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A brand new research tree has been added to Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire: The Crafting Tree. In this article we break down what benefits the new research provides and give tips on when in your progression it will work best for you.


Let’s start with an overview of what the new research provides.

Stronger Gear

The primary bonus from the new crafting research is that it makes your gear bonuses stronger. The Stat Multiplier Researches add a bonus to your gear equal to the percentage listed in the research, up to a max of 40%.


The boosts affect every gear bonus. That includes the combat stats of attack, defense and HP as well as non-combat stats like Hero MP and rss production. This makes these boosts potentially very powerful.


The way the boosts work are as follows: the bonus is multiplied by the base value to derive the boost, and are then added to the final stats. You can see this effect with a 15% boost on Sentinel armor below:


Sentinel Armor
Sentinel Chest, unboosted


Sentinel Armor with Crafting Research
Sentinel chest with +15% stat multiplier



There is a Stat Multiplier research for every single gear slot, with all three accessory slots boosted by a single research.  Important note: The research applies to all of your already existing gear. You do NOT need to craft new gear to see the bonus effect.


The gear boosts are grouped by the hero level required to craft the gear in question. So the Multiplier I researches, which are unlockable at level 20+, apply to all gear requiring a level 30 or lower Hero to craft. This includes Sentinel Armor, Gunslinger, Hunter, Noxious Daggers and all of the other non-set gear.


Multiplier II researches, which open at level 25+ University, only apply their boosts to Arbiter and Winged Assassin at the moment. Multiplier III researches only apply their boosts to Aranea’s Armor at present time. While the gear at this level is limited right now, it is the most powerful attack gear in the game, and more will be added as time goes on.


Gear Stat Multiplier II researches and higher require a new scroll type: crafting scrolls. These are not the same scrolls as are found as drops from Flan, and right now the crafting scrolls are only available in packs. This means that to make your Arbiter or Aranea Gear stronger you will need to buy packs. The Stat Multipler I researches can be completed without scrolls however.


Other effects found in the tree are production boost research for Gil, Coin and Silver; as well as Loot Tile Gathering Luck and Crafting Luck. The production skills stack with all similar skills in the Econ tree, and the Coin effect is particularly nice given the very high Coin requirements and low Coin production in the t3-t5 range of buildings and research.


Loot Tile Gathering and Crafting Luck don’t have a visible effect at the moment, so it is hard to say how helpful these are at present. But as they are prerequisites for the gear boost researches, you’ll have to dip into them at least a bit.


The research tree itself is very linear; to open new researches below you will have to research everything on your way down, with new levels requiring a full trip down the group of the tree you are on. So for example the second level of Helmet Stat Multiplier I will require research completed all the way down to Crafting Speed. The same is true of the higher-level multiplier researches. It does allow slightly more levels per research than normal before you have to go back for pre-requisites though, which is nice. Also note that Level 10 of the Multiplier I researches cannot be completed without unlocking Coin Production below the Multiplier II researches, but you can get up to a 33% bonus without requiring scrolls or t3 rss.


There is one other research benefit that we haven’t covered, which opens a new special gem slot on gear pieces.


Paragon Gems


The 4th gem slot on gear can be unlocked by completing high-level research in the Crafting Tree. This 4th gem slot only special gems: the new paragon gems that drop randomly from Behemoths on the world map.


Paragon gems are like normal gems except they have two effects at the same time. You can see an example Topaz paragon gem which provides both cavalry attack and cavalry HP in the picture below.


Paragon Topaz Gem


Paragon gems seem to be exceedingly rare drops from Behemoths at the moment, although they may become available through other means in the future.


Crating Research Strategy


Since Crafting Research takes a comparable amount of rss and speed-ups compared to other research in the 20-30+ range, the question becomes whether and when to focus on it. And while the bonuses from crafting research can be significant, you do not get access to the full benefits until the late 20 University range for the Multiplier I research.


That being the case, you should probably not divert rss/speed-ups from your other research or building projects unless you are paused at your current level. Traps in the 21-29 range can make good use out of the boosts to Sentinel, but for everyone else more than a level or two of each research should wait until you are in the t4 range if you are still working your way there. The benefits from comparable-level Defense, Combat and Hero trees give larger bonuses, and you should focus your rss and speed-ups there as covered in the Research Guide.


For t4 players, backfilling the lower-level research is still worth it even if you are using Arbiter. It makes any sentinel pieces you have better, and increases the MP from Hunter to allow you to hit more high-level monsters (like behemoths, for paragon gems).


If you have Arbiter and are willing to drop for packs for the crafting scrolls, you can pursue the Multiplier II research without compromising your normal research scrolls. This again points to t4 as the best range to start researching Crafting for full benefits. Additionally, level one of each Multiplier II research starts you at +18% stats for your Arbiter or Winged Assassin, which means even a single level of the research will blast you forward in offensive power.




The Crafting Research boosts are very powerful, but you will have to be in the mid-20-Citadel range and up before the full power of the research becomes available to you.


For higher-level players, the new gem slots and enhanced attack gear will provide a huge advantage against same-level rivals and lower-level empires, at the cost of packs for the new crafting scrolls.

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  1. Champale says

    Please update

  2. Blip says

    I did some experiments and you are absolutely correct – crafting research _does_ apply retroactively to existing equipment! That’s great! However, I’m still a little confused. In the article, you have two screenshots of boosted and unboosted Sentinel Plate. Has that changed? Because in game, the displayed equipment stats never seem to change for me. My existing Hunter’s Carapace still shows up as Max MP 730, but when I equip it my Max MP goes up 971 (+33%). And in the crafting screen, it still says 730 too. Am I doing something wrong? Where did those screenshots come from?

  3. subtextually says

    Hi there. It is a misconception that crafting research applies when you create the item. The way it works is that it functions as a stat multiplier via profile boosts itself.

    If you go to “Profile,” then click on “Boosts,” you can see an entire section of Profile Boosts that show the crafting stat boost. Essentially, it works similarly to when you research any other stat. 🙂 Hope that helps.

    As for upgrading a piece of equipment with Mythic Forge, it does not re-apply your crafting research boost, which stay the same. Instead, what happens is, you get a gear set bonus from finishing a full gold set. So, for example, if you complete the Glacian set, you will end up seeing a stat increase in the Mage Attack category of 700%.

  4. subtextually says

    Hi Dave, it’s possible that if you are in Server 5 on a newer realm, that the Crafting Tree is not yet available and has not been released! Has your realm had a merge yet?

  5. Shotta says

    It’s broken, stats doesn’t multiply at all lol

  6. Blip says

    Crafting research boosts are no longer retroactively applied to your existing equipment; it only applies to newly crafted items.

    I’m not sure if the boost is calculated when crafting is started or finished though. If it was calculated at the finish, that means that the boost would be applied as long as your crafting research completed before the crafting did.

    I’m also curious if upgrading a piece of equipment in the Mythic Forge will reapply your crafting research boosts?

  7. Dave says

    Hey, I don’t have the option to research crafting, only hero-economy-combat-defense. Is it because I am on a relatively new realm or?

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