Updates: XP Doubler, Behemoths, Titan Packs

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire has seen several new recent game updates! In this article, we cover the new XP doubler, the behemoths, and the new Titan packs and provide you with tips to make the most of these updates.


New XP Doubler

A new pack has been appearing since the weekend which contains a new permaboost: a Hero XP doubler.


XP Doubler Pack
As always, remember to click “Use” on the boost to activate the effect.



With this boost, all sources of XP except the pink XP items will be doubled. This includes battle XP, monster XP, and quest XP and research XP. The doubler also effects bonus XP from the Hero’s Monument, it is not just base XP that is doubled.


While it is unfortunate that the doubling effect doesn’t work on the XP items, especially given the HUGE amounts of XP in the new Titan packs (see below), this perma-boost effect is still quite strong depending on how active you are in the game and how high you have the Hero’s Monument leveled.


If you are attacking often, defending often, and logging in regularly to attack monsters and do your daily quests, you will get a lot of mileage out of this boost over time. This is especially true as you get to the post-40 Hero levels that require a large amount of XP. And the higher-level research XP gets huge with this doubling effect.


Pro-Tip: As you are reaping all this extra XP with the new boost, remember that when you level up your MP replenishes completely. So if you are getting close to leveling, make sure to exhaust your MP on monsters to take advantage of the fill effect.



Another new addition to the game is the Behemoths. Going by the Behemoth’s listed drops, this monster is clearly meant to provide gems, although the drop rate for regular gems is fairly low at around 1-in-5 or 1-in-10.


I’m sensing a theme in the possible drops.



Still, this is not bad considering that gems are fairly scarce otherwise at this time. And Behemoths are the only current source of the new Paragon Gems used in the new Crafting Research Tree.


Behemoths also appear to be a good source of Hunter set uncommon mats like the bulette carapace and the bleustone shards, which can help complete your gold hunter set if you don’t have one already.


Important monster update: All the newer monsters (Behemoth, Sea Devils and Malboro) are now dropping Noctis medals, blueprints and research scrolls at level 4 and up. This is a recent change, and all of the monsters potentially drop any of the 3 item types. This makes the behemoths at level 4 and 5 a fairly attractive target due to the chance to drop both gems and unlock items.


Titan Packs

Titan-themed packs are back in the store, and this time they are incredibly powerful. The packs seen so far include a TON of either Speed-ups, RSS, XP or Gold. Whether you are heading to Titan or not, these packs are a better deal than the norm and worth taking advantage of if you are at a bottleneck for rss, speeds or XP.

Titan Packs
They do not contain blueprints or research scrolls though, so those above level 30 will have to weight the MASSIVE XP in the XP version of the pack with slightly slowed progress on their citadel or research.




The increasing pace of new content, coupled with better pack offerings, is a welcome direction for the game for a lot of players. The XP doubler and Titan packs will potentially send a lot of players in the t3 range surging forward, and the behemoth gems and expanded monster drop table are a huge potential boon for players at the top end of the game.

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