March Recap with AlyKat

Catch up on what you missed in FFXV:ANE

It’s that time of the month again! Today we take a look back at March and the events and releases that came to EOS.


Prompto 300/ Luna 300/Gladio 300

Following on the heels of Noctis, three more of our Heroes can now be leveled to 300.

  • Prompto: He brings increased skills to the table, along with 25% Rally Time reduction and 5,000,000% Rally attack. His new limit break is Swiftstrike Enchantment.
  • Luna: Her new Enchantment is Arcanorush, and her increased levels focus on Defense and Ice Elemental/Mage skills.
  • Gladio: Gladio has a huge amount of new stats, including Warrior based combat and Steal Enemy Attack and HP. The new Enchantment is Deathblow.

New Crystal Cores

A wide variety of new Crystal Cores were released this month, along with more slots to equip multiples at one time. They are combinable Cores, meaning you don’t start with Level 6 and must earn them and combine them in the forge. You can read about them here.


A new monster came to EOS, with a maximum of 1,500,000% Troop Attack and Fire Troop Attack bonus, 25% Armor Shredding and 10% Anti-Armor Shredding.

Link Boosts

Link Boosts allow you to bestow boosts upon your fellow Guildmates.

Leviathan 150

Levi can now be increased to L150. It unleashes the new Hydraean’s Fury enchantment, as well as additional boosts; Blessed Harpoons, Riptide and Seabreeze. These focus on Leviathan Attack/Armor/HP bonuses and Attack for Champion of Leviathan Troops. With Leviathan 150 also came the Champions of Leviathan Mercenary Troops.

Shiva 150

Shiva’s new levels have Anti-Armor Shredding and City Defense Armor. Additionally, you can train the Champions of Shiva mercenary troops with additional Attack and Armor stats.

New Oracle Blessings

New blessings are now available with combat stats for Attack, Armor and HP.

Power Up Destiny Gear

Destiny Gear can now be powered up for large combat bonuses, along with new set bonuses.

Monster Slayer’s Gear

It’s been a long time since we got a new Monster Slaying Set, and this one delivers. Your Hero basically goes warp speed to the target, which makes swapping gear for moogle monsters a bit tricky. However, it is fantastic for hitting new Level 8 monsters and Realm Bosses.

Exceed Max MP Cap

This one is interesting. Now you don’t have to hit a monster between levels if you have this Lifetime boost. Instead, you can save up all the MP earned and deal a mighty strike. This works best on a Realm Boss.

New Gems

Lucky and Unlucky gems came to EOS this month;

  • Level 10 Lucky Gem: 777,777% Troop Attack
  • Level 10 Unlucky Gem: 669,000% Enemy Attack Resistance

Ignis’ Diner

It’s time to get cooking! Reminiscent of Game Of War’s potions, concoctions can now be cooked up for extra boosts using Plates and Ingredients.

Mythic Forge 18 and Multi-Power Up Button

Now you can power up your Gear quicker with the Multi-Power Up button. No boosts are gained from this other than the power up intrinsic to the gear.

C100 and T10

Citadels can now be leveled to 100, bringing T10 troops and upgraded boosts and Rally Size.

Smart Research System

With the Smart Research System, the next available Research in the tree can be started immediately without all the scrolling.

Defense Ministry

This new building brings up to 8,040,000% Troop HP and Armor, along with an increased training queue and troop capacity (and training speed).

Ramuh Gear

Well, we got a new gear set, and what a new set it is. There are multiple versions of this gear, which allows for a huge variety of customization. Look for an article on the HUB soon detailing the set stats and uses!


Fabled Mind Slayers

These returned this month, with trophies to be used in the Moogle Market. The market is now split between items you can buy with normal trophies, and those to be used from hitting Level 8 monsters.


There were multiple RvR this month, along with a Champion event.


As usual, this event lived up to its name, with Leads going hard and Traps trying to catch their Heroes.

Lucky Pot Realm Boss

New gems were dropped by this Boss, as well as Lucky and Unlucky chests full of goodies.

Enraged Leviathan Realm Boss

This Boss dropped Enraged Leviathan Chests with level 1 Sigils and items for Oracle Blessings.

Catoblepae and Daily Moogle Refresh

A second Moogle Monster came to EOS this month, as well as a daily Market refresh with new items being offered each day.

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