A Dark World

A brief glance at the new Dark World.

Coconuts…Dark World has descended upon us.

And as they say…the night is dark and full of terror. (Like my love life…)

A New Empire has made the turn into A Dark World. Like an eclipse leaving us in temporary darkness, the community has found themselves blinded and scared and leaving the game in droves.

Special, is it really, tho?

But, this I know, we have made it through boycotts, we have made it through pack “glitches,” and we will make it through this.

Why is this “reset” good?

The divide between free-to-play and top spenders was too big. The pace of recent releases (prompting the most recent boycott) put too large of a gap between everyone, and it was too late to turn back.  I speculate that the ability to catch everyone up and still have somewhere to go for the bigs was too daunting and just wasn’t a reality for MZ to be able to perform that spectacular of a feat. Not to mention the multiple nerfs being done (most recently Aeon gems) in poor attempts to help rectify the imbalance, which only led to further outcries from all angles.

This reset is not much too different than if they were to give t10 similar performances but give the stats billions of % values, instead of millions. Which would then demolish all the t7/t8/t9 players. Which would prompt another boycott. Which would divide the community even further, again…It’s a vicious cycle and one that makes no one happy.

Except instead of doing that, they brought everyone together, closed up the imbalance/gap,  and simplified the stat values. 1% is much easier to handle and compute than 1,791,000% troop attack plus 8 other attack stats in the millions.  If the game is broken, then they must fix it. And wow, they certainly made changes…

Along with fixing and simplifying stats, they also brought back an enhanced daily Moogle Market with all kinds of spending tokens. You get some of these tokens through participating in guild events and communicating/rallying with one another. There is some serious potential here to bring back guild participation.  Guilds across the Eos have been growing quieter and quieter with little to do, and this fixes that problem AND gives rewards for doing such. YAY for group projects!

Why is this reset bad?

Many spenders/bigs will not be happy with this at first glance. While small/medium players have been boosted up, large players have been brought down to have equal stats. MZ has attempted to help rectify this by giving out Moogle Credits to those who have platinum benefits. While this works for some of the bigs, this certainly isn’t a “one size fits all” kind of solution.

In the long run, this is a positive thing; if the little accounts continue to leave and the divide between big accounts and small accounts kept increasing, larger accounts would be left with nothing to do and the game would inevitably implode on itself. We all work together as a team, even if we don’t realize it, and what is better for the game as a whole, is better for all of us.

“But Kat,” you say, “Bigs will now have to spend more to get on top!”

With 5-pack key and/or 4-10 pack max multipliers for realm bosses,  new buildings and research trees that take 5+ packs to max, new heroes with large medal requirements  every week etc, when your average big sits down and thinks about it, they will understand that the spend will likely be no more than what it was before in order for them to stay on top…but this way will be far less complicated and more up-front with what the benefits and boosts will do and how they will perform.

The Moogle Market

One of the biggest changes in Dark World is the Moogle Market, which has 9 tabs and 9 different currencies to purchase things from. You receive these currencies by making leader boards, hitting monsters, pack purchases, participating in guild events, and more. This is definitely an exciting change and is bringing guilds back together. Make sure to take a thorough look through it and familiarize yourself with all the new goodies that you will be drooling over. I like the Elite Dark World Cav Gem… It’s purple and shiny.


It appears that the only gear that currently affects the Dark Troops, is your Ramuh gear and Destiny Gear. This may change as they try to accommodate the new troops with some of our older supplies.


The only older gems that help Dark Troops, is your Aeon gems. There are also a plethora of new gems/paragons in the Moogle Market specifically for Dark Troops as well.


Your University has 3 new trees! These are your main focus now. Anything below that is fairly out-dated and unnecessary at this point.  These trees are:

  • Dark Combat:  encompasses boosts and opening of higher troops.
  • Research Rewards: basically an updated Adventure tree.
  • Dark Economics:  has some good hidden gems in it just like the older economics tree, such as march size increases and troop attack/hp/armor, along with typical increased rss production.

DO focus on these three trees! That being said, there is Dark Troop researches in both the Astrals and Monster Troops research trees!



Dark troops will stand in front of ALL other troops, including your Mercs/Guardians. That makes all your older troops weaker and susceptible to making you burn. Whether you wish to hold on to your 300mil Elementals and 2mil Guardians or let them go, is a decision that is left up to you… However, they will not be able to defend against Dark Troops.


Liken this to when Undying first came out, and anyone with 20k undying could not be burned no matter how powerful you were or what you sent in your march. Dark Troops are fairly similar, but instead of working with guardians, this applies to all our new troops.


Don’t matter at this point, which is sad, I know.  I’m sure we will see developments in this, where new monsters will have some kind of Dark troops boosts.

“Wait, Kat…how can I figure out if my old gem, gear, monsters, etc, hold boosts for new troops?”

If it does not specifically say DARK TROOP, it will not give them a boost, and therefore will not be relevant. This includes cores! This is different than before where if it said “Troop Attack,” it gave boosts to ALL troops. This is no longer the case.


