February Recap with AlyKat

It’s been a busy busy month in EOS. In fact, that may be an understatement. Let’s dig down and take a look in February’s Recap with AlyKat.


Full Destiny Set

The full Destiny set was released this month with the ability to make all gear Primal (red) and able to be powered up.

Monster and Astral March Presets

These presets were given away in an event, which was lovely. You now have the ability to preset which monsters and Astral you wish to march with, making your attack that much quicker.

Tabula Rasa and Instant Banishment

Tabula Rasa allows you to reset your stats. This is particularly good for trap players that want to try and go back under the radar. Instant Banishment gets rid of the wait to banish a Hero you are holding.

VIP 120

VIP 120 rolled into town with new levels and boosts. Gem presets are now available at VIP 113!  Additional benefits include higher troop queue, Troop Attack/Health/Armor boosts, and bigger march sizes.

C90/T8 Elementals

Arguably the biggest release this month, players in older servers can now boost their Citadel to 90, as well as use C8 Elemental Troops. Elemental Wells must be leveled up to produce these, and there is an option to convert Essence in the Magitek Converter.

Cindy 200

Cindy can now be leveled to 200, bringing the new Limit Break skill Turbocharged Enhancement. Maximum levels have City Assault Trap Attack at 800,000% and Trap March Speed to 1000%. Additionally, Trap Capacity can reach an additional 10,000,000.

Noctis 300

Noctis got a major upgrade with levels up to 300. One new notable skill is Monster 8, which unlocks tougher monsters with better drops.

Mercenary Hospital

Players rejoiced at the addition of the Merc Hospital. This allows a separate bed capacity for Mercenary Troops, helping save these pricey fighters. If the capacity is overwhelmed they flow into normal hospital beds.

Oracle Blessings

These Blessings brought some new types of boosts to EOS, such as Rally Attack Debuff,  and Crystal Defender Attack/Health Debuff.

Aegis Gear

The first set of Defensive gear in awhile, the Aegis Gear has bonuses for City Defense Attack, HP and Armor, along with Anti-Armor Shredding and Drain Enemy Attack.

New Paragon Gems and Level 20 Gems

Gems can now be combined up to Level 20, and new Valorous attack and Protector defensive gems were introduced. For a full chart of values by level click here.

Shadow Guardians

Shadow Guards snuck into EOS, bringing a new level of Defense. Just like their predecessor, the amount of these troops is hidden on reports, leaving your opponent in the dark. These also have the Silent Protector skill, gaining a 1% Armor Bonus for every 1% Enemy Attack. They are immune to Armor Piercing.

New Crystal Cores

New Cores came to EOS, and these can be combined for bigger boosts!

  • Mythril Protection Core: City Defense HP, City Defense Armor and Attack Resistance
  • Crimson Onslaught Core: Empire City Assault Attack, City Assault HP and Armor Piercing
  • Crystal Emperor Core: Troop Attack and HP bonuses while attacking or occupying the Crystal.

Link Boosts

Now there is a way to help your Alliance members by bestowing on them Link Boosts. These last for 30 minutes and include boosts for Construction, Research, Training, Expansion Production, and Combat.


Hero Leveling Dungeon

This event dropped Medals and XP. Hitting Tier 3 in the event gave enough Elixer to hit the next event, and so on.

Bulette Moogle Event

Bulette’s roamed the Realm for the first in this month’s Moogle Monster Event.

Bloodbath Realm

As usual, this event lived up to its name, with huge hits and massive burns. Up to 1 billion troops were burned at a time!

Reapertail Monster

The Reapertail Monster made a reappearance, with the opportunity to score a guaranteed Level 5 monster from the Converter…if you were patient enough…

Guild Kill and RvR Events

There were many Guild Kill and RvR events this month, giving players a chance to stretch their legs and make some fire.

Niflheim Neutral Research Event

This event negated research speeds in the Neutral Realm. Everyone got one free 15-minute port and the race was on! Additional longer ports could be purchased, as well as 100% Construction time redux.

Mindslayers Moogle Event

This ongoing event, brought a new twist, with items for hitting both regular Mind Slayers and Level 8 Mind Slayers. Permanent Hero MP Doublers are sold in this market, along with an astronomical amount of Hero XP. For those hitting Level 8 Mind Slayers, Primal Destiny Gear can be purchased.

Woah, it’s been a busy month! Be sure to join us next month for the Recap with AlyKat.

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