stats

With their buffs, these troops will be at their strongest when used in one-troop-type missile solos or rallies during Titan or normal Crystal battles. This is due to their strength buff against opposing type and their march speed. Also, they can be buffed by type-specific boosts from gear, research or other sources, which combined with their doubled type-damage makes them potentially stronger on offense than the previously available mechs which were “untyped” damage.


Although expensive to purchase, these troops answer several longer-term issues with these types of battles. The march times across the Scar are heinously long, and without sacrificing a lot of well-geared heroes it can be exceptionally hard to knock a powerful t5 opponent out of the crystal even with opposing t5. (At least now that the City Guardians are no longer trainable).


Attacking large targets that take multiple rallies is always a game of rock-paper-scissors (as we cover in the basics of the Combat Guide). With double the damage to opposing troop types, a series of well-coordinated rallies using the new Winter Soldiers could be enough to break a stranglehold on a fiercely contested Crystal.


They are most likely to see serious use in the reintroduction of Titan this weekend, especially given the expense. Expect massive Winter Merc solos and rallies on Saturday, and possibly a much more dynamic event than previous if they see heavy adoption.


These troops are probably a bit less useful to players who don’t need to attack a Titan or Crystal, though. The speed is fantastic and the strength is decent, but the cost may not justify the use in this case with more mercenaries likely to be around the corner.


Granted, the Magitek troops saw some use among the not-yet-t4 crowd as a sort of purchasable troop upgrade, and some players may be interested in Winter Troops for additional oomph. But that pack money may be better spent on fleshing out the Combat research tree if you haven’t already.


Note: We don’t yet have testing in on where these troops sit on the damage tiers, i.e. whether they die first in a conflict or whether you can meatshield them. Once we have that info, we’ll update this article and it may give these troops more use-cases.




If you’re a regular in Crystal battles or especially Titan and gaining or keeping control of those objects are what matters to you and your guild, these troops will be incredibly helpful to you. If not, you may want to hold off and watch for new mercenaries. This batch definitely fills an unfilled niche, but may not be as useful to you as the next thingout of the Fighting Pits.

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