Advanced Combat Research

Now that the level cap has been raised to Citadel 60, more and more players find themselves completing everything that Hero, Economics, and even Combat research has to offer at their University. Meanwhile, the prerequisite for much of the higher level research, such as Monster Tactics 7, is the ambiguous Exalted Economic Research Scrolls, which have not yet been added to the game as of this time.

Well, dig out your Zephyr’s Cape and Chief Inquisitor’s Gear Set because at long last new research is finally here! Along with the recent new updates to the game, players were treated to an entirely new research tree in their university: Advanced Combat Research.

This article will take a look at all of the skills available research under Advanced Combat Research, including the requirements, benefits, and possible uses.

What is Advanced Combat Research?

Advanced Combat Research is a brand new skill tree available at the University. It is already unlocked and can be found at the University, right above Adventurer Research.

Advanced Combat Research affects stats in battle, but has a few important distinctions that make is stand out from Combat Research.

The first thing you’ll notice about Advanced Combat Research is that it requires Advanced Combat Research Scrolls. Much like Crafting Research, you will need a lot of these scrolls if you are considering Advanced Combat Research, however, the benefits of completing high level research will give you a considerable advantage in combat.

Where do I get Advanced Combat Research Scrolls?

Advanced Combat Research Scrolls are available in packs in quantities of 500 scrolls each. Aside from buying them, so far we have only seen Advanced Combat Research Scrolls given away in Luna’s Gift, though there is a high possibility of them appearing as the rewards for events, in chests, and dropped by monsters.

When you first start out, 500 scrolls is enough to complete 5-6 pieces of Advanced Combat Research, with the higher level ones costing slightly more but providing significantly more benefits.

Advanced Combat Research Overview

Here is the Advanced Combat Research skill tree:


The very first thing to research is Commander Survival, which gives your Commander Troops up to +3,400% HP and +5,000% Armor Bonus. This is not a bad boost to say the least, especially considering the scarcity of Commander Troops that will have you trying to keep them Commanders alive as long as possible. Note that the bonus where it says “Next Level” is for armor. To see how much HP your Commander Troops will get from researching Commander Survival, you can click on the “Information” button of the upgrade screen.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire - Advanced Combat Research - Commander Survival

The following two are Troop Attack with Commander and Troop HP with Commander, both of which have a maximum bonus of +1,400%. While the Troop Attack provides only a modest Attack Bonus comparatively, the ability to increase the HP of your troops by 1,400% is incredible and was virtually unthinkable until now. The beauty of this research is that it affects all troop types and can be applied to every every march, so long as your Commanders are present and coming back unscathed.

Tile Attack and Tile HP are next and can give up to +2,000% Attack and HP bonuses respectively. As with the research above, these are self explanatory. Luckily, for those who do not find themselves gathering on tiles very often, these are not requirements for the rest of Advanced Combat Research.

Heroic Last Stand is a new and rather ingenious skill that we haven’t seen before. Heroic Last Stand increases your Troop HP more as they are outnumbered by attacking troops, weighing in at a maximum +10,000 Troop HP. There are a few stipulations to this, of course: This research only applies to defending troops and your hero has to be present. What this research does not specify is if it applies to any defending locations, such as tiles or the Crystal, or just defending troops within your empire.

The middle of Advanced Combat Research is where things get interesting. The next three are Warrior Attack vs Calvary, Mage Attack vs Warrior, and Calvary Attack vs Mage. Each will provide up to +2,800% Troop Attack for their respective troop types when mastered. Whether you prefer using one specific troop type or just want to increase your all-around attack, these three skills will make for deadly assaults.

Under those three are Warrior Attack vs Marauder, Mage Attack vs Airship, Calvary Attack vs Raider. Each provide up to +1,000% Attack when mastered. These three mercenaries previously did not have a weakness to speak of, which is where this research comes into play.

After completing the previous three pieces of research to  at least level one, you can start on Rally Attack. The maximum of +700% Rally Attack is an essential piece of research not to be overlooked by rally leaders.

Interestingly enough, the following two pieces of research are Neutral Realm Attack & HP, which can give a bonus of up to +500% . This is the added edge that Crystal contenders have been seeking.

Finally, we have Cripple HP, one of the best skills in Advanced Combat Research. Like Armor Piercing, Cripple HP works by reducing the HP of an enemy by up to 200% when mastered. It will undoubtedly take a ton of Advanced Combat Research Scrolls to master, but will make attacking other empires as easy as slicing through warm butter.

Advanced Combat Research ends with Garrison Attack & HP, which we are not quite sure what is for just yet, but eagerly await the next content release.

What’s great about Advanced Combat Research is that, similar to the hero hero skill trees, they actually tell you what the maximum boosts are for each piece of research when mastered.

Is it worth buying Advanced Combat Research Scrolls?

Whether you use Commander Troops or not, the first three pieces of research in this skill tree only benefit marches that include Commander Troops. Although there is plenty of extremely useful research further down the Advanced Combat Research tree (Heroic Last Stand, Rally Attack, Cripple HP) the only way to research those is to first complete research for Commanders (Commander Survival, Troop Attack/HP with Commander). If you don’t use Commander Troops, it’s hard to justify buying Advanced Combat Research Scrolls – just know that your opponents will, especially at the higher levels.

That being said, the minimum requirement to start Advanced Combat Research is a level 30 University and Citadel. If you aren’t quite there yet then this isn’t even something you need to worry about at this time.

Despite the constant need for Advanced Research Scrolls, Advanced Combat Research is a welcome addition to the University. It includes powerful new research that will surely help players in everything from attacking other empires, Crystal events, Neutral Realms events, RvR and Titan.

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