Crystal Cores

Check out the first set of Crystal Cores released in 2020!

Just like Gems, Crystal Cores are severely underestimated. Sure they are not passive boosts, but they do make quite the difference with every aspect of the game if they are paired up properly. You could potentially be missing out on extra Astral Attack stats that could make the difference in winning or losing your march, a few million MP per level (may not seem much but it adds up!), or the number of troops that die when defending your Empire. 

“But Rose, we literally JUST got new Cores right before Christmas!” 

I know, I know…This does not mean those Cores are useless now. They are not as strong, but they can be mixed and paired up with the current ones to improve your temporary stats. Now the ones that were released prior to those, yeah, they are pretty useless now. 

In this guide, I will cover the five new Cores, what purpose they serve, and their stats. Then let’s make some comparisons to note the differences but also how they benefit pairing up with the recently released ones. 

But first, lets quickly review the Crystal Nexus Building.

Crystal Nexus

The Crystal Nexus is the building that you can activate your Cores in. All of these Cores are permanent, but they require a cooldown period after usage. As of today, the Nexus still maxes out at level 42. If you would like to know the print requirements, then check this guide out, Cores-Crystal Nexus.

This building also boosts your Dark Airship and Cavalry Attack, Dark Elemental Troop Attack with Hero, as well as Dark Elemental Armor. 

Read below about the five new Cores and keep in mind that you can preset the Cores with each of these having a four-hour duration and a half an hour cooldown period. 

Dark Incursion Core 

Dark Incursion CoreThe Dark Incursion Core is useful for the Disputed Realm – Forts in addition to Vaults. While the Meteorite Core has some better factors such as 15B% Vault Troop HP, the Dark Incursion Core does spread out the stats more, and regardless is an excellent addition to add with. For example, the Dark Incursion Core has Assault, Rally, and Defense stats. 

Check out the chart below for levels one through six.

Dark Incursion Core
BoostLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Vault Dark Troop Armor983M%1.23B%1.54B%1.92B%2.4B%3B%
Vault Dark Troop HP983M%1.23B%1.54B%1.92B%2.4B%3B%
Vault Dark Troop Attack3.28B%4.1B%5.12B%6.4B%8B%10B%
Disputed Realms Dark Troop Attack1.64B%2.05B%2.56B%3.2B%4B%5B%
Disputed Realms Dark Troop HP983M%1.23B%1.54B%1.92B%2.4B%3B%
Disputed Realms Dark Troop Armor983M%1.23B%1.54B%1.92B%2.4B%3B%
Disputed Realms Dark Rally Attack3.28B%4.1B%5.12B%6.4B%8B%10B%
Disputed Realms Dark Rally HP819M%1.02B%1.28B%1.62B%2B%2.5B%
Disputed Realms Dark Rally Armor2.46B%3.07B%3.84B%4.8B%6B%7.5B%
Disputed Realms Dark Assault Attack655M%819M%1.02B%1.28B%1.6B%2B%
Disputed Realms Dark Assault HP328M%410M%512M%640M%800M%1B%
Disputed Realms Dark Assault Armor328M%410M%512M%640M%800M%1B%
Disputed Realms Dark Defense Attack655M%819M%1.02B%1.28B%1.6B%2B%
Disputed Realms Dark Defense HP983M%1.23B%1.54B%1.92B%2.4B%3B%
Disputed Realms Dark Defense Armor983M%1.23B%1.54B%1.92B%2.4B%3B%


It is safe to say if you are not an active participant in the Fort Events or like to attack Vaults, then this Core is not for you. 

Dark Onslaught Core

Dark Onslaught CoreNow, does this sound a little familiar? We had the Crismon Onslaught Core before the Dark World that boosted your City Assault Attack and HP along with Armor Piercing. This Core is similar but more suited to the Dark World. Additionally, it is useful for attacking Empires.

Check out the Dark City Assault, Dark Fire Troop, Dark Astrals, and Merc stats below in the chart. 

