April Recap with AlyKat

What went down in EOS last month!

Happy May my friends! Today we take a look back at April in EOS, and what a month it was. The game was turned on its head with the advent of the Dark World in the older Servers. Today, let’s take a look back at what arrived throughout the month.

Ifrit 150

Ifrit can now be leveled to 150. He has new skills, as well as the ability to train the new Champion of Ifrit Troops.

  • Eruption: Nullify enemy Troop Attack against an Astral and unlock Champion of Ifrit Troops
  • Tempering Inferno: Champion of Ifrit Armor Bonus
  • Blazing Slash: Champion of Ifrit Attack Bonus
  • Undying Flame: Champion of Ifrit HP Bonus
  • Fiery Barrage: HP Shredding

Monster Troops

There are four new types of troops you can send with your marches now, as well as use to defend your home. These Monsters require eggs to be trained, and you must unlock them both by leveling up your Monster Ranch and doing the applicable research.

  • Deathclaw: 75% Damage Resistance against Lightning Elemental Troops
  • Bandersnatch: 75% Damage Resistance against Earth Elemental Troops and 2x damage versus Deathclaw.
  • Jormungand: 75% Damage Resistance against Fire Elemental Troops and 2x damage versus Bandersnatch
  • Behemoth: 75% Damage Resistance against Ice Elemental Troops and 2x damage versus Jormungand

Ignis 300

Ignis can now be leveled to 300, bringing a new enchantment (Sagefire Overdrive), updated skills, and new skills such as “Monster Ingredient Scavenging”. This skill allows you to obtain Diner Ingredients from Monster drops to be used in Ignis’ Diner.

Fresh Diner Meals

There are new Diner recipes to be made in Ignis’ Diner. These Plates and Ingredients have significantly higher stats and are denoted by a 2*, for level 2.

Astral Research

A new research tree was introduced in April just for Astrals. It contains Multi Astral March and Defense, as well as Astral combat stat increases. There are also combo stat increases when you include specific Astral duos in your march. For example, marching Levi and Ifrit together give up to 10,000,000% Troop Attack and 8,000,000% Troop HP while attacking the Crystal bonuses.

Hero MP Adjustment

This was a nice convenience feature release. Before this, when you max hit a monster, it took all your MP in the bar. Now, it only takes what is needed, allowing players to use their MP more wisely.

Quick Search Tiles

Another convenience feature, you can now search for the specific level and type of Monster or Stronghold you wish to attack (not PVP).

The Dark World

Now we come to the Dark World… this turned EOS upside down and caused a lot of… discussion. The Dark World basically moved the players in the older servers into well, a Dark World. Everything is new, although older items will still have a fraction of its use. The initial Hero is King Noctis, although an additional Hero was released during the month. There are multiple new research trees, new gems, new cores, new…you name it!

Dark World Moogle Market

This is the primary source to obtain Dark items (other than packs) in the new world. There are multiple tabs, all utilizing different types of credits. These credits can be obtained through events and packs. There is also a section that uses the original Moogle credits.

Dark VIP Levels

Also with the Dark World, came new Dark VIP, up to VIP 140. Dark VIP levels give combat stat increases, as well as march and rally size. There are several convenience features, such as Use All Resources, Unlock All Chests and King Noctis Hero Presets.

Bahamut Gear

This gear set is only for the Dark World. There are multiple types (and levels) of this set, just as with Ramuh.

  • Balanced: Dark Troop Attack, Armor and Health
  • Defender: Dark Troop Attack, Armor and Health. Dark Mage, Cavalry and Warrior Armor
  • Commanding: Dark Troop Attack, Armor and Health. Dark Solo March and Rally Size
  • RavagingDark Troop Attack, Armor and Health. Dark Warrior Attack, Armor and Health
  • Mystical: Dark Troop Attack, Armor and Health. Dark Mage Attack, Armor and Health
  • Charging: Dark Troop Attack, Armor and Health. Dark Cavalry Attack, Armor and Health
  • Crystal: Dark Troop Crystal Attack, Holding Attack, Health, and Holding Health

Dark Oracle Boosts

New boosts are available in the Oracle Temple for the Dark World. They are fairly expensive. There are boosts for combat and economics.


Empires can now be leveled to C110 with Dark Citadel levels. The most notable benefits of this are the increases in march size and troop capacity.


The second Hero to be released for the Dark World, Ardyn has better combat stats than King Noctis. He also has some Resource Production Bonuses.

Bahamut Astral

The first Dark Astral, Bahamut upped the game, helping players take out the pesky Rangers that were given to accounts at the inception of the Dark World. Not only does he have combat bonuses, but he also increases Dark and Regular March sizes and Rally Attack boosts.

Dark Havoc Fang

The first Monster Champion to join the Dark World, the Dark Havoc Fang has the below stats when fully leveled up.

Permanent Realm Ports

This caused some serious excitement. For one day only, you could purchase packs with both Realm Ports and Giftable Realm ports. However, you can port at any time. A feature that has been requested since Day 1 of the game, you can now move permanently! Or you can hop around and visit friends! Or….you can hop around and zero people…how you use them is up to you!

Overall, this was not only a very busy month but a serious game-changing month. Whatever your opinion on the changes, they are here, and those of us at the HUB will do our best to help you every step of the way! Please join me next month for the May Recap with AlyKat!

Do you have any questions or comments about the past month? Let us know below!


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  1. Kelly_Wells
    Kelly_Wells says

    Any way to survive/advance without paying in this new Dark World format? It seems they have turned what was a game that was friendly to the non-paying player into a pay only format.

    1. Rhonda_Mucker
      Rhonda_Mucker says

      I agree. Doesn’t seem non paying friendly at all

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