Dark Guild Adventure Halls

Check out the new and improved Halls, what Rewards they drop, along with maximizing your greatest hit to ensure the most damage possible.

Rallies, Guild Kills, Guild Events, Realm of the Champions are some of the things that help the Guild work together as a team and the Guild Adventure Hall was one of them. But let’s be honest here lately, the Hall has been rather dull.

Thankfully, we have had some temporary ones coming around here and there like the Surprise Blitz Dungeon to ensure we did not forget about the Halls overall. Check out the new and improved Halls, what Rewards they drop, along with maximizing your greatest hit to ensure the most damage possible.

Dark Guild Aventure Halls:

Tonberry Troubles

Challenge of the Hexatheon

Resourceful Retreat 

Read below to learn about the new Guild Adventure Halls released along with some tips and tricks.

Guild Adventure Hall

First and foremost, make sure you have the Guild Adventure Hall unlocked. If you do not please I repeat PLEASE get ahold of me and I will gladly donate one or seven, for real, do not hesitate to ask. Anywho so this building is the one place you go to complete your Guild Halls. Make sure your Hero is well equipped, you have your Dark Guild Adventure Contracts, as well as your Guildmates to commence on your journey into the Guild Adventure Hall slaying the bosses! 

When you enter the building you will see the updated Halls:

Dark Hall

To enter the Halls just simply click on the Hall of your choice and as you can see it will cost you 10 Dark Adventurers Contracts per Hall run. Use it to enter the Dungeon.

Hourly Mini-Events rewards you one Dark Adventurers Contract per Tier 3 for some time so take advantage of it! Also, do not forget to make sure you watch in the Events Tab for some big events like the recent Final Fantasy: The Elements Within Tournament that dropped some decent contracts for Tier and Leaderboard Prizes. Check the Moogle Market as well and you can obtain some from the Gold Store.

Tonberry Troubles

Tonberry Troubles

Tonberry Troubles is the Hall you want to get everything you need for your Heroes! The rewards in the Hall drops things like MP, AP, Hero Unlocks, Medals, Hero EXP, Unlock Power of King Skills, and so on. The Tonberry Trouble Hall has 8 bosses and 20 minutes to complete it. Can you rise to the challenge?!

Monsters in Tonberry Troubles Guild Adventures Hall:

  • Tricky Tonberry Level 1 – 50M HP
  • Tricky Tonberry Level 2 – 250M HP
  • Tricky Tonberry Level 3 – 500M HP
  • Terror Tonberry – 10B HP
  • Tricky Tonberry Level 4 – 1B HP
  • Tricky Tonberry Level 5 – 2B HP
  • Tricky Tonberry Level 6 – 8B HP
  • Tyrant Tonberry – 25B HP

Potential Rewards in Tonberry Troubles:

  • Medals:
    • Noctis Hero, Heroic, Mythic, and Regal Medals
    • Luna Hero, Heroic, Mythic, as well as Regal Medals
    • Prompto Hero, Heroic, Mythic, along with Regal Medals
    • Ignis Hero, Heroic, Mythic, Regal, and Dark Medals
    • Gladio Hero, Heroic, Mythic, plus Regal Medals
    • Aranea Hero, Heroic, Mythic, Regal, also Dark Medals
    • Ravus Hero, Heroic, Mythic, Regal as well as Dark Medals
    • Cindy Hero, Heroic Mythic, Regal and Dark Medals
    • Iris Regal as well as Dark Medals
    • King Noctis Hero plus Regal Medals
    • King Regis Hero Medals
    • Ardyn Hero Medals
    • Gentiana Hero Medals
    • Veteran Prompto Hero Medals
  • Mastery Point
    • Noctis, Luna, Prompto, Ignis, Gladio, Aranea, Ravus, Cindy, Iris, King Noctis, King Regis, Ardyn,  Gentiana plus Veteran Prompto Mastery Points
  • MP
    • Noctis, Luna, Prompto, Ignis, Gladio, Aranea, Ravus, Cindy, Iris, King Noctis, King Regis, Ardyn, Gentiana as well as Veteran Prompto MP
  • Hero Unlock
    • Noctis, Luna, Prompto, Ignis, Gladio, Aranea, Ravus, Cindy, Iris, King Noctis, King Regis, Ardyn, along with Gentiana Hero Unlocks
  • Hero EXP
    • Noctis, Luna, Prompto, Ignis, Gladio, Aranea, Ravus, Cindy, Iris, King Noctis, King Regis, Ardyn,  Gentiana, and Veteran Prompto Hero EXP
  • AP
    • Noctis, Luna, Prompto, Ignis, Gladio, Aranea, Ravus, Cindy, Iris, King Noctis, King Regis, Ardyn, Gentiana as well as Veteran Prompto AP
  • Power of King Skills Unlock
    • Power of Kings Skills

Challenge of the Hexatheon

Challenge of the Hexatheon

Do you need any Monster Eggs, Stones, or perhaps some Astral Sigils? Then the Challenge of the Hexatheon Hall is the one you want! This Hall has 6 bosses but you also only have 20 minutes to accomplish your journey though Hexatheon.