Dark Onslaught Core
BoostLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Dark City Assault Attack3.28B%4.1B%5.12B%6.4B%8B%10B%
Dark City Assault Armor2.95B%3.69B%4.61B%5.76B%7.2B%9B%
Dark City Assault HP983M%1.23B%1.54B%1.92B%2.4B%3B%
Dark Juggernaut Attack9.83B%12.3B%15.4B%19.2B%24B%30B%
Dark Airship Attack9.83B%12.3B%15.4B%19.2B%24B%30B%
Dark Fire Troop Attack19.7B%24.6B%30.7B%38.4B%48B%60B%
Dark Fire Troop HP8.19B%10.2B%12.8B%16B%20B%25B%
Battle Mark: Dark Fire Attack Overdrive6.55B%8.19B%10.2B%12.8B%16B%20B%
Dark Ifrit Attack2.62B%3.28B%4.1B%5.12B%6.4B%8B%


As mentioned above, the Dark Onslaught Core is meant for attacking Cities, so if you are a Defender or a Farmer and love the bubble life, then this Core is not for you. 

Vicious Beast Core

Vicious Beast CoreThe purpose of the Vicious Beast Core is to assist your Mounts. The Creature Core has some pretty sweet stats like 75M% War-Trained Chocobo, Ebony Chocobo, and Sinistercorn Attack, so this Core would be a perfect one to pair with. Like the Dark Incursion Core, the stats on this one is more spread out. The Vicious Beast Core provides Dark Troop, Elemental, and Mercenary Attack with Mount, check out the chart below to see what I mean. 


Vicious Beast Core
BoostLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Mount Attack Bonus4.92B%6.14B%7.68B%9.6B%12B%15B%
Dark Troop Attack w/ Mount4.92B%6.14B%7.68B%9.6B%12B%15B%
Dark Troop HP w/ Mount1.64B%2.05B%2.56B%3.2B%4B%5B%
Dark Troop Armor w/ Mount4.92B%6.14B%7.68B%9.6B%12B%15B%
Dark Mercenary Attack w/ Mount4.92B%6.14B%7.68B%9.6B%12B%15B%
Dark Mercenary HP w/ Mount1.64B%2.05B%2.56B%3.2B%4B%5B%
Dark Mercenary Armor w/ Mount4.92B%6.14B%7.68B%9.6B%12B%15B%
Dark Elemental Attack w/ Mount4.92B%6.14B%7.68B%9.6B%12B%15B%
Dark Elemental HP w/ Mount1.64B%2.05B%2.56B%3.2B%4B%5B%
Dark Elemental Armor w/ Mount4.92B%6.14B%7.68B%9.6B%12B%15B%
Enemy Mount Attack Resistance2.62B%3.28B%4.1B%5.12B%6.4B%8B%


Now wouldn’t it be sweet if Multi-Mount Attack/Defense became a thing?! It would definitely benefit from that. This Core is meant to serve both situations, so if you have some decent leveled Mounts, then pop this baby on!

Corrupted Crystal Core

Corrupted Crystal CoreNow we finally have a freshly updated Core for the Crystal lovers! The Corrupted Crystal Core is useful whether you are Attacking OR Defending the Crystal. Need a boost for the Mechs? You got it! Now you are holding the  Crystal, but you need a boost for the Lightning Troops? You betcha! This Core covers just about all the bases as it aids you with Crystal Holding and Crystal Defense stats, even your Astrals! Check out the chart below to see them all. 


Corrupted Crystal Core
BoostLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Dark Crystal Assault Rally Attack4.92B%6.14B%7.68B%9.6B%12B%15B%
Dark Crystal Holding Attack4.92B%6.14B%7.68B%9.6B%12B%15B%
Dark Crystal Assault Rally Armor4.92B%6.14B%7.68B%9.6B%12B%15B%
Dark Crystal Defense Armor4.92B%6.14B%7.68B%9.68B%12B%15B%
Dark Crystal Assault Rally HP1.64B%2.05B%2.56B%3.2B%4B%5B%
Dark Crystal Defense HP1.64B%2.05B%2.56B%3.2B%4B%5B%
Dark Mech Attack16.4B%20.5B%25.6B%32B%40B%50B%
Dark Mech HP8.19B%10.2B%12.8B%16B%20B%25B%
Dark Lightning Troop Attack19.7B%24.8B%30.7B%38.4B%48B%60B%
Dark Ice Troop Attack19.7B%24.6B%30.7B%38.4B%48B%60B%
Titan Attack Bonus3.28B%4.1B%5.12B%6.4B%8B%10B%
Ramuh Attack Bonus3.28B%4.1B%5.12B%6.4B%8B%10B%


