January Community Tips and Tricks

For the month of January, we are featuring you! We asked our members in the FFXV: ANE HUB LINE room; “What’s your best tips and tricks for the game?” Below is a selection of your answers.

(aSLm) ConcreteRos3 #1025

“When an enemy empire has their anti-scout on and you’re still feeling unsure whether he/she may be burnable, send a heroless march along with your astral. If your astral does not die, not only will you get a report on the empire, but the damage will also determine whether you’re comfortable proceeding with the hit.

When earning gems, as it may seem exciting to just combine everything for the higher stats, sometimes it’s not always the key. For example, City Defense HP gems have 1,000% boost. Level 2 (even though it’s higher and more appealing), you just combined 4 level 1s 4.000% to 1,900%, losing out on 2,100% worth. Unless you have multiple to afford the opportunity, try putting multiple level 1s instead to maximize the stats. The only gems that are better off combining to a higher level are the rainbow gems. This is because a level 2 is 4 times better than a level 1 and so on at higher levels.

When leveling your heroes, use your Dreadmist set along with Noxious Daggers as your accessories on top of your Haunted Gems (white eye), to maximize the most of your MP. This will help you especially during realm boss and Moogle Market events. Don’t forget to use your giant Slayer if you have it as well. Extra tip: use Ignis as your hero to also get double loyalty. Win-win!”

A lot of people get confused with how armor piercing and armor shredding works. Armor piercing pierces your enemies armor while armor shredding shreds the armor. it sounds like it has the same effect but the math is VERY different.

Armor piercing subtracts from it.
Example: 100,000% armor-3000% armor piercing=97,000% armor left

Armor shredding divides from it.
Example: 100,000% armor/30% armor shredding=70,000% armor left

Even though armor piercing stats may look more appealing, a decent amount of armor shredding even at 15% will make more difference.”

Baby Shadow7 #741

“Have fun and don’t complain about getting attacked. It’s a war game not Farmville!”

OG Kushie #1497

“I use a sneaky trick. When I used to get attacked, I would have my hero rallied on the first attack, and when the hero march comes in I would cancel the rally and drop my hero back in for a complete massacre. #burntrap
Creative Assassins (@ss!)”

(PL&Y) Honey

“When a big rally is coming my way I sometimes ghost my most vulnerable mercs so they don’t end up in hospital. This means my earth elementals take more of the brunt and I’m less likely to burn. I don’t rely on a single armor set, I use a combination mainly focused on boosting hp as there are so many armor piercing things going about.”

Lance NoPants

“Focused attacks. When attacking another empire focus your gear build on a particular type of troop. I’ve seen many people fail at attacks by combing cavalry, ice mage and warrior fire gear and only use one type of troop in their attack. You can achieve much stronger attack stats by focusing your gear on what you are using in your attack.”


“1st tip. When you discover a new feature, use restraint. Wait until the introduction event starts. Lost so many eggs and then later monster food from jumping the gun.”

Xryceas #1535

“A tip I would say is.. focus on increasing your boosts. At its core Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is all about numbers. The best thing you can do to help yourself is to do whatever that increases your boosts. May it be gear, wells, VIP, or research it all helps. Having high troop attack hp, armor and boosts like those will be what sets you apart offensively or defensively. As the game has progressed from only having gear and research for boosts to now having a vast array of choices it is vital that one increases their boosts all they can. Have fun whilst doing so however.”

Thanks everyone! Do you have any Tips and Tricks to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. MoonShadow9 says

    I play in Warring Domain 3013 (Server 13). Our realm is only about 4 months old. Our first RvR should be coming soon. So far we have the Mythic Forge,Mercenary Fighting Pits, Monster Farm, Oracle, and Order of Heroes. So we still have tons to learn! Could you guys please feature players that are newer as well when creating articles such as these? We don’t benifit really from most of these because we simply don’t have a way to put them into practice yet. A wider variety of players from all servers would really benifit so many more of us! 💪💙😍🙏

    1. xAlyKat
      xAlyKat says

      Would love to do that! We have lots of people from the newer realms in the HUB LINE room. If you’re not in it, hit me up at PriestessAly.

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