Monsters in the Challenge of the Hexatheon Guild Adventures Hall:

  • Summoned Bandersnatch – 50M HP
  • Champion Havoc Fang – 1B HP
  • War-Trained Iseultalon – 3B HP
  • Summoned Reapertail – 6B HP
  • Champion Wyvern – 12B HP
  • War-Trained Giant – 24B HP

Potential Rewards in Challenge of the Hexatheon:

  • Monster Eggs
    • Chaos Havoc Fang Egg
    • Nightwing Wyvern Champion Egg
    • Stormfeather Griffon Champion Egg
    • Umbral Tonberry King Egg
    • Skyflower Champion Egg
  • Monster Hatching Stones
    • Chaos Havoc Fang Hatching Stones
    • Nightwing Wyvern Champion Hatching Stones
    • Stormfeather Griffon Champion Hatching Stones
    • Umbral Tonberry King Hatching Stones
    • Skyflower Champion Hatching Stones
  • Astral/Mount Sigils
    • Shiva Empowerment Sigils Level 1, 2, and 3
    • Leviathan Empowerment Sigils Level 1, 2, plus 3
    • Ifrit Empowerment Sigils Levels 1, 2, along with 3
    • Bahamut Empowerment Sigils Level 1, 2, plus 3
    • Ramuh Empowerment Sigils Level 1, 2, as well as 3
    • Titan Empowerment Sigils Level 1, 2, and 3
    • War-Trained Chocobo Training Signets Level 1 and Level 3
    • Empowered War-Trained Chocobo Training Signets (Level 2)

Resourceful Retreat

Resourceful Retreat

Building up your Empire all-around is essential to your game. The Resourceful Retreat Hall provides Resources, Speed Ups, Research items, and even some currency to help out. This Hall has 8 bosses and just like the other two halls, it gives you 20 minutes to attempt to defeat the Monsters.

Monsters in the Resources Retreat Guild Adventures Hall:

  • Barbed Cactuar – 50M HP
  • Stinky Malboro – 250M HP
  • Aggressive Garulessa – 500M HP
  • Evil Moogle – 5B MP
  • Irate Daggerquill – 1.25B HP
  • Frenzied Grenade – 2.5B HP
  • Violent Kingatrice – 5B HP
  • Sinister Moogle – 20B HP

Potential Rewards in Resourceful Retreat:

  • Research
    • Dark World Economics
    • Demigod Defense Research
    • Dark Advanced Combat Research Tomes Level 1, 2, and 3
  • Resources
    • T1/T2 Dark Food 
    • T1/T2 Dark Metal
    • T1/T2 Dark Stone
    • T1/T2 Dark Energy
    • T1/T2 Dark Gil
  • Speed Ups
    • Dark World Speed Ups 
      • 8 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, 20 days, 30 days
    • Infused Dark World Speed Ups
      • 8 hours, 12 hours, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days
  • Currency:
    • Dark Gemstones
    • Radiant Gemstones

Tips and Tricks


For starters, PLAN AHEAD. Send a message in Guild Mail, Guild Chat, Line or whatever the form of communication the Guild uses and plan ahead. Teamwork is crucial.

Wait for all your Guildmates who are attending to enter the hall BEFORE starting, since the time is limited. Typically when the majority joins we countdown from 10 to go. This helps ensure the Guildmates to get their butts in gear as well as lets all the Guildmembers hit in sync. 

Speed Run

If you think you need to shave off some of the time that it takes for your Guild to hit a Monster, leave the hall as soon as the Monster is killed or takes damage and reenter the hall and hit immediately. Shaving off a few seconds can add up especially if the ending is a stretch for you.


Then complete the first row in your Adventure Research tree to boost your Dungeon Stats. The Adventure Research Tree has Dungeon Health Boost, Dungeon Physical Damage Boost, plus Dungeon Healing (only effective for Dark Healing Touch as well as Dark Holy Light).