Now I should not have even to mention this, but just in case… If you do not battle the Crystal, then this is not the Core for you! Unless, for some reason, you are just really set on having some extra Titan and Ramuh bonuses, then please use Astral Shard Core at that point, it would be more useful. 

Eternal Reflection Core 

Eternal Reflection CoreThe Eternal Reflection Core benefits your Empire on the defense side, providing various of Dark City Defense bonuses along with Dark Guardian, Earth, and Shiva boosts.

Check out the chart below to see how it helps you when you are defending oncoming marches. 


Eternal Reflection Core
BoostLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Dark City Defense Attack6.55B%8.19B%10.2B%12.8B%16B%20B%
Dark City Defense Armor9.83B%12.3B%15.4B%19.2B%24B530B%
Dark City Defense HP3.28B%4.1B%5.12B%6.4B%8B%10B%
Dark Guardian HP6.55B%8.19B%10.2B%12.8B%16B%20B%
Dark Guardian Armor19.7B%24.6B%30.7B%38.4B%48B%60B%
Dark Earth Troop Attack9.83B%12.3B%15.4B%19.2B%24B%30B%
Dark Earth Troop HP4.92B%6.14B%7.68B%9.6B%12B%15B%
Dark Earth Troop Armor14.7B%18.4B%23B%28.8B%36B%45B%
Dark Shiva Attack26.2B%32.8B%41B%51.2B%64B%80B%


Clearly, this Core is implied for defense. However, if you are a balanced player, as in like to attack and defend, then keep this Core in mind when setting presets. 

How does it compare to the last two Crystal Core releases?

Let’s use a similar example that we used in the previous article to get a good comparison, but this time we will strictly use level sixes across the board. 

Level 6 Chaos Core

  • Dark Astral and Mount Attack – 250M%
  • Vault as well as Disputed Realm Dark Troop Attack – 1.1B%
  • Vault and Disputed Realm Dark Troop HP – 800M%

Level 6 Meteorite Core (12/2019)

  • Vault Dark Troop HP – 15B%
  • Vault Dark Troop Attack – 50B%
  • Disputed Realm Dark Defense Attack – 11B%
  • Disputed Realms Dark Troop Dark Defense Armor as well as HP – 5B%

Level 6 Dark Incursion Core (01/2020)

  • Vault and Disputed Realm Dark Troop HP and Armor – 3B%
  • Vault Dark Troop Attack – 10B%
  • Disputed Realm Dark Troop Attack – 5B%
  • Disputed Realm Dark Assault Attack and Defense Armor – 2B%
  • Disputed Realm Dark Assault HP and Armor – 1B%
  • Disputed Realm Dark Rally Attack – 10B%
  • Disputed Realm Dark Rally HP – 2.5B%
  • Disputed Realm Dark Rally – 7.5B%
  • Disputed Realm Dark Defense HP and Armor – 3B%

As we can see above, the Meteorite Core clearly has fabulous stats compared to the other two, BUT the Dark Incursion Core does provide more in-depth stats that the Meteorite Core does not give. This is why pairing Cores is essential. We want to utilize them the most to our benefit.  


Are these new Cores the best? Honestly, no, not really, on the other hand, they do boost your stats very nicely in different areas that the last released ones do not. So with that being said, they will be fabulous for pairing with them. Think about these as the Gems to your Gears. The beautiful part about the new Crystal Cores is the fact they are pretty precise about their purpose, so that does make it easier when choosing which ones you would like to use when you do obtain them. 

Last but not least, do you have a specific Core set that you prefer to use? Or a preset order you would like to share with us? Perhaps some tips for presets you would like to share with the community? If so, then comment below, or you can join us on Social Media, aka Line as well as Discord, and let us know!

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