December Recap with AlyKat

What was new in December 2019!

Well folks, another year has passed us by in EOS. 2020 brings new adventures and fire! Today we take a look at what happened in the final month of 2019.


Dark Sanctum

This new building focuses on Elementals and Mercenaries and gives Dark Elemental Armor, Dark Elemental March Size, Dark Elemental Rally Capacity, Dark Mercenary Attack, Dark Mercenary HP, Dark Mercenary Armor, Dark Mercenary March Size and Dark Mercenary Rally Capacity.

Additionally with this release came 10 new levels to the Mystic Forge, Dark Enclave and Dark Forge.

Power of Kings New Skills

Noctis, King Noctis, Ignis, Gladio, King Regis and Prompto all received new Power of Kings boosts.

Ifrit 350

Ifrit can now be leveled to 350 with unique skills;

  • Dark Ifrit Skill I: Dark Irfit Attack, Dark Infusion Strength: Ifrit
  • Dark Ifrit Skill II: Ifrit Armor Bonus, Dark Ifrit Attack
  • Dark Ifrit Skill III: Irfit HP Bonus, Dark Ifrit Attack
  • Dark Ifrit Skill IV: Ifrit HP Regeneration Speed, Dark Ifrit Attack

Magical Troop Supplies

A new type of Troop Supplies was introduced; Magical.They have synergy with the other Troop Supplies so sending them in equal numbers with your normal Supply March increases their effectiveness. This also works on defense.

Command Center Levels

The Command Center received 10 new levels as well, with increases to Troop Capacity, March Sizes, Ice HP, Mount Attack and Troop Supplies Defense/Magical Potency.

Shiva 350

Shiva can now be leveled to 350 as well, with her own Synergy Bonuses.

Gentiana 200

Continuing the new trend of new levels, Gentiana has a maximum level of 200.


Puppies were all the rage again as Pyrna pledged her loyalty to EOS. Pyrna has an initial max level of 100, and has the new Blitz Drive, Loyal Defender and Crown Assault. The duration for all of these is 2 minutes.

Blitz Drive, when skilled, activates while;

  • Attacking
  • Scouting
  • Reinforcing
  • Starting a Rally
  • Joining A Rally

You cannot shield while this boost is active.

Loyal Defender, when skilled, activates when you lose a Battle while defending.

Crown Assault activates when you take a hostile action against the Crystal such as;

  • Attacking
  • Scouting
  • Reinforcing
  • Starting a Rally
  • Joining A Rally

Dragon Knight’s Set Gear Levels

Dragon Knight Gear has another 100 levels, giving it a max of 200. Maxed at 200 the boosts are;

  • Dark Troop Attack: 8B%
  • Dark Troop HP: 2.7B%
  • Dark Troop Armor: 8B%
  • Dark Mercenary Attack: 9B%
  • Dark Mercenary HP: 2.7B%
  • Dark Mercenary Armor: 8.2B%
  • Dark Elemental Attack: 8B%
  • Dark Elemental HP: 2.7B%
  • Dark Elemental Armor: 8.2B%
  • Dark Astral Attack Resistance: 1B%
  • Dark Enemy Attack Resistance: 3.5B%
  • Dark Mercenary Attack Resistance: 1B%
  • Dark Elemental Attack Resistance: 2.7B%
  • Dark Crystal Holding Attack: 2.2B%
  • Dark Astral Attack Bonus: 5.7B%
  • Mount Attack Bonus: 7.5B%
  • Dark Troop Attack with Hero: 4B%
  • Dark City Defense Armor: 3.2B%

VIP 260

Another month, another VIP increase. Maximum VIP is now 260.

Custom MP Attack

A long-requested feature, Custom MP attack allows you to choose how much MP you want to use when hitting a Monster instead of blowing it all at once. That being said, it is currently only purchasable in packs.

Winter Griffon

Another limited-time Mount, the Winter Griffon was only available in December 2019. It had enhanced stats for only a few weeks, due to end in mid-January. It will then revert to the same stats as the Autumn Griffon.

T11 and T12 Mercenary Troops

T11 and T12 Merc Troops are now available, assuming you do the applicable new research of course.

Titan 350

Joining Shiva and Ifrit, Titan now has a maximum level of 350.

Monster Stalker’s Gear

Following up the Custom MP Attack a new Monster Gear set was released. In addition to Monster killing skills, it does have some Combat-related skills.

Dark Merc and Elemental Oracle Boosts

Some strong new boosts in the Oracle Temple were released focusing on Dark Merc and Elemental Attack/HP/Armor as well as Attack Resistance/Cripple HP/Armor Piercing

Aranea 500

Aranea made a huge jump to Level 500. Pairing her with Titan increases combat bonuses.

Citadel Level 210

The maximum level Citadel is now 210, bringing better Captured Hero Bonuses for Dark Troop Attack.

There you have it! A fairly business Holiday season here in EOS! As we enter the new decade, please be sure to join us next month for the Recap with AlyKat!

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