Adventurer Research


Next step, make sure your Warren Gear is equipped to whichever Hero that you plan to use in the Hall. 

Dungeon Gems

Four Dungeon Gems will help you with the hall. Make sure to equip them!

Dungeoneer Attack Gem- Dungeon Physical Damage Bonus

Dungeoneer Health Gem- Dungeon HP Bonus

Dungeoneer Stamina Gem- Dungeon Stamina Bonus

Dungeoneer Paragon Gem- Dungeon Physical Damage, Dungeon HP as well as Dungeon Stamina Bonus

Order of the Heroes

Throw a Hero into the Order of the Hunt in your Order of the Heroes. The Dark Order of the Hunt provides a Physical Damage Bonus, Dungeon HP Bonus, as well as a Dungeon Stamina Bonus.


King Noctis, Gentiana, Ignis, Cindy and Ravus specializes in Dark Abilities in the Guild Adventure Hall. Make sure to maximize the Dungeon Dark Bonus in their Hero Skill Trees. The Basic Attack is free, the special ability in the middle costs 15 Stamina per hit and the last one costs 40 per hit.  

King Noctis– Basic Dark Attack, Dark Warp Strike, as well as Dark Link Strike

Gentiana– Basic Dark Attack, Dark Healing Touch, plus Dark Holy Light

Gentiana abilities

Cindy– Basic Dark Attack, Dark Lucky Shot, and Dark Concussive Shot

Cindy's Abilities

Ignis and Ravus– Basic Dark Attack, Sagefire Attack, along with Sagefire Explosion

Ignis Abilities

Veteran Prompto-Basic Dark Attack, Veteran Lucky Shot, as well as Veteran Concussive Shot

Limit Breaks

Gentiana also has Limit Breaks in her Mastery Tree that you can use to enchant your Gear Pieces to help boost your damage in the Guild Adventure Hall. Each of the Enhancement durations is 90 days long.

Limit Breaks:

  • Warren Knight’s Breastplate Armor requires 10,000 Dungeon Healing Reagent and boosts Dungeon Healing Bonus.
  • Warren Knight’s Polearm Weapon requires 10,000 Dungeon Attack Reagent to increase your Dungeon Physical Damage Bonus.
  • Warren Knight’s Faceguard Helmet requires 10,000 Dungeon Health Reagent and can be enhanced to assist with your Dungeon HP Bonus.
  • Warren Knight’s Boots requires you to use 10,000 Dungeon Stamina Reagent for you to boost your Dungeon Stamina Bonus.


There are two boosts you can use for the Dark Guild Adventure Hall. Search it in your inventory to see if you have them!

Guild Adventure’s Hall: Increases Healing Bonus

Guild Adventure Boost

Guild Adventure’s Hall: Physical Damage Bonus

Which Dark Guild Adventure Hall are you looking forward to the most? Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to share with us? Comment below or join us on Social Media aka Line/Discord and chat with us!

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  1. Rachel Rodriguez says

    You said you have Guild Adventure Hall unlocks?

    1. Dale says

      Yes, how to we find the unlock for this? I wish there were more competitions where we could compete to get an unlock.

      1. ConcreteRos3
        ConcreteRos3 says

        Hello ,
        If your Guildmates have Adventure Halls S1/S2 used to be able to run a hall and it would drop the unlock for it pretty generously.

        Ask in our Line group or Discord page if anyone has one along with the Server you are in! (You have to be in the same server with the person in order for you to get the unlock) I am sure someone will gladly give one away ❤️

        Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Bryant_Bennet
    Bryant_Bennet says

    How to get the Dungeon Attack Reagent ?

    1. ConcreteRos3
      ConcreteRos3 says

      Hello Bryant, you can only get Dungeon Attack Reagent from packs in the Gold Store so far that I am aware of!
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Stagmo says

    Thanks for the another great article, ConcreteRos3.

    One question: you mentioned under ‘hero unlocks’ that Veteran Prompto Hero Unlock is available from Tonberry Troubles Guild Hall. When will this become available? I have just run Tonberry hall 3-4 times, but still didn’t get it.

    1. ConcreteRos3
      ConcreteRos3 says

      It is always nice hearing feedback so I know what to work on, thank you!

      I checked the article as I should have not noted that, when I was updating it as I was going I managed to just add it all in by pure excitement, I have fixed it now. When it does become available which assuming it will eventually I will be sure to update it!

      Thank you once again and have a fabulous day!

      1. Stagmo says

        hmm….I hope the veteran prompto unlock will be available in tonberry hall sooner rather than later.

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