I want to bear your children.

King Noctis is currently the only hero* with active hero skills that apply towards the Dark troops. However, EVERY hero has one skill set in their mastery that applies towards the new Dark troops, so don’t forget to reset your mastery tree and place your skills accordingly.

Side note: Does anyone else picture King Noctis played by the character Daryl Dixon? I mean…the comparison is uncanny. I can’t be the only one who sees this.  And, full disclosure, I’m certainly not complaining.

*Now players can enjoy Ardyn as well!

So…what should I be doing?

Firstly, I recommend putting yourself in a bubble. I don’t care if you are a Cit 100 or a Cit 40. Put that condom on. Protect your stuffs. Take a short break; get a massage, enjoy a cookie. Then, work on your Ramuh gear and round out your new stats. I, personally, recommend Balanced Ramuh. Take your old gems off, and put on only what works with Dark Troops. Get familiar with the new cores and new gems offered in the market. Look thoroughly through the research trees and see what path or type of troops you will want to focus on. Once you start getting a good look at what the new changes have to offer, you will see how familiar it is to what we have been using, and it won’t seem so scary. Take your time to figure it out, and enjoy sharing the information you discover in the meantime and participating in your guild events.

Final Thoughts:

It is a lot to take in, but it is not as overwhelming as it appears to be. This will do wonders to bring the community back together, but not without typical MZ glitches and hiccups. But, let’s face it; we generally enjoy making memes out of those hiccups. And Biz, I’m directly talking to you!  It’s important for us to keep our community together, as without each other, we have no game, no matter how much or little we have spent into it throughout the last couple of years. Yes, we have entered a Dark World…so, be the light that shines within it.

As always, you can count on the HUB to be proactive during this time and our team will be doing our best to knock out articles as quickly as we can to help guide everyone to understand all the new challenges we are facing.  Leave me a comment, hit us up on Facebook, and/or find us in our Line chats and tell me/us all about your concerns and feelings.

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  1. Eleanor says

    Does anyone know how long the dark world is going to last?

  2. moonlyte24
    moonlyte24 says

    Great article! Thank you for all you do!

  3. RAZI3L says

    Do troop-type-specific boosts work on the dark troops? (e.g. Ifrits’s warrior attack boost on dark warriors)

  4. KX29 says

    So much for the dark world bring a good thing. It’s already escalated beyond reason, with instant T4 troop unlocks, 2 new heroes, new releases, and more coming out just as quickly as before. This just shows that if you’re not a serious spender at this point, MZ isn’t caring about you at all.

  5. James says

    What can I do now to prepare for the switch to the dark realm??? Does anything carry over that’s of value?

  6. Kelly Wells says

    Any chance of weathering this new dark world storm without purchasing King Noctis? There are some of my peeps who staunchly refuse to spend. What advice do you have for them?

  7. Nobody's Biz says

    Great article, I just have ond question. When you say “Biz” who are you referring to?

    1. PrincessKat
      PrincessKat says

      The one and only SF Biz, of course! 😛

  8. Peter_Lemke
    Peter_Lemke says

    My experience with monsters is that some monsters have an effect. Like the killer wasp *4. I’m less dark troops when sending one. Without I’m losing about 1k against dark empires lv1. With the wasp just between 800-900. Why that is I don’t know. Maybe a glitch.

    1. PrincessKat
      PrincessKat says

      Ou, I will have to try this in my testings! Thanks for the tip!

  9. Secret Admirer says

    Love the post. After reading this article, i can see some hope in the DARK time. Pun intended 😝

    1. PrincessKat
      PrincessKat says

      Why thank you! As long as we just keep swimming, things will work out!

  10. GM says

    Tough and controversial article to write, but glad it was you that wrote it. Always a positive spin and you took a scary and intimidating topic and encouraged others to keep pushing forward. Well done.

    1. Michael_Plemmons
      Michael_Plemmons says

      anyone know what’s going on with dark rss food capacity? I have at least one of each type producing dark versions, but capacity is still 0 and hourly income is 2438. How can i produce that if i have a cap of 0, lol

      1. PrincessKat
        PrincessKat says

        Hey Michael! I haven’t noticed this but I will take a look in my own empire and see what is going on. It may be as simple as a display glitch (fingers crossed)

        1. Joe says

          I believe your dark forces are eating your food. Seems everyone received at least a million dark troops.

          Also, I don’t think a bubble is necessary. My level 2 farm has won against 20+ attacks from a cit100

          1. PrincessKat
            PrincessKat says

            Ha! Yes, the struggle to burn is real right now!!! As for the dark forces eating my food…it gives me a strange mash up of Star Wars and FFXV. I am picture Storm Troopers and Darth Vader munching on all my dark apples while my chocobos stare at them, frightened…this displeases me.

      2. Queenie says

        I actually wrote them about it, you have to do the dark economics research. However, there is still a gap in production and capacity for some reason… even though the production and capacity research are 1 in the same

    2. PrincessKat
      PrincessKat says

      Thank you, love!

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