Dark Monster Troops

Check out the newest Dark Monster Troops and unleash them upon Eos!

In Final Fantasy: A New Empire before the Dark World was released, we had Monster Troops, but they proved to be irrelevant very quickly. With that being said, it has us hesitant whether even to bother looking into it or not. Especially with the Research required to unlock them.

In this guide, we will cover:

  • Monster Ranch and where to produce eggs
  • Monster Ranch Blueprints requirements and Dark Monster Eggs per level
  • Three types of Dark Monster Troops along with their strengths and weaknesses
  • Researching and Training Dark Monster Troops and how to save on Resources
  • Why does having Citadel 221+ help your Dark Monster Troops?
  • Other areas to look into when boosting them.

First, let’s check out the Monster Ranch Building!

Monster Ranch

Monster Ranch

The Monster Ranch is where your Monster Troop eggs will produce to be available to train in the Mercenary Pits. The higher your Monster Ranch is, the higher the rate of eggs it will produce per hour, and the higher the capacity will be.

The Monster Ranch needs to be minimum level 11 for the Dark Monster Eggs to start their production. Check out below how many prints are required and the egg production rate per level!


Monster Ranch Building Blueprint Chart

Monster Ranch Building Blueprints

Monster Ranch Egg Production Chart

Dark Monster Troop Egg Production

Dark Monster Troops

There are three Dark Monster Troops, and they are incredibly powerful. Their stats in comparison to other Troops are at T20. That’s right; you read that right, Tier 20 equivalent. So when you see Empires burning all around because of these sturdy troops, it’s because they are that mighty. However, since the release, it has been toned down some, but they still make a massive impact.

Here are the Monster Troops:

Iron Giants


Behemoth Kings

Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses:

Iron Giant

Iron Giant

Strength: inside Garrisons

Weakness: against Quetzalcoatls



Strength: inside Vaults

Weakness: against Behemoth Kings

Behemoth King

Behemoth Kings

Strength: inside Disputed Realms (Forts)

Weakness: against Iron Giants

Dark Monster Troop strength and weakness

How do I unlock/train Dark Monster Troops?

There are two different buildings to locate when obtaining the troops. To unlock them, the research requirements need to be met from the University. Then once the Research is reached and they are opened, they can be trained through the Mercenary Pits.



In order for you to be able to train Dark Monster Troops, they must be researched through the University under the Dark Monster Troops section.

Dark Monster Troop Unlocks is required to unlock the three Monster Troops, and Dark Monster Research Tomes is needed for the rest of it.

Be careful the Research required to do even the bare minimum to unlock the Dark Monster Troops are costly.

This would be an excellent time to take advantage of the Lead Researcher’s Gear Set Bonus, check out in the photos below the difference it has made.

Remember, you do not have to wear the Gear itself to reap in the benefits in this situation. 

Lead Researcher Req

Lead Researcher Req

As you can see, the difference is substantially vast.

Tip for newer servers!

When Citadel 230 is released (one week after Dark Monster Troop release), a Neutral Realm event will happen called Niflheim Classified Map Room that will provide 50% Dark Monster Troop Research Resource and Speed up Cost Reductions. 

Neutral Realm Event

This event was purely Pay to play only, but they were included in packs that contained the new releases for that following week.

Mercenary Fighting Pits

When the Research in the University is completed, you may now train them in the Mercenary Fighting Pits!

Dark Monster Troop egg req

Dark Monster Troops require 100 Dark Monster Eggs per Troop

Why is having Citadel 221+ important to your Dark Monster Troops?

When your Citadel reaches 220, leveling buildings from 220 to 221 make a jump in stats, then it plateaus. Some of the buildings will now contain Dark Monster Troop stats when the buildings reach 221+, so if they become your focus, then make sure to check these buildings out and build them to strengthen them even more.

Buildings that contain the bonuses:

  • Prison
    • Iron Giant, Quetzalcoatl, and Behemoth King Armor
  • Armory
    • Iron Giant Attack
  • Hospital
    • Dark Monster Troop HP
  • Hero Monument
    • Dark Iron Giant HP
  • University
    • Dark Quetzalcoatl HP
  • Guild Hall
    • Dark Behemoth King HP
  • Training Post
    • Dark Behemoth King Attack
  • Resource Vault
    • Dark Quetzalcoatl Attack

Other Areas to look into when intensifying your Monster Troops

Besides powering up the buildings mentioned above, there are some other fields to look into if you want to get the most of your Dark Monster Troops.

Here are some things to check out:

  • Dark Adventurer’s Research
  • Mounts (if summoned)
  • Astrals
  • Hero Mastery Skills
  • Mirror Heroes
  • Permanent Lifetime Boosts

Dark Adventurer Research

Challenger's CrestIn the University, you will also notice a new Adventure Research tab (released a week after Dark Monster Troops). In the Adventure Research section at the bottom, Challenger’s Crest, there is a Dark Monster Troop boost. Make sure to engage in events to take advantage of it!



Anak Stag

Anak Stag

Nature’s Darkside

*stats are at maxed level

  • 100M% Dark Monster Troop Attack
  • 50M% Dark Monster Troop HP
  • 150M% Dark Monster Troop Armor

Depths of Darkness

*stats are at maxed level

  • 4M Monster Troop March Size
  • 12M Monster Troop Rally Capacity

Emerald Chocobo

Alpha Monster

*stats are at maxed level

  • 15B% Dark Monster Troop Attack with Mount
  • 7.5B% Dark Monster Troop HP with Mount
  • 22.5B% Dark Monster Troop Armor with Mount

Monster Herder

*stats are at maxed level

  • 2B% Monster Troop March Size
  • 6B% Monster Troop Rally Capacity



Monster Troop Debuff

*stats are at maxed level

  • 10B% Dark Monster Troop Attack Resistance and Armor Piercing
  • 5B% Dark Monster Troop Cripple HP

Hero Mastery Skills


Dark Monster Troops

*stats are at maxed level

  • 400M% Dark Monster Troop Attack
  • 120M% Dark Monster Troop HP
  • 360M% Dark Monster Troop Armor


King of Monsters: Monster Troop Attack Resistance, Cripple HP, and Shred Armor

*stats are at maxed level

  • 1B% Dark Monster Troop Cripple HP
  • 8B% Dark Monster Troop Attack Resistance
  • 3B% Dark Monster Troop Armor Piercing

Mirror Hero Glauca: Monster Troop Cripple HP

*stats are at maxed level

  • 500M% Mirror Hero Glauca: Dark Monster Troop Cripple HP

Mirror Heroes


Mirror Hero Glauca: Monster Troop Cripple HP

*stats are at maxed level

  • 500M% Mirror Hero Glauca: Dark Monster Troop Cripple HP

Remember that even if you research this Mirror Hero Tree that you MUST have that Mirror Hero trained in order for the benefits to be active. Also, Mirror Heroes DO STACK, but on a limited basis. The more you have, the less effective it will stack.

Glauca’s Military Gear Set

The Military Gear Set bonus has the stats as well. So with that being said, you do not have to wear the set for the bonus to work. However, the Gear itself does have stats that will boost them as well. Check out how it does!

Gear Set Bonus

*stats are at level 6 (Gold)

  • 10.7M% Dark Monster Troop Attack Resistance

Glauca Gear Pieces

*stats are at level 6 (Gold) PER piece 

  • 129M% Dark Monster Troop Attack and Attack Resistance
  • 85.7M% Dark Monster Troop Cripple HP
  • 257M% Dark Monster Troop Armor Piercing

Permanent Lifetime Boosts: Dark Monster Troops

  • Up to 1K% of ALL Dark T3 Resource Cost Efficiency – Dark Monster Troops Research
  • Up to 500M Monster Troop March Size

How does Lifetime Boosts work?

When acquiring a Lifetime boost, remember that the same type of Lifetime Boosts DO NOT STACK with each other though they do stack with the other releases prior and afterward.

The highest value that you obtain will be applied to your Empire.

If they do stack somehow, it will be mentioned in the blog, such as the +1 Astral Per March boost. So if you decide to buy these boosts, make sure to double-check the blog to see whether they do or not.

When purchasing Boosts in terms of March size, MP, etc. they tend to go in increments of 50’s of that corresponding number.


MP Lifetime Boosts

Up to 1T MP boost

The first pack will contain 50B MP

The second pack will contain 100B MP

The third would be 150B MP

If you buy three packs and receive the 50B MP, 100B MP, and 150B MP, then the 150B MP will take the place of the 50B and the 100B MP you previously bought as they do not stack within one another.

The first Monster Troop Lifetime set will include 50M Monster Troop March size and 100% ALL Dark T3 Resource Cost Efficiency – Dark Monster Troops Research.

Efficiency vs. Reduction

When looking into Efficiency, it is crucial to look into your numbers. It is beneficial but at a high percentage.

Keep in mind that Efficiency is NOT a Reduction! If it says 100% Efficiency, it does not mean 100% Reduction. There is a big difference

From what we know this is the formula for Efficiency

Original cost/(1+efficiency) = Efficiency Cost 

So basing off of that, when looking into packs making observations, it is essential to be on the lookout for those bonuses while 100% Efficiency vs. 70% Reduction, In contrast, the 100% Efficiency may look more appealing when 70% reduction is significantly better.

But because we cannot see our exact RSS or Timers requirements sometimes due to the fact the number is so enormous, we should round it up to give ourselves a more stable estimate. It is better to over guess slightly than underestimate and end up hurting ourselves. Let’s provide an example below of Reduction vs. Efficiency to understand better how it works.

Let’s say we have a 50% reduction in medals. Well, that’s easy, right? Since reduction literally divides in half.

1M Noctis Medals required/50% Reduction = 500k Noctis Medals required

Next, let’s say we have a 100% efficiency on T3 Dark RSS, and we need 1M Dark T3 apples for a Gil Bank we are about to build.

1M T3 Dark Apples/(1+.1) = 500K T3 Dark apples

When applying the efficiency percentage into the formula, make sure to convert to decimal form. 

Dark Monster Troops


As we come to an end of this guide when new boosts are added to our powerful new troops, I will be sure to do my best to keep this guide updated to include the latest content when deemed necessary.

Here are some significant factors to recognize when concluding this guide

  • Build your Monster Ranch to produce eggs, research the Troops through the University to unlock them, then train them in the Mercenary Pits.
  • Iron Giants are weak against Quetzalcoatls, Quetzalcoatls are vulnerable against Behemoth Kings, and Behemoth Kings are ineffective against the Iron Giants.
  • Use your Researcher’s Gear to take your Dark Monster Troop Research even further
  • Build your CItadel past 220 to gain even more benefits for your Dark Monster Troops.
  • Check out your Anak Stag, Ramuh, and your Prompto’s Mastery Skills to infuse more strength into your Dark Monster Troops.

What to Read Next?

Since we have other areas that boost your Monster Troops, I recommend you take a moment to read a few guides that will help you benefit your Monster Troops even further.

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Prompto 500

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Lead Researcher’s Gear Set

Do you want to save on an abundance of Resources when researching? Even if you do not have the Lead Researcher’s Gear, still check it out to see the additional areas where you can conserve Resources or Speedups on your Dark Monster Troops Research!

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I also recommend checking out Glauca Hero, Glauca’s Military Gear Set, and the Emerald Chocobo guide when it comes out to not only further assist your Dark Monster Troops but to strengthen your Empire to greater heights